Saturday, October 13, 2012

| Cayucon Transportation Options

fArt, assuming we go to Cayucos, which is near SLO, your options in order of preference are:

1. Fly to SFO and hitch a ride with one of the SF jArks. Last time Motobyke and I took Caltrain (regional train) to San Jose and met with eLzar. Or we could meet with jr0n there too.
2. Alternatively, you could pop directly over to SJO and meet up with eLzar (little further drive for 'Zar, less public tranny for you).
3. Take the Coast Starlight (Amtrak) to SLO and then a shuttle from SLO to Cayucos.
4. Greyhound to SLO and then hitchhike to Cayucos.
5. Walk

Anyway you cut it, you will likely need to hitch with one of us or your ride will suck.

As far as bringing another jark along... To be honest, I don't remember the dude. It has been a while since I met Ryan. We would need to make sure logistically he fits into transportation & bed logistics. I don't think we have an accurate head count yet. I will defer to the rest of the group if anyone has reservations about another homeboy in the mix.


Friday, October 12, 2012

| Sounds like awesome sauce

I will begin negotiations with the wife-unit post haste.

I'm thinking I would fly in Thursday night and then come back home Sunday afternoon/night? Any suggestions on what airport to arrive in and/or transportation? Is this someplace I can grab a couple of buses and be there, or is it more like carjack some unsuspecting senior citizens and make a high speed run for the cabin to avoid unpleasant entanglements?

Also-also, I believe my friend Ryan from SF (Aaron, you met him when I was in town) might be interested in coming if that doesn't throw too much meat in the wagon, if you know what I mean. lol. If that's not cool with the vibe, no worries. Just thought I'd ask.

Yay mancation! Hope I can make this work :D
OK, those Asian Chive Dumplings formula has improved dramatically.  Plus they sell those dumplings now at Costcos, not the same homemade kind with the special Jael Sauce, but nonetheless it is probably better my friend!

December weekends (except christmas) is generally cool, unless something occurs and i'll be out of town.  I typically avoid all retail gangbuster hazards during those last minute weekends anyways.  I should know in advance though.  I've been working on some projects and don't know if that'll take up some of my time or not.   If not I'll try to catch a ride with Denoznisx or Rioudazyy to join for a day at least.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fri to Monday is probably better for the majority because i assum it would mean less work loss, so I can roll with that! If everyone taking Friday off anyways tho, Thursday start would be the hotness! :) I voted for elzar hooch.

| Turlet Hooch

Con Menu Options free polls 

| Maybe this Poll will work?

Which days would you prefer for ManCon V? free polls 
Hmmm...  You make a compelling argument.  Well, if you finalize the dates, maybe I can get some of those sweet tacos Jron consumed.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fri to mon is harder for me to pull off since I'd need 2 days off, but if its better for the group go for it and ill do my darnedest to get the days off! Worst comes to worst I can do fri to Sunday which is still pretty good.

| To Much Time at Memegenerator

| Coors Light Pearl Harbor Con

I am pretty sure I can swing a Dec 7th Con. Even a 7th-10th gig.

eLzar, if you can brew up some ManJuice Beer, that would be awesome.

iPump, you sound sick too, and it appears to be an illness with a long gestational period. Likely to hit in say 60 days from now. Maybe Space Herpies or Elven Nasal Syphilis? Something like that. Do it.

jr0n, I like your style. I can only assume it sounded like a dozen chainsaws running at once and smelled like death + garlic. Poor little'un is probably already scarred.


| Friday - Monday, then?

Maybe the Friday the 7th through Monday the 10th would be better if Mykenloftz last day of classes are Friday?  Would that eff you up r00d?  Or anyone else?

| ChilliDogCon, I say yes! CoorslightCon I say no!

I'd be down for another ImpromptuCon, and early December could work.  The 7th is my last day of classes, but the weekend is clear.  I'm also good for iRoleplaying on the 13th if that's still the plan.  WoW MoP is really cool and the WoWemon is addictive.  Dude my toon is level 86 now, kicks DocNorvell's arse!  And dear God how can I change my picture??

| I vote for sick as well. Or comp time. Work an extra Saturday!

Or if you HAVE to, drive up Friday night - driving up Saturday means you will arrive at 4pm and then leave on Sunday at 11am.  DONT DOO EET!

