Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yeah, Blizzard seriously knows their digital crack. There's so many crazy addictive things going on with it - leveling, competition, card packs! It's a good game but goddamn, they know how to hook you.
Oooooh I hope you're happy...  It's 8 am and I just logged out.  Don't look at me...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It is fun! Like a simplified Magic. I played through the tutorials and then CRUSHED some fool. I'll probably get in some more games tonight.

| HEarthstone

Hearthstone seems pretty cool! I'm just playing through the tutorials still, but it's uber slick and an easy to follow card game. It seems criminal that this is only Mac/PC - if there were iOS and Droid versions, I can't imagine it not making them tons more money.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hearthstone's downloading as we speak!

Yeah, the price point doesn't look that great to me either. Oh well. It's nice that the KS is actually improving the contents for the core game, rather than just ladling out exclusives.

Anyhoo. Couple random poppy punk songs I like recently:

The Replacements, God Damn Job. These guys have been around forever so not sure how I missed them back in the day, but they seem to bear further investigation!

The Wombats, Let's Dance to Joy Division.

Fun, if long tour down nostalgia lane: punk in '95. The whole series is fun to skim through.

| Re: Zombie 15'

Looks neat.  Not for $70.  I just don't get the whole huge price point for Kickstarter games.  Sure, there will be lots of minis and tiles, but come on, other games have that too, without paying $70 MSRP.You know, like Deadzone... er, I mean...

Maybe it's just me.

| Hearthstone: OPEN BETA

Its free, tons of fun, fast, and you really do get a long time of play without spending a buck since doing daily quests earns you gold.  I bought one pack of cards just to see what it was all about, but you don't need to.

SERIOUSLY.  It's lots of fun!
That actually sounds pretty fun! I'm not bananas for Zombies or anything, so I'll just wait and see if it shows up at our cons, but sounds like an interesting take on REAL TIME GAMING. I need to make a real time dexterity game! Not really. But yeah, looks neat! I think I would kickstart it if it was guaranteed to be in my hands in time for Man-Con.

| Oh blogger app

I do hate you so.
Anyone going after this Kickstarter?

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm definitely interested to hear more about this. Like you, I had pretty "ehhh" experiences with Discwars 1 (I also bought, and promptly discarded, a bunch of Doomtown Discwars stuff on firesale at the WotC store going out of business sale -- although people that actually played that game seemed to really like it).

Have you guys been following GW's recent woes? Their last year's profits were shitzville and their stock had a resultant 24% drop in a single day. They seem to have been dropping since as well. Shadenfreude = oui, seƱor. (Just getting as many languagues in there as possible.)

I actually just played 40k with Matt P., in fact my first game of 40k ever. Gotta say, as a "thing to do while drinking beers" it was pretty good; as an "interesting tactical wargame" it left much to be desired. At one point he was rolling over 60 attack dice, which led to another 40 total dice rolls with a net result of killing exactly one of my chaos marines. From all accounts WHFB is far worse since you can't even get in the door on that one without spending hundreds of dollars (and it's getting clobbered at retail; 40k is the best-selling minis game, WHFB is always after Warmachine/Hordes and usually after Flames of War and some other stuff too).

Seems like the chickens are finally coming home to roost; the whirlwind that has been reaped is also being sown; the loaves are turning into fishes.

In other news: I got King of Tokyo in our annual boardgamer secret Santa, looking forward to trying that one out with you guys too. When? Who knows.

Other than that I'm ok I guess

| Carom Wars by TPK Games

Do it!  Make the dex wargame you hoped this would be!

Yes, you can play with 4 out of the box in either a free for all or a team game.  It's not a dexterity game, for sure, but it plays a little like a miniatures wargame and an LCG all wrapped into one.  There is some army building elements and tactical bits from wargaming, and some army building elements and ability interactions between units that feels very LCG to me.

Hopefully playing it won't be as much a disappointment as finding out it wasn't a dex game.

PS I'm pleased as punch that Denis has a set so we can test out some different, expanded army builds!