Friday, November 02, 2012

Sounds good! I'll pick it up.

Also fun: playing actual RPGs, with real friends, for free. When are we playing DCC again? The weekends of the 17th or 24th would work for me. Aeryk and enr0n, I'm looking at you for a response.
I picked it up too! Fun game, love the theme and don't mind the grind because we grew up on silly grinding.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


Knights of Pen and Paper!  Must... put... iPad... down.....

It's like a fun 8-bit RPG with your old role-playing buddies as the stars of the game and always on screen!  While there is some attention paid to the meta-game of 'managing snacks and providing pizza', it's mostly just a fun RPG/story-driven grind game that has a constant reminder that it's supposed to be a pen and paper game being played - which makes it fun because it reminds me of 10th level or bust and beyond!!!

SOOOO worth it.  $1.99 I think?
Got an email from HR with a link to a partner site that offers discounts on gym memberships. Figured I'd check it out. 70% of the East Bay offerings were Jazzercise programs. WTF?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check this out:

Happy Halloween, Bitches.

| Knights of Pen and Paper

Sounds like an awesome game but I haven't got it yet: video! iOS link

| All Borderlands is Bad

 - Even AWESOME GameBoy versions.

 - I also read that article a few weeks (months?) ago, and it was much more English driven, and I think longer, too.

 - Re: Minecraft re: Art - check the blog from abouuuut a month ago, I think you had the same problem and I'm gonna say its because you are still playing with he free 10 hours a month version of Minefold - your time will reset at the beginning of the next month, or you could kick down some cash (I think it's fairly minimal) and play all you want!

 - Still playing lots of Skate 3.

  - I am boring.

I googled up the version of the article I read! It was on a different site, but it's one of the gawker ones whose archives are all down right now. So this is either an extremely poor rewrite or somebody literally did run it through babel fish or something to avoid plagiarism... Lol.
The new Borderlands iOs game is apparently really bad. Here's a video of guys playing it and it looks awful. Video

What if your job consisted video filter??? Deal with all google products.

It's like it's been run through babel fish a few times.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I swear I read that article a few weeks ago and it was reasonably well edited at that time. You need to post links to the Internet, not to teh intarwebz.

Anyway, Indy is part of the deal. Who knows? Maybe they'll get cracking on a sequel.

My understanding is that Ep 7 is working from a "treatment" by Lucas, and that he gets Creative Consultant credit on everything (of course) but it doesn't sound like he'll be that involved. At this point, Disney/Pixar's track record is a lot more solid than Lucas' is. I really have trouble seeing this as anything but upside. It may turn out that we get crap movies, but that's what we would've gotten under Lucas, anyway.

| Half the fun

Half the fun of posting a link to this article is some of the [AT] jarks would feel compelled to read it and yet be annoyed to no end at the poor grammar. My little gift to you all... Yay me!

One of my security officers told me about the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilms this afternoon. Crazy. No Lucas director presence (ex. A: RotJ) doesn't mean he will not find some way to spray his ejaculate of wonky CGI, juvenile parlor humor, poor scripted character development and Jar Jar stand-ins all over the movie. One can only hope Disney reigns him in and won't impose their own brand of revisioning and whitewashing to the franchise. I wonder how this impacts the Indy franchise?

Holy shit you guys, did you see this business about Disney buying Star Wars???????

Star Wars ep 7 in 2015? Lucas NOT directing?

Holy shit!
Dude, Rude, I was totally thinking the same thing!  I was actually going to post those exact words!  The grammar in that article is horrible.  But what a shitty job to have, either way.
Maybe I'm just having a stroke, but there seemed to be tons of bad English/grammar in that google article!

| NHLPA = Dickbones; Also Owners probably suck too.

@ eLzar: LOL. I hear you mang, I hear you. I just cannot even believe we are going through this a third time in the recent past. Each time we go through it, I find myself less and less inclined to watch the games. Boo! In fact, it's like a little part of my favorite memories (e.g. like rooting for the 1993 Kings run, playing fantasy hockey at the El Conq/Dorchester, chewing on mouths full of unshelled peanuts and spewing them in eric's drink, swearing Allison should have had a flannel shirt and cigarette while on the Ice, etc.) die each time we go through this process. I say piss on NHL and NHLPA.

I think it is hilarious that ESPN is playing the season through on EA's NHL 2013. The poor Kings have a serious post Stanley Cup hangover, sitting in 13th with 4-6-0 record. Come on, Kings, get your shit together. LOL.

I also tend to just "these aren't the articles we're looking for. Move along, move along." when I see headlines about children/family travesties. I just don't need to know the details. Its just soul crushing material and I don't want to end up like this person.


| Yep

 - I ostrich at the first sign of atrocities committed to children.  Having anything remotely like that happen to my family is unfathomable, and I feel like I need to keep it that way - out of sight, out of mind.

 - In other news, I'm surprised the End of the World in 2012-ers have not come out in support of Sandy supporting their cause.  Seems logical.

