Thursday, August 04, 2011

| And... I'm spent

Just got through our epic tour of the gaming hall... holy crap! We were in there about 3 hrs and there was plenty we didn't get much of a look at. I spent a mint at the FFG and Privateer booths, Pump got a lot of random minis, and Enron has firmly established that he's in the CDs side of the tapes/CDs divide, with his eyes on some sweet papercraft terrain. Now we're off to wander the mean streets in search of Chil-fil-A!
Just got our badges! Line was a total shit-show, two hours from where we got in. Pity the people after us... gotta be about three hours now.

Let the impulse shopping begin!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

| gEN cON

Have fun at Gen Con, gang! Can't wait to see pics and here how it went!

Monday, August 01, 2011

People already have it and it's getting pretty favorable reviews. It's basically a deck building game ala Dominion or Thunderborst, but you're building your dice bag. THEN, you pull from your bag to fight or whatever you do. It's supposed to play fast, like 30 mins, but if you're not into dice-luck, it might bum you out. I guess you can't min/max it as hard as Dominion because you still end up rolling dice in the end.

It's 2 designers are the dude who did Thunderblurst AND a the bro who did Warhammer Invasion AND Chaos in the Old World. That's the hotness!

DICE QUARWER Best thing about Dice Tower reviews is when he dumps out the components because some shitheel stalks his threads and complains about it EVERY TIME. Hilarious.
Sure man, I figure Fantasy Flight will be a high priority visit on the first day, so I'll see what we can do. Note, your copy may arrive slightly used... would that be an issue? :) I'd like to check out and possibly pick up Gears of War, if they've got it, and maybe their Cthulhu dice game too.

Rude, I read that description and started feeling like they were using that word Quar like Smurfs uses Smurf... do you really think it looks good?
Oh, if it's Johnny's link, I've already got a copy and will ups it immediately!

Edit: Serious post, it doesn't look like it comes out till October! So yeah, that would be sweet if you guys scored an early copy. Also, try out Quarriors if you get a chance. That's out within like the week, but I'm pretty curious about it. Give us teh scooples!

| Bloody Bowl

No he meant this.

Blood Bowl
Am I to assume you are referring to this bad boy? If so, I will keep an eye out, but I think camping out may not be in the cards sir.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

| Please, please, please, please

please, please, please, please will someone pick me up a copy of the Blood Bowl card game if it is for sale at Gen Con? If it is, I would expect it to be VERY limited, so do a bro a solid and camp out the night before. I mean, c'mon, it's the LEAST you could do.