Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'd rewatch the Christmas Special over Phantom Menace any day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I made it a minute and fifty nine seconds.


That's almost as bad as the Star Wars special. Ok. I'm sorry, nothing will ever be as bad as that, ever. lol

| 3-Minute Superman Musical


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've enjoyed most of the SK books I've read. For some reason though I just haven't had the burning urge to read everything he ever puts out. Dunno, maybe I've just kind of gravitated away from some of the darker spooky shit, lol.

In other real world news, had to take the little man in today for his immunizations and whatnot. Meh. I hate that. At least he was brave and only cried for a little bit while they jabbed him 4 times. :/

It was snowing like mad this morning, so I called off my prospecting / marketing morning and stayed in to work from home. Then, it promptly stopped snowing about 40 minutes later. Meh.

By then I was too comfy in my pajamas to get back out there, damnit. Oh well, will have to get them later this week. :D
Ooh, Wasteland 2 kickstarter!
Stephen King is an awesome story teller, he really is. His endings are often times crap, but I never really feel like I'm reading "cheap" pulp stuff. I think there's a level of quality to his writing that other popular authors lack. As far as Lovecraftian stuff, a ton of his stories have that vibe. This new book really is a return to form after a bunch of mediocre books. I'm still jamming through it and it has me so excited to see how it turns out.
Eh, read it in a few years. King doesn't lean heavily on Lovecraft, but references pop up here and there. There's one out-and-out Mythos story in one of his earlier collections. Also I think someone calls Randall Flagg an incarnation of Nyarlathotep at some point? I've read almost all of his books through the early 90s.

I'm maybe halfway into Mass Effect 3 and enjoying it. But man, there's a lot of Internet rage about this one! First a bunch of hatred for one of the writers, then fury at the existence of day one DLC, and now people are fucking pissed about the ending. Can't wait to see it and what the fuss is about and whether I'm equally enraged. Doubtful. The Internet are morons.

| It

Read the wiki entry for It, and it sounds my only exposure being humorous clips from the crappy movie (outside of remembering the cover in B. Dalton at the mall) has ruined what could have been an interesting read! Seems like reading a very HPL influenced Sk novel would have been fun. The synopsis on Wikipedia is just dripping with SK-isms - like him or not, he has a very distinctive style of story.

Anyway, now I know about It, and that's one to grow on!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I really doubt there's anything in the movie that's as funny as the uses that picture has been put to, so I'd stay away. Plus I think it's a 5-hour miniseries or something. The book really wasn't bad though!

I keep hearing good things about his new one. I'll have to check it out -- I don't read much new Stephen King but this one really is getting talked up.
I can't even remember how bad it is, but I really liked the book. All the pennywise clips online are so ridiculous, I think it's probably worth watching for him alone.

| Pennynose

I seriously need to see this trainwreck of a film. From Beep-Beep Ribby-Ribby (See 30 Rock) to that hilarious photo of Pennywise peeking out of the sewer, I think wasting 2 hours of my life on It might be worthwhile, thoughts?

| beep beep Richie! tee-hee ....

Oh my god, I'm about 40% through the new Stephen King book 11/22/63 and it's SOOO good! It is very much still a SK book, but it's one of his best. Other than Jon, did any of you ever get into his stuff? This first half is kinda chock full of fan service towards one of his major books in particular (aww lawdi, meesa love me some massa BEEP BEEP, RICHIE!), but it's not as bad as some of his Dark Tower tie-ins back in the day. It's such a great adventure with some subtle creepiness so far and I'm going nuts imagining how it's gonna turn out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

While I only played Wiz-War a couple of times in the old days, it holds a lot of fond memories. That game was ALWAYS at the cons in the HS and college days. I really look forward to busting out a few games at Cabin Collins Con.

In other news, it's good to know Tim Schafer has given an update to how he has been making good use of the fund raising monies for Double Fine Adventure Also, is it me, or does he look a bit like Lucas? Harbinger of things to come? LOL.

r00d, in Haggis, is the main point of the game to trade "savoury pudding containing sheep's 'pluck'" around the table. If so, count me out.

My special lady friend and I are fans of the Netflix. This has been especially true since I picked up a Roku 2. We used to stream on the XBox but the video quality would fluctuate between okay and crappy as the program recalculated our transfer rates. It was annoying as heck and detracted from the experience. Picked up a Roku 2 a few months ago and the thing is quite solid for streaming. We axed the DVD service back when all the shit storm was kicked up over raising the rates, starting quickster, etc.

Played some of the new Wiz-War this past week and it was a lot of fun. Went over better than I expected. Looks pretty overwhelming at first - billions of cards - but the basic rules are pretty simple and there's not too much iconography to learn. I remember playing Wiz-War with Jon, Paul, and MAYBE JP... but it was mostly likely Jon and Paul. This looks incredibly different, but once you're in it, the sillyness is still there. Also feels more balanced, although at it's core, I don't think it's really one of those games that needs to be uber fair and balanced. One of the best parts of not knowing any of the cards was being so sure a plan was gonna work only to be thwarted by some nasty counter spells. There's one called Pain Link that makes you and the other wizard take the same damage. It's ridiculous.

I also picked up and played a bunch of games of Haggis, which is basically a 2-3 person Tichu-like game. There's no teams obviously, but it's similar to Tichu in some of the other mechanics like with bombs and placing bets before you play your first card. Not as elegant as Tichu, but it really scratched a similar itch and Silvia and I really enjoyed it. If we could regularly get 2 other people around for games, then Tichu would totally take it, but otherwise it's a really neat game for 2 or 3. Quick breakdown: In a 2 player game, there's 4 suits of 2-10 number cards. Each player also has in front of them face up a Jack, Queen, and King which are Wild AND/OR they can be used as bombs. And some other neat rules. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Plus it's from Indie Boards & Cards, makers of The Resistance, woo.