Saturday, February 25, 2012

Didn't some of you guys get the new Deus Ex game on Steam? How was it? It's $10 bucks this weekend on Steam so I'm VERY tempted, but I honestly haven't played a computer game in ages so I dunno.

I did pledge on that Double Fine adventure game Jon mentioned. Jesus, they're well past 2 million dollars! I watched the 35 minute interview they posted between Tim and Ron Gilbert and I enjoyed it too much to not pledge. Can't wait to see what happens.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I never get too scared of foldy boards and components wearing out and ripping, but I always get paranoid when those boards are brand new and super stiff. I hate having to bend them past their normal point to get them to flatten out. That's when it feels like its going to go all wrong and tear.

I'll watch some rules videos for Dungeon Petz before the big meetup so I'll at least be somewhat familiar with what's happening. I never played Dungeon Lords and the desire has kinda passed. If I get the chance I'd go for it, but there's just too many other games out there to play. Mage Knight, I really wish I would have bought when it was at stores - I hear the single player is actually very fun.

I can't wait to tear up and pour salsa over Risk Legacy components!
I read through the rules. Though I haven't played it yet. It doesn't seem as complicated as Dungeon Lords. But only by a little. It's primarily a worker placement mechanic. Your imp relatives are placed on the various actions (no more dungeon lord). In this game you are trying to score by satisfying an individual pet's needs and also matching a pet to a customer's requirement.

We might have to wait till Cabin Con to see how well it plays. The only thing I don't like is that every player's board folds over to form a screen for a secret bidding portion of the turn. The OCD portion in me does not like foldy components that eventually may wear out and tear. You can imagine how much torment that new Risk game is causing me.
It's crazy because while I'm sure these first internet-glasses will be clunky and obnoxious, this kinda shit will only get more intense as the years go on. We will literally be getting implants into our brains for all kinds of horror/future murdertainments. Have you tried Dungeon Petz yet Denis? I'm always interested in trying out a new Vladda game.
I think they heard you and we are one step closer to that dream..., or Skynet's ultimate takeover.

Aar u Saraah Cannor?

| Googlecommuterbot

I hope that one day Google will automate my car and essentially give me back 2 hours of commute everyday so I can play me some Asshole Treasure-Hunter Guard-Murder game, too!
Earthdawn was really fun! Yeah, you guys had some amazing rolls. I really thought Pump was gonna have to make another character.

Since I'm going back to being Train Commuter Man next month, I splurged on a Vita. It's really nice! The screen is BIG, games look nice and crisp and it's a pretty light device for its size. I picked up Uncharted and a couple of downloadable titles too, so I'm pretty set. I like Uncharted, but the whole series is kinda weird in my opinion. You play this douchey-looking guy, break into places for basically no reason, murder the guards who are just there to do their jobs and crack a bunch of jokes about it. There's nothing essentially different about it from like 99% of games but something about the premise here is off. In most games you're going after terrorists, or there is some other veneer of rationale that doesn't seem to be here. I think in the first mission of Uncharted 2, I broke into a museum and threw one of the guards off the ledge?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awesome turn out for Earthdawn RPG! Nice game Jon, can't wait for more. I bet we'll get into a groove with the system over time. For me, it started to click and really wasn't too complicated which I like. It's kind of amazing how much power the dice have in an RPG. We were the unluckiest adventurers ever.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

| worst game ever

Nah, it was totally fun! It took 8.5 hours for 6 players. I was this race that kind of looks like Space Gollum and started out between Josh and Matt. Matt was playing some warmongering asshole race and Josh was playing these space geniuses who are bad at fighting but really good at research. They both had really nasty warmongering races on the other side of them so we kind of had a truce to start out with.

I made a really dumb mistake early on by not scouting some planets before landing on them which got one of my carrier transports blown the eff up. (To be fair, I'd never played with that variant rule before.) It took me about a turn to recover from that militarily, but I was able to keep doing things to score points in the meantime, so it wasn't horrible. It did make me kind of the weak sister though so both Matt and Josh were able to score some easy points off me.

I began to drink heavily and plot revenge. I built a technology that let me move SUPER fast, a war sun (basically a death star) and used my super speed to get up in people's grills and fuck shit up. I made a pretty good run in the end game and scored a bunch of points. I also tried setting up a complicated political scheme that should have netted me another point or two. Unfortunately one of the other players was having none of that and blew up the council while it was going on so that didn't work out. Ended up tied for second with Matt but getting third on tiebreaker. If my political scheme had worked I would've netted second. Bah!

Anyway I can see a TON of mistakes I made and a path to victory I could've taken. Gotta play it again!
How did the Twilight Imperialism game turn out!? Give us an awesome session report!

| Boardin'

I took my girls son and his friends snow boarding this weekend up at Big Bear. We dropped them off at 8am and spent the day cruising around Big Bear doing random shit like bowling, drinking, and eating. The skiing/snowboarding stuff looks really scary/fun, but neither of us have much experience (she has some, I have none). We're going to go up to Mt High maybe next week and take some lessons during the week to see if we can get into it. Kind of a weird sub culture. Hung around the slopes a little and it was pretty skeezy - lots of drinking and smoking (cigs and weed) and they played lots of kinda janky music - stuff that I ASSUME are bands like Fallout Boy. I predict a lot of stupid lip piercings and bad swoopy haircuts. BUT, I bet I would have loved that scene 10 years ago. Have any of you snowboarded? Is it corny for me to try skiing first? Few weeks left to Beachbody Con, can't wait!

Monday, February 20, 2012

r00d: Tout de Sweet. I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Cabin con. It's always good to get together with all the OG gaming geeks plus we get to celebrate your final days of bachelorhood. Yay!

Got all my days off for cabin con! Big relief!