Thursday, October 27, 2011

| Sleep Deprivation Experiments

Yeah, it's pretty much like that for the first 4-6 weeks at least. Baby feeds for an hour, sleeps for 30-45 mins, wakes up and feeds for an hour, poops, feeds, sleeps, feeds, pees, poops, etc.


Welcome to being a daddy! It's pretty awesome, even while you're getting poo'd and barf'd on. lol.

There's just nothing quite like it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's so crazy!!! Goodluck to you guys, I still can't get over it. Congrats again!
Thanks everyone! We got home this afternoon. Holy crap, I am exhausted beyond belief. She's been fussy and wanting to feed constantly (not unusual) so it's hard to get much rest. She feeds, falls asleep, we put her in the bassinet to get some rest, she immediately wants to feed again, rinse and repeat! I guess this gets a bit easier on mom in a few days but man, that first night was rough. It's pretty awesome though.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nice Jon!

Congrats. What's the little buggar's name?
Wow is right! Baby was coming OUT, lol.

Huge congrats, poppa!


1:15 minutes? A new world record!

Grats! Looks like Carnage is on for tonight after all! :)

Hey, can you tell us her name yet?
Thanks all. Yes - my days of sleeping officially ended at about 4:30 AM!

It was a pretty insane morning. We got to the hospital at 7:00. Five minutes later her water broke and at 8:20 the baby was born. Holy shit!

Mama and baby are now snoozing. I'll post pictures up later on G+/FB etc etc.

Congrats Daddy!

Welcome to never sleeping again, hehe.
Wow, congratulations and goodluck! How crazy!
I mean, that's on my wife, isn't it? If she can get this thing done in less than twelve hours we could probably still play!

OK enough fucking around on the internet bye

| *DING*


Welcome to the next level of adulthood, can't wait to meet the lil' lady!

PS So no Carnage tonight? Whatever, buzzkill.

| Oh, shit

It's on!

See you on the other side!

Monday, October 24, 2011

In other news... I want this tee shirt SO BAD, MAAAAAN

Alderaan 5 Day Forecast... LOL

| Blog, the Blog

Epic Meal Time!

I have to say, that yeah, that was probably the best banquet food I've ever had. And, I had all three meals. lol.

That was also the most booze I've consumed in a 72 hour period in my life, easily. I think my lungs and liver and guts are all in full riot / rebellion.

It was awesome seeing everyone! Wish it could have been longer, for sure.


On a personal note, may be employed shortly.. so, yay! Hopefully it will mean more opportunities to make trips and see everyone more often. That'd be nice.

Hey, anyone know if you can use tapatalk for blog posting / updates?

That would make browsing from the phone super easy.
Yeah, I had such a great weekend up there, topped off with a wonderful wedding. Thanks Aaron and everyone! Great seeing the crew! Wish there had been more time to chill and talk to everyone, the evening really flew by too fast. Thanks for all being so nice to Silvia - she thought everyone was super cool. Now I'm sure I'll have more freedom for gaming excursions ;)

Goodluck with the coming week Jon and Janice! So excited for you guys!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just wanted to say, that was a great time yesterday! Congrats Enron on finally sealing the deal and thanks for a great time. Great food! That was among some of the best I've had at a wedding for sure. And the bar was first-class!

Also it was great to see everyone. Going home I almost felt a little melancholy because I was thinking about how rare it is to really see y'all these days.

Also also, uncannily perfect weather for San Francisco. It's usually a bit more like this: