Saturday, April 14, 2012

| You should

Not gonna lie, I jerked it.

I've heard nothing but good things about that game!

The funny thing is when I saw that picture I thought "wow, Rude must have opened a few more