My WoW time has become less and less because I have been a) sleeping, b) reading, c) watching Alcatraz (which isn't great), d) studying for a certification I will be attending a boot camp for in San Mateo in Nov.  Anyone want to drop by for dinner during the week of Nov 5 - 11th?  And I still have yet to do a single round of Wowemon.

| :,(

iSick time? Cough cough?
The ManCon idea sounds great.  Unfortunately, I already burned all my vacation time for the year.  I might be able to drive up on Saturday.

I too have been doing the Borderlands 2.  It's killing my metacarpals.  I'm playing a sniper, so I'm always holding down the zoom button trying to line up headshots.  So satisfying...

I created a panda for WoW, but lost interest fast.  Boo!  I still want to try the pokemon fighting, so I'll persevere.  Was there also farming?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Date sounds good to me. As always, I'm only having to try and get Saturday night off because of my weird wed-fri weekend. The sooner we can get a workable weekend for everyone the better for work scheduling purposes.

| December Rain (in Cayucos)

Shall we shoot for early December then, gents?  Like December 7 - 9th?

 - Avoid SF taqueria? check!

 - Hawaii, if the trip were actually the distance and cost to Catalina?  Check!

 - Crock pot and baking all the bread we use for sandwiches at ManCon V? Check!

 - Forcing me to talk to the neighbor down the street who used to be into homebrewing A LOT but now has young twins so his kegerator is now for food but I still might be able to borrow kegs and CO2 so I can homebrew something for ManCon V? CHECK

PS jr0n, I just grabbed that picture at random and sized it appropriately - lemme know which one you want and I will make it so.... as soon as I catch up and get the rest of the AT taken care of.
I am clearly the most punk rock dad of all time. Why? Because as soon as the wife's out of town, I throw the fuck up all over the budoir.

I didn't mention earlier that after our sojourn in SF that my stomach wasnt feeling so good. I get acid reflux from time to time and I figured it was that. When the kid went to bed at 7:30 I promptly fell asleep, then woke up with feeling awful with chills and decided I'd better put on some warmer clothes, etc.

No sooner did I have my sweatshirt on than I immediately got that oh shit feeling and ran for the bathroom off ourbred room. I was ONE SECOND AWAY when a thin, brown, chunky spray of projectile vomit started shooting everywhere. It hit: the sink and all the baby wash stuff, got inside the drawer with the wife's cosmetics, covered the area rugs, towels, Part of the bedroom carpet, soaked the floor of the bathroom and shower with lunch (carnitas and steak tacos). Fun to clean! The upside is I feel WAY better.

So enr0n, you know that Mexican place at the ferry building, maybe avoid that.
If Hawaii were as close and cheaply visited as Catalina, you'd have me visiting all day erryday. Hawaii is the best! I still can't get over how you managed to move there, get a JOB, and get to live the dream. Awesome.

I LOVED Cayukos, so I'm 100% down for a M-Con there. And yeah, I think you gotta count the 2 hotel mini-cons you guys started this with. This next time I think we have to honestly go visit the town a little more. There was a bar I read about, so we may have to invade it with our swarthy nerd vibe.

Other than homemade bread and cheap beer (or HOMEBREW, Bring it EL-ROCK!), I think I should bring a big crock pot up. At least twice a week I cook us something in the crockpot, and it's ridiculously good, cheap, and E-Z! You can make ribs, JUICY, FALLING OFF THE BONE! You can make shredded beef, TACOS, ARRIBA ARRIBA!

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) - I couldn't stand the first Guild Wars, so Guild Wars 2 was never on my mind. Glad you're liking it. The no-sub fee is majorly awesome.

| Suggestion...

Fuck that.  iRude and iArt should make their bread and you cook up some toilet wine!

Clearly, I will not be able to make it.  I will be here, living it up in crappy, crappy paradise.

Come to Maui!  My iGirlfriend and I have a couple of spare beds.  If you get here, you can stay for the puny sum of free.
How do I change my profile pic, anyway? Do I need to haxx0r the server?

On ManCon (technically I believe this will be ManCon V, counting the two at Embassy Suites) I am positive that Blackheart is interested. He brought it up at GenCon and was strongly pro- and was interested when I brought it up again recently. Probably just a matter of the date.

