Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Think I might try to pop out something for this years NANOWRIMO. They had a similar "event" called Script Frenzy that is no longer around, but they said you can just as well do a script for NANO, so that's the plan! You are considered a "rebel" because it's not falling under the 50k-word "novel", but they say go for it anyways. DO EET, TOO.

Stock Photo Lifestyle Tales - funny as hell.

Picked up Forbidden Desert with a gift card this past week. We haven't broken it out yet, but looks fun.

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If you guys manage to raise up to near the $1,500 price tag, I'd MAYBE throw down, but it just sounds too good to be true! It sounds like they're gonna sell them via their website after the kickstarter, so might be worth waiting to see some actual user reviews. If I had one of those myself, I feel like it'd turn into a RONCO chicken rotisserie - the stuff it makes is GOOD, but then there are days when you can just pop over to the Ralphs and get a ready made chicken/beer for a cool $5 bucks.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Won't be in LA for Xmas, but I will continue to solicit contributions for the PicoBrewer so that I can make delicious, consistent beer that COULD be used to inspire me to head down to LA around Xmas time to share with my PicoBrewer Partners!

C'mon, with Jon's $150 and my $150, we only have $1300 to go!  And then the cost of kegs, CO2, materials, refer, blah, blah, blah... but all that is just gravy once we have the PicoBrewer!

Just think of all the great names for our beers..

Magic Realm Red
Pliny the Edgar
Boot Hill Brown
10th Level Pale Ale
Double Damage IPA
Guardsmen Imperial IPA (see what I did there?)
Winter Chocolate Stout (and there?!?)
Toiletbrush Sniper Lager

The list goes on!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Any of the NoCal team planning on being in LA at Xmas-time? We should try to organize a Magic Realm game or something!

| $150 Down, $1450 to Go!

Pico Brewer.

Jon in.

Eric in (and needs to find a refrigerator and CO2 and kegs, but that's a problem for LATER).

Who's next?!?
That's really cool! I could probably pitch in $150, under the condition that we pick it up physically from Seattle. WAnCon!


Split by however AT members want in, and the cost of brew materials, we could TOTALLY have fresh beer each and every mancon/kubla/gameday!

Who's with me?

I present to you, the PicoBrewer!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

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This guy is rad. If I had the time and the tools, this is the kind of crap I would love to do.

Repeating Pencil Refile:

Toilet Brush Sniper Rifle... Say What?!:


| No, I'm not dead.

Congratulations on the new addition to the family, awesome news indeed.

jr0n, what "b" word are you referring to? Bastard? Boner? Ball-washer? Bald? Boutonnière? Blumpkin? Blue Waffle? Brony? Björn? Curious minds want to know.

In other news, my dinner last night was every bit as brilliant as I expected:

Some of you may had heard me talking over the past couple of trips that my manager's departure was imminent. Well, she put in her two week notice back on September 12th, her last day was the 26th. As a result, I have been overwhelmingly busy at work, covering the job of two people since the 19th or so. She really had to go hands off on a lot of projects and push them to me, plus she got short-timers disease really bad. The upside is that I have been promoted into her position. The downside is we are just starting interviews this up-coming week for replacing my old position. Our company is slow to generate offer letters. At best, it will be 4 weeks before I have someone in that seat. So I will probably continue to have my head in the clouds for the next month or two.

To be honest, the stress has been relatively well contained, but the mountains of work are just frustrating without the personnel to handle it. The one thing that has me nervous is we have a high level executive coming by, the corporate head of investments. We are an investment company so... eeek. He effectively is my manager 5 tiers above. So we have been scrambling trying to make the property minty fresh.

Also, the sunset last Sunday:

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BabyTalk™ © :
I'm finally back to work after having about a week off for the baby's delivery. Everyone is healthy and happy. There were a couple of sleepless nights the first couple days but things have sorted themselves out pretty well, so while sleep is still broken up into 2 hour chunks or so, things have mellowed out quite a bit. I'm totally not grossed out by diapers like I expected to be (not my favoritest thing in the world, either). Also baby sneezing or coughing in my face doesn't phase me in the least.


That wasn't meant to be yelled, just like, WHOA. So, yay for baby finally giving me some perspective on junk that I never had before!

TL;DR: Babies rule, old people drool.

GuyTalk™ ©:
Yay, sports! (?) Go team. I guess I don't have much for Guy Talk discussion this week.

ActionChatta™ © (aka GAMING GNEWS):
Been playing a bunch of the freemium iOS game, Marvel Puzzle Quest. It's Puzzle Quest with Marvel characters and timers so you buy shit. Haven't spent any money on it, because at it's core it's still just a match-3 game. I still think the first Puzzle Quest is the best in the series. Every iteration after seems less fun and more grindy. But, I still keep playing it a few times a day, so not bad for free.

Space Hulk came out on PC and I've read some not so great reviews on it. Any of you guys get it? If you already blogged about it and I missed it, I beg forgiveness. Robert Florence's review killed any interest I had in the game. I saw it's already on sale on Steam, so maybe when it gets down to sub-$5 levels I'll check it out.

BookShit™ ©:
I've been slowly getting through World War Z. I think I tried to read it a while back and wasn't interested, but now it's going easier for some reason. I like how broad it all is and how different the various entries are.

Our "must-see" shows lately are Sleepy Hollow on Fox. Homeland and Masters of Sex on Showtime, of course. And finally SHIELD.
Sleepy Hollow was the wild card of the bunch. The premise sounded kind of horrible, but it's just rad and fun.
Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.
So it's part fuckin' Davinci Code, National Treasure, friggen Lost, monster of the week, funny "man out of time" jokes, and horror movie. It's just goofy greatness.
American Horror Story: Coven also started last week and that looks like it's gonna be "crazy good" in the way that only American Horror Story is ever "crazy good".

MISC(TM/C- have something in my cut and paste so can't get those symbols back in time!):
There are so many hilarious VINE videos, if you guys ever check that app out.
Some great Bat-Dad clips.