Saturday, December 29, 2012

If I remember correctly, there's multiple scenes of Dylan Mcdermit standing in the nude, crying while he jerks off.

Oh yeah, I got to see Dylan McDermott's ass.  Tee hee.

| Der Horror

Funny you should mention that.  We've been busting our asses (we as in me and two other guys) trying to get the DVD set done by tonight.  Everybody else in the company had a real quiet week (as in go home early cause there's no work).  BooO!

We finished the domestic set this past summer.  This last one was for a couple of European countries.  Needless to say I've seen this show quite a bit.

I actually like it.  Weird, weird stuff.  I don't know how far you've gotten, so I won't say anymore...  Except that there is a Ring moment.

By the way, season 1 is a complete story arc with a definite ending.  Season 2 is an entirely different story.  A few actors from the first season are back, but they play different roles.

Also, the creators made Glee.  Ponder that.  (Alas, I also worked on this show and know more about it than I should).

| undetermined

Me and Silv love American Horror Story! It's total camp but really fun and watchable. Are you watching Season 1 or are you caught up to where it's at with Season 2? We also love True Blood, very much in the same vein.

Secret Santa Jael got me Carcassonne Discovery which my house has played a few times. Interesting variation on regular Carc. We like it!

Friday, December 28, 2012

| For Laffs, Try American Horror Story


It's a twisted collage of creepy, effed up sheet that has a slowly unfolding story that is mostly a skeleton to drape nasty scenes, images, and experience on and call it a TV show.  I'm not saying I don't like it, and I keep watching, and I think I'm enjoying it, but it is sort of unsettling in a forced way, like a cheap BOO scare, but much longer and drawn out.  Like how Alkaline Trio lyrics are sort of dark and twisted and bordering on cliche, yet, still interesting and I like them.

I'm curious to hear what the AT thinks about it.

Looking forward to trying out Star Wars. I scored Netrunner and Le Havre for Xmas, looking forward to playing both. As for Dominant Species, the board game was one of the most unpleasant gaming experiences I've had, so I hope the card game is better or it's getting the Tech Support treatment!

I also got a sweet present from Myke that I suspect will be a hit at the cabin...

Sorry you missed out enr0n. It was a blast, albeit sorely lacking in Action Team support. Was great to shoot the shit with Ryan. We cut the Poop Deck part a bit short because they wouldn't let Matt in with his infant son (go figure, they apparently have one standard and that is it).

Tomorrow we head back north. We stayed a bit longer than we planned because the babysitting was too good to pass up. Bonus sleep! We grabbed some tasty, tasty lomo saltado tonight, and caught Django Unchained. Good stuff!

I got this really dumb but fun game called Life Is Magic. It's a grindy fantasy rpg that uses local map data, so you'll go to some taverny-looking building and it will be The Kettle. The big cities have towers that are really tough to conquer and you need buddies to help.

| Holiday Bits

r00d: I have been a big fan of my Roku. They are small and pretty slick. Much more stable than either the Xbox or PS3 for Netflix streaming and the interface is pretty easy to work. The thing is super small too. If I had to complain about anything, I would say the unit is too light weight. My HDMI cable is a little too rigid and so the Roku "hovers" above the shelf.

eLzar: I too very much enjoyed the Lagunitas Sucks. It is a pretty damn good seasonal beer. One I would like even out of season ;). I bought an array of beers while I was down in LA and enjoyed quite a few, including Pliny (never fails me), but I also hated a couple. Stay away from Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut line. Yuck. Admittedly, I had very low expectations of the Maple Bacon flavored beer, but the missus really wanted to try it. She also wanted to try the Peanut Butter one too, but I drew the line at that abominable idea. The Maple Bacon pretty much tasted like cardboard, carbonation and smokey peat moss. The warmer it got, the worse the smoke flavor. And it lingered for over an hour, over powering the next beer. On the other hand, Unibroue "La Terrible" (Dark Belgian - Toasty, Vanilla, Malty, Chocolatey, Surprisingly high Carbonation, great after flavor) and the Firestone "16th Anniversary" (Strong Ale - Syrupy, Choco-Coffee, almost Coconuty maybe and very smooth overall) were both excellent beers. I highly suggest both, if you like those types. Also had Velvet Merlin, although not for the first time. A nice beer too. Coincidentally, the special lady tried to order a cask version of the "Velvet Merkin" the other day and the cask went dry on her order :(

I am looking forward to some Dreadball at ManJuiceDietCon.

Sorry to hear about the lady friend barfing. The downside? no LA. The upside? no LA. tee hee hee.

I am so bummed I missed the Poo Deck. I started getting a dehydration headache while up in Venice around 1pm. By the time I got fluids in me, it was too late. I was a mess, trying not to vomit, by the time I got home. Bad move on my part. I hope everyone had a good time.

Got me a Kindle Paperwhite for Xmas. I was kind of on the fence for a while after trying the prior models, but I am very happy with this one. It feels right in my hands and is quite convenient on public transit, plus the navigation just seems easier on this version.


| Musings

 - We missed the LA Xmas trip due to Leslie barfing, a lot, so that was a bummer.  No lomo saltado (or Disneyland) for us :(

 - Got Star Wars TCG and Dominant Species card game from the Mrs., SWTCG looks like a lot of fun and DSCD is pretty fun.  I think it will hit a sweet spot with more than two players, so look for it at ManCon.

 - Completed my fantasy themed Dreadball pitch and am now in the process of converting my BB minis to Dreadball basing.  It really is a great, great game.  I heard someone make the following comparison:

Blood Bowl is to chess, as Dreadball is to chess without the pawns.

It's true.  The game is just full of the good stuff.

 - Lagunitas Sucks is so, so good.

 - As I was building Wylie's Lego Hoth Battle Set he got for Xmas (from me!), I was thinking about when my dad built my first Lego space set and how as much as things have changed in the past 30 years, somethings stay the same :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

| Ho Ho Ho, no hobo

Merry Christmas you guys! Hope everyone's holiday went well. I scored a sweet Horse Head mask from my wife, so all is right in the world. I also bought us a Roku which turned out to be one of my best buys yet. We can stream netflix from our xboxes and ps3, but the Roku lets us actually watch HBO Go stuff on the tellie which is kind of amazing. Everyone episode of all their shows is on there, so it's paid for itself a billion times over. We watched the 6 hour mini series Angels in America this past week and it was really great. It's about mid 80's NYC and the AIDs epidemic. It straddles the line between humor, really serious stuff, and even a little fantasy. I thought it was fantastic. Homophobes, do not apply. Hobophobes, it should be okay.

Slowly spreading the boardgame virus to my in-laws. The only one that's really stuck is Ticket to Ride, but it was a big hit on Christmas Eve AND X-Mas day. One of my niece-in-laws was hanging with my wife the other day and we were able to get her into a BUNCH of boardgames! So now we've expanded out from 2-players to 3 in a bunch of stuff which was a fun experience. She liked Zooleretto, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride. Next time we're gonna bust out Stone Age and see how that sticks.

Man Con 2013 approaches! Hope everyone can still make it!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saruman also wishes everyone happy holidays!

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

| Happy Holidays, fuckers.

The Good:

 - As far as I can tell, no one I know is in the hospital or in jail, so the holidays are indeed happy.
 - Lagunitas Sucks is back!  It's 11:15am and I'm drinking one for breakfast right now!
 - Xmas tree, xmas music.
 - Wylie FINALLY getting excited for xmas.
 - Staying home on at least part of xmas day before hitting the road.
 - The Action Team!
 - Cayucos is just around the corner!
 - Possibly eating some Lomo Saltado with the King of All Haole's, R Dub!

The Bad:

 - Driving to LA manana (maybe?) through the probable storm over the grapevine because we've heard that the 1 is closed in various locations due to landslides.
 - Missing the Poopdeck get together, again.  Glad I'm not in LA, however, so it's a mixed bag.
 - Leslie has the stomach flu so it looks like I will be taking Wy to her family xmas eve party by myself.  Supar bummar.
 - Most likely missing Disneyland because of the rain.  They close so much of the park in extended rains, it just wouldn't be a good way to experience it for Wy on his first time. :(

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, I'd like to play Minecraft, but I'm really only interested in screwing around with Redstone and building another lair o' tricks n' traps. Anybody sitting on a stockpile they don't mind me grabbing? If so, which server?
Bantha Poodoo Deck: 3 PM tomorrow. Be there, or be square!