Looks like we are a scrub for DCC then. My low-water mark commitment of "1st level or bust" is rapidly leaning towards "bust". What weekends WOULD work for you guys? The rest of October is out for me. I will be busy one of the first two weekends in November, but I'm not sure which yet. The rest of Nov is wide open including Thanksgiving Friday/weekend since we are not leaving town.

| Image Server Down: Being Migrated from San Diego to Irvine

So, that puts us at:


No one yet

Oriental Rugs

It is the rainy season (Winter) so the price quoted is as cheap as it gets.  ProTip for saving money: Instead of Coors Light, save a few bucks by taking dives off the roof and concussing yourself!  All the fun of drinking, but none of the cost or calories!

| ManginaSandwichCon

I would love to have another ManCon. To cut costs, we could even eat Chili dogs for every single meal to cut costs, while exponentially increasing CH4, (CH3)2S, CH3SH and H2S production for that authentic convention feel.

I spoke with DaveDefeat and he was very interested. I think we may need some additional Southland interest from VespaPumperknickle, PanzerFaust & jA-eL for DaveDefeat and r00d-r0d to reach critical mass.

jr0n, DDC this weekend is toast for me. The special lady's family is in town.

Sure mang, that seems reasonable. One way to save dough: all Coors Light, all the time. We might be able to get a cheaper rate than that if we go in the rainy season, too.

I'm looking after the kid for a few days while the iWife is on a business trip, and today the daycare is closed for the all-time bullshit holiday, Columbus Day. Tiring! But fun. We took a quick jaunt into the city which was cool. She was pretty stoked looking at the hobos, the pair of eight-year olds digging through the BART seat cushions and wrestling on/under the seats, didn't seem to mind the urine-soaked BART elevators, etc.

Actually this was my first time taking the elevators and so I'd never noticed the prominent sign reading "UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, DO NOT URINATE OR DEFECATE IN THIS ELEVATOR" Don't tell the cops guys but I think my daughter may have broken her first law.

I've been splitting my time playing Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 and have been enjoying both. GW2 plays differently than WoW, which made it a little tough to get used to, but I'm finding more to like as I go. Combat is more movement oriented than WoW and feels more dynamic, although it seems to be about the same difficulty. There is very little downtime, because you can fast-travel from anywhere to any waypoint you'e found (and there seem to be lots of them). They use the instanced storyline shtick that SWTOR did, and it's done well so far. It's very pretty and runs well on my rig. Also, NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE!

My video game plate is obviously WAY too full right now, but down the road I think I'll pick up Dishonored. Gameplay sounds like a fusion of Thief and Bioshock that's right up my alley, and the art style is super cool.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

| Cayucos...

... was $1376 for Thursday - Sunday, with a $600 refundable deposit.  Which equals (not counting the deposit):

8 peeps - $172 for the weekend
7 - $196
6 - $229
5 - $275
4 or less, probably not gonna happen.

Less gas, drinks, Frisbees, boomerangs, and food.

I loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED Cayucos, and it was nice that it's sort of a central meeting place for the bro-ish SoCal'ers and the gayer, NorCal'ers (an no matter the location is a losing prospect for the Aroma from Tacoma'ers).

Continued thoughts?

| Ixnay on the CCDay

I will unfortunately be at a wedding on the 13.

Cool meeples!  My copy of Lords of Waterdeep remains unplayed. :(

Radicool watch!  After looking at it, I think I'm going to head over to the Descendents website and order me a Bonus Cup!

| Rad


| ManConeeples

These DnDeeples aren't really ManCon related, but I'll be excited to be able to show off my pimped out Lords of Waterdeep next time we all meetup. They're custom made by a Canadian dude who sells them off of BGG. Friggen pro quality - amazing how much flavor you can get from a not-wooden-block.
The white ones are clerics, orange fighters, black are rogues (hard to see in this crap pic) and purple are wizards.

In iOS gaming news, my latest obsession is God of Blades. It's got this rad 70s prog-rock scifi/fantasy vibe to it and it has unlockable swords that you can only unlock by visiting an actual library. That's hot. It's sword fighting that's sort of timing based and I find it pretty addictive.

There's also a version of the board games Alien Frontiers out for iPad only that's decent. No online multiplayer, but the AI is okay and it has pass-n-play. Never played the real game but was always on the fence about picking it up. Played a few games now and I'm enjoying it. Don't know if I'll buy the physical game yet, but glad I finally got to try it.