 - I think all the NHL players can go fuck themselves and I honestly hope that the NHL needs to re-structure their shit after this debacle (3rd work stoppage in as many collective bargaining agreement expiration's between the league and the players union).  These moron players have the audacity to compare what they do, and what they earn, and what they are 'struggling' with to the everyday person in an attempt for compassion and understanding.  These fuckers currently take 57% of the cash the owners make for their salaries.  JUST their salaries.  Not including their RENT AND MORTGAGE REIMBURSMENTS, food, hotel, medical, etc.  The owners (who in their own ways are likely savage, heartless, and cruel businessmen and equally unlikable) want the split to be closer to 50/50 and will roll-back salaries to meet that end.  The asshat players cry "woe is me, my 1, or 2, or 8 million a year salaries are going to be rolled back 7%" (but they will still get the goddamn mortgage reimbursements) and they ask for sympathy from the fan, "what if your boss threatened to rollback your salary 7%".  I got news fuckfaces, that 7% rollback is a reality, and then some, for lots and lots of people making less money a year than you cockmonsters make playing 15 minutes in ONE GAME.

And another thing, these fucking brilliant players cry unity, when already a good number of them have left the country to play overseas for a lower salary, until this unpleasantness sorts itself out.

I honestly hope that the NHL partially implodes, the owners fire the executives, and bring in replacement players.  I care about the LA Kings, not particularly any of the players on the team.  They are all in it for themselves and covet free-agency above the team, the game, the league, or the fans, so fuck em.  Bring on the replacements, bring on the journeymen, bring on the kids out of college; if they are wearing the Kings sweaters, I will root for them.
Jesus man, that's so sad that we actually knew that lady from New York. :( I sadly tend to tune out those missing/killed children stories so I hadn't heard about this one, but sure enough, once you mentioned it, I totally recognize her from high school. What a fucking horror story.

I will try to see Looper this week. I also hear Sinister is good and I've seen all the other Paranormal Activities in the theater, so might as well see number 4.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Yeah... movies based on video game franchises are not good. For a while Gore Verbinski (guy who did The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean) was trying to do an R-rated Bioshock and Peter Jackson was trying to make Halo. Those could've been good.

Dark Knight Rises is definitely worth seeing. That's the only other movie I've seen in the theater in the last year.

Another good movie I've seen lately is Looper. Don't know if I've mentioned that one but I liked it. Buy tickets for Looper at See Looper today!

| Oh, also (Minecraft?)

I have no idea if this is something we control or if it has to do with our Minefold peeps.. but I can't seem to get into the world?

| Speaking of movies

Went and saw Silent Hill 3D with the wifey this weekend, which is interesting on a few levels:

1. She has this thing where she gets WAY too personally connected with characters in movies, ergo... she does not do well with scary movies. Like freaking the fuck out, screaming and punching you "not well".

2. This was actually her idea. lol

3. Silent Hill 3D was not really very scary..? Which seems a bit weird to say, because it's, well, a horror film. Outside of a couple of "jump out at you" things which might as well have been ANYTHING jumping out at you with a sudden audio screech... it was graphically a little bit interesting I guess.

4. Sean Bean got to add another scene to his death reel. (have you seen this on youtube? pretty funny actually!)

5. TOTALLY should have driven an extra 10 minutes to the cheapo Starplex to catch The Dark Knight Rises instead.

6. However, then we probably would not have gone to this little neighborhood bar / grill place we've been hearing about "Top of Tacoma"... which was amazingly awesome! Had a dinner and four nice beers for $17! Super awesome deal, plus everyone was super friendly. Great time there, will probably go back if we wind up having a parents' night out again.

7. There was some kind of super shitty B-movie on one of the TV sets and the main guy was an actor that we sat there for a few minutes going... MAN, I KNOW THAT GUY, WHO IS THAT? Only to realize that it was a younger Chairman from Iron Chef America... LOL

8. I should really look up that movie, it was so bad it was awesome. If you took Predator, Alien, and Indiana Jones and BLATANTLY ripped them off to create a B-movie... this would be it.

Check this shit out! Keep in mind this is as GOOD as they could make it look... haha.. it's so terrible. But I completely got sucked in. :(

That video was hilarious, I teared up at several points. Nice work!

I'm home with a sore throat. Probably caused by my hectic travel schedule over the last week. A week ago Saturday, flew to LA, Sunday had the kid's big 1-year birthday bash, Monday flew up and went to work, Wednesday flew back to LA, Friday drove to Santa Barbara, Friday-Saturday was prep for my sister's wedding, sister's wedding, aftermath of sister's wedding, yesterday drove up here. Lots of fun but I'm ready for a bit of downtime. Got to fit in a game with Rude which was nice.

I also squeezed in another viewing of Looper. I LOVED this movie. It's the sort of fun, but smart, R-rated sci-fi movie that I wish they made more of. It's not primarily an action movie, but there are some really good set piece sequences (no shaky-cam!) and the characters and dialogue are great. I REALLY recommend this movie (and going in with as little knowledge about the plot as possible).

If you don't want to be super depressed, don't read this, but the Marina who is the mom in NY that just found her kids murdered by the nanny, is the same Marina from me/Rude/Ja-el's high school class. Poor lady, just unimaginable.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

| Skate Hijinks

That was some much needed comic relief. Truly LOL. My manager kept asking me why I was laughing so much in my office. I watched it twice at work, to the detriment of my Friday afternoon productivity :/