Saturday, November 05, 2011

We heard you the first time, sheesh.
Saw the Shogun palace and now I'm hooked again on teh minecraft! Weeeee!

Went exploring and found an awesome mountain pass I'm gonna build a castle on. Gotta plug up both ends of the valley with walls and then build the battlements. Yeehaw.
Saw the Shogun palace and now I'm hooked again on teh minecraft! Weeeee!

Went exploring and found an awesome mountain pass I'm gonna build a castle on. Gotta plug up both ends of the valley with walls and then build the battlements. Yeehaw.
Saw the Shogun palace and now I'm hooked again on teh minecraft! Weeeee!

Went exploring and found an awesome mountain pass I'm gonna build a castle on. Gotta plug up both ends of the valley with walls and then build the battlements. Yeehaw.
Barrel roll was sweet! Google's predictive text kinda killed the surprise though because before I could even finish it, it had filled it in then flipped my shit.

I used a Red Box for the first time yesterday. That shit is kind of amazing! I don't have an account with them or anything, but I picked my movie and paid and got that shit quicker than it takes to get your gas pump going. And it was only $1.20 for Captain America!? Also, that was a rad movie. Much better than the Iron Man flicks that people seemed to like. Just need to see Thor next even though I doubt it will be cool than Cap. Fuck yeah, Red Box is the shit! I quitted Netflix back with their ridiculous price hike, so it's kinda cool to have some options again.

Elder Sign is up for the Android Market, so I feel ALMOST as cool as all you iOS freaks. Bought it, $3.99, even though I didn't get a chance to play it at CabinCon. Looks great and I'm excited to play. I noticed "Through the Desert" by Reiner Kniezer is also an Android app now. Is that game any good? Never played it.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

"Do a barrel roll" - that was crazy, did not expect that.

Minecraft NPC village x (-455) z (59) I've stolen most of their wheat.

Chez Pump x (-162) z (-28)
I've been jumping in here and there. I ran out from the spawn point past the terror mine, to Pumpkin Palace, then kept going past that and set up a crappy hidey hole in the side of a hill. I'll send out coords later.

I've still never seen a village or one of those friggin' Endermen! The suspense!

Update: my shithole is in the side of the hill at -80, 65, -219. Again, not a ton of reason to go there, but that's where it is!

| 3Deez Nutz

Actually, I have seen some of the homebrew 3D printers in action at some of the Maker's fairs, and I though the same thing, "Dude, I need one of these for gaming and terrain and minis." The few I saw seemed to have low "resolution", but were very affordable. Maybe in a few years the resolution will be tits. Along the same line of thought: Dude, the laser cutting machines! ZOMG those are cool. Pump a CAD, EPS, INDD or CAD file to it and bam, you have finely cut objects. Too bad they are pricey.

"Do a barrel roll"... LOL

eLzar, I did pop in for a minute on the MC server. Only had a moment to eyeball then I had to bolt. I should actually have some time to play around in the near future. Is anyone else playing aside from Pump? What is everyone's coords? Pump, where are you setting up shop?

Haha... never saw this before.

Step 1: Go to google.
Step 2: Search for.. Do a barrel roll


| 3D Printers

So how long until 3D printers become ubiquitous enough that miniatures and boardgame components are not longer manufactured, just sold as files on a DVD that home users can then print on their own 3D printer?

Lost a part? Print a new one!

Need a some new jacks for WarMachine? Print 'em!

New terrain? Print it!

Want to make a 125% sized version because you are getting old and can't read the dice so well anymore? Print a 125% sized version!

Travel version? Print it!

THIS is where the AT should be investing their time and energy - researching TRUE print on demand game services! Wheeeeee!!

(Enron, please don't harangue me with facts about cost/benefit/demand of 3D printing for a niche hobby right now - let a man dream!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Yeah, I guess I was always more into the rock / metal scene than punk.

It is a weird thing, being a "responsible" parent in charge of little people's well being, lives and upbringing. Sometimes it's overwhelming trying to think of all the things you need to be planning for and thinking about.. lol.

Definitely looks like a fun movie, will check it out!

| Awww

Just watching the trailer made this Flea almost cry. Good stuff, really want to see this flick.

Gettin' old and having kid(s) - DO IT!

| The Other F Word


What a crazy sounding documentary, but it kinda makes sense and seems especially apropos to the Action Team Dads Krew 2000:

Punk rock dad: an oxymoron? The Other F Word, with charm and wit, explores the bizarre transformation of punk rockers (featuring Pennywise's Jim Lindberg, whose anthem is "F--- Authority") into soccer dads. The L.A. punk scene's leading men - among them Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ron Reyes (Black Flag), Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), and Fat Mike (NOFX) - open up about their troubled childhoods and how, today, they balance profane rage with being conscientious parents.

I'm not a punk rock dad yet, but Eric and Jon should see this and report! (Were/Are you a punk rock dad Art? I imagine you're more as a prog-rock dad!)

One of the negative review quotes is kind of hilarious and makes me want to see this even more: "Flea almost cries. Twice. There's your four-word summation of The Other F Word, a half-poignant, half-absurd documentary on punk-rocker dads."

Also, exec produced by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame. Also also, the list of Punk Dads in the movie is much better and more interesting than what's listed in the blurb. They got Mr Brett in there! And Lars! And Tony Hawk, king of Punk Rock Dad/Skate Mongols!

EDIT: DC Universe MMORPG is now Free 2 Play (PC and PS3 versions!) like every other MMORPG out there that fails to beat WoW. Never tried it but will give it a go this weekend or something.

- xXbatmantherideXx

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

| Minecraft

I suppose I should post this here too, for all those saps that don't use Google+ much, or at all. I'm tinkering with hosting Minecraft server in my living room. It's vanilla for now and so far I have only seen Denis online, though I see from the logs that Enron was on for about 5 minutes I think? :)

Anyhoo, the server is using the default port, no white-list until I can remember everyone's usernames, and the address is:

theactionteam dot servebeer dot com

It's fun!
Glad you hear it's going well for you guys! How crazy and exciting. Even though I've got lots of friends with kids, it still sounds like such alien territory to me. Be the cool dad!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!

I continue to be unsure precisely what time or day it is at any given moment, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Of course I'm at least getting a healthy four hours of sleep at night -- my poor wife probably only gets two or three. The baby's sleeping a bit more through the night -- at first she wanted to nurse CONSTANTLY, now it's only every couple hours -- but man.

In the interest of the holiday!

This Cracked list of horrifying game glitches was pretty frickin' funny.

And, dunno if any of you guys are Lynch fans, but his Inland Empire from a couple years ago is sort of like Mulholland Drive with even more dream logic and less narrative logic. And shot in underlit, grainy digital which just makes everything more fucked up and creepy. It's well worth checking out if you like that particular side of David Lynch. I saw it in the theater with my mom and sister, while sick, which is probably good conditions to see the movie under now that I think about it. Anyway I don't want to overhype it, it probably will not be all that creepy or without the ninety minutes plus of unease and tension that leading up to this scene but this made me yell out loud in the theater. Kind of embarrassing actually!

(Aeryk, do not watch that scene, you will not like it.)