Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kinda thought that post was leading up to you making one! I liked the Shyamalan-esque twist ending.

Pumped for Kubla! Can't believe it's only 2 weeks away. This month is flying by!

Friday, May 10, 2013

| Web Comix

Problem:  Sometimes I think funny things that if I had a webcomic to put it in, I think other people would laugh too.  Sometimes other people in the Action Team say funny things that make be laugh out loud and I think they should be in a webcomic for posterity.

Solution:  A group AT webcomic!

Do eet.

I woke up with a hellious sore throat so hopefully this means I'm getting my sick out of the way before the con. Brony-con.

Omg, iOS dudes, get the new FREE game from Sid Meiers Ace Patrol:
It is turn based fighter pilot world war game, pretty much Wings
At War/ that X wing game Elrick has. You can pay for different armies but just the free game
Itself is very robust and fun.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

| I know that guy...

Was he kinda mean looking and scruffy? I know that guy. He doesn't drink


| Sold!

I didn't read your whole post but YES I am looking for those games. Some bastard took them from my car while I was in the game store! Didn't get a good look but he was a tall fella.

| Open Your Eyes, People

Haven't you noticed how when you seem to have lost one of your games, I seem to have JUST purchased that same game?  I mean, at first I tried to be sly about it and sort of space out my 'purchases', but you guys never figured it out so I'm much more blatant about it now.

Sidenote:  I'm selling Le Havre and Eclipse at Kublacon!  Any takers?

| Magic "Bridge" Realm

I am game for some Magic "Bridge" Realm. While the first time we played was a mess, jr0n is right. Nail down the Multi-combatant rules and I think we will have a much better chance at it.

eLzar has an unlimited supply of games to sell. Basically I think he robs gamers near the game store on a weekly basis. This way he can pay for his Kubla trips. Even his bag of holding is full (too many Hotshots cards I think).



Maybe we should do it Friday early so we are relatively fresh, and there'll be fewer looky-loos?

We tried doing a big game group session a while back, and although it devolved into a clusterfuck when we slowly realized we didn't understand the multiple-participant combat rules AT ALL, it was really fun getting there (and pretty awesome seeing everybody's brains collapse at the same time). For a while, enr0n and I were cruising around as a Druid/Amazon team, doing crazy shit, and it really was cool.

I have two suggestions:
- One of us should bring a laptop with Magic Bridge (or whatever it's called: the Java implementation). In a pinch you can just set up fights in the combat simulator.
- Let's divide and conquer the rules. I can read the whole thing, but focus on the magic rules, if you can get the NPC rules straight?

What's funny is we WILL need the next couple weeks to prep so it's good we're discussing this now :)

| Magic Realm, the new World in Flames

Remember those guys at the old, old Orccons that would have the huge magnetic mapsheets up in open gaming for the whole weekend?  Those jokers were playing ONE game of World in Flames all weekend.  I think Enron and Oriental Rugs partook of some of that action, so they can better comment, but I think we could be those guys with an even OLDER game - Magic Realm!

Okay, I don't think it takes THAT LONG, at least when Blackheart, Pumpkin, and I played, it tool much less because I think we all got into some unwinnable combats early on that sealed our fate.  We also weren't playing with all the rules...

I think I'm in for a day of the Realm... I will bring my kit and all THREE oversized versions of the rulebook to help us through the ordeal.  My only concern is that since it will take up to 16 players, we are likely going to get hop-ons so we need to plan our defense accordingly.

Oh yeah, to your question r00d:  Yes, Avalon Hill Difficulty 9 means 'Easy'.  I think Naval War was an 8, so it's just marginally more involved than that....

Do you think it can actually be played in 240 minutes? And the Avalon Hill difficulty rating of 9 means its easy, right? 1-16 players, we should do eet.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Should we try for the epic Magic Realm game!?
How is it even possible that you have anything left to sell!?

| Waterderp

I can bring it, if you bring the cool Waterderples!

I plan on another sales extravaganza at the Flea Bag Market, so be prepared to buy my shit during the Special  Action Team Pre-Sales Event!  I'm not entirely sure what will be on the list because all my games are still in boxes at this point, but it will likely include Space Cadets!

I'm taking requests!  Anyone want anything that I have? I may be willing to part with it but keep it in the family, as it were.

I wanna play Space Empires 4x with iR00d so he can teach me the rules :)
I don't have Waterdeep, so unless Aeryk has it I think that one's on you! Bring for sure, that was fun.

I'll definitely bring Eclipse and some random games. I have both Galaxy Trucker expansions, which make the game insane. Also would like to get in Mage Knight if 1-2 peeps want a longer game.

| Dice Rollerz

There's a Space Cadets Dice Game I just noticed on BGG. Looks sorta neat - two teams battling it out as starship crews with real time dice action.

Some games I hope peeps bring to the Con:
Space Cadets? (It kinda had a brutal learning curve and we had too many people, but I'd love to try it again)
Eclipse - Haven't gotten thru the tutorial on the iPad yet, but I have time tomorrow night so I'll try to figure it out some!
Lords of Waterdeep - if anyone up there has a copy, I'd play again. iDave was never around to play it, huh? I think he'd like it.
Dreadball - that was fun! I kinda wish the real mini's were all painted up, but I understand that painting mini's is like another hobby all on it's own.

Other than that, I'm open to anything, really. I think I'll figure out when the El Torito down the street (or whatever those weird chain restraunts were) is having their happy hours and make that a daily occurrence for my few days up there! I don't wanna eat sandy pizza or sketchy $10 chicken curry!

Enoto - cool that you're still working on the script! :)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

| The Bronze

I watched that clip like 10 times at work last night. You'll keep finding something new in the crowd each time. Along with the weirdly loud claps from that dude in the front, I love the super shitty panning. Also there's a part where the crowd thinks the song ended and start to clap but then have to immediately get back into the "dancing" when it starts up again, ahaha. You can't make shit this bad on purpose! Birdemic: Shock and Terror is on Netflix and I watched about 20 minutes of that before I had to stop. It's so bad and strange, it's kinda watchable. The really sad part is the filmmaker isn't in on the joke, which makes it even more bizarre.


| Birdemic Dancing

No messing around with this one - that shit was terrible.  And SO LONG.  It was like a montage of every single painful Buffy dance scene from all 7 seasons, AND all 5 Angel seasons strung end to end and then tripled in length, with a shitty song to cap it all off.

And the audio for the single clap that jackass was doing was KILLING me.  I hated everything about watching that.

Shakma on the other hand... I might have to give that one a review tomorrow on the AT site, seems like a flick right in my wheelhouse right about now.  After/if I finally get my computer set up in the new house, I think I might spin that bad boy up!
I'm working on it! Actually had some free time yesterday that I planned to use to finish the last draft, which got repurposed for financial stuff, but the gears are grinding.

Went to Vegas on a 24-hour road trip on Sat. Really fun. We were up until 4, and left at 6:30 (Matt Z really wanted to get back early to LA). Not unexhausting, but really good to get in a road trip with some of the boys.

I picked up the new Dark Tower book (which fits into the middle of the series). It's really good! Way shorter and tighter than the last three books in the series. Even though it is chronologically book 4.5, I think it works better as a coda to the series. It's nice to revisit the characters aft a calm point, after all the shit that goes down in the last books.

| Shakma?

Anyone ever see this? It's on netflix streaming now.

Turned murderous by experimental drugs, a baboon escapes from a laboratory and roams the research building, where it begins attacking a group of students involved in a live-action role-playing game.

| O is for: Orange you glad I didn't say Bio Mass?

I just thought of the Bio Mass on the drive in this morning.
Nuff said.

PS - holy shit, if this dance clip from Birdemic 2: The Resurrection doesn't motivate you to make your damn movie, I don't know what will.

Monday, May 06, 2013

| Win 8 teh blurst

jr0n, that is pretty much my experience too. Very poorly designed UI, with just the oddest, counter-intuitive functionality. I could see it being marginal on a touch screen, but it is hell with a laptop. I helped one friend and also my mother. both of which had no idea what they were getting into. For my mother, I ended up buying a new copy of Win 7 and rolling her back to Win 7. Its really a shame because the guts of Win 8 are more secure, robust and take advantage of technologies natively that Win 7 doesn't. Rumor has it in the next service pack, MS will provide the option to have the start menu and the Aero interface instead of Metro, but that is just rumor at this point I think.

Those commercials for Windows 8 make it look like the WORST! It's kinda cool that you actually got to try it. No surprise that it's embarrassing. Bonus points for the ridiculous trackball features being all turned on.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

OK, this is not cutting-edge commentary, but holy crap is Windows 8 the worst OS I've ever used. I'm trying to use it on my parents' laptop and it is just an unpleasant, unwieldy piece of shit. It is as if they are consciously trying to kill the desktop PC. Is that the plan?

Doesn't help that the built-in trackpad is set up with all these gestures and tap-to-clicks turned on by default and tuned to high sensitivity, so just trying to move the cursor is a mysterious adventure through strange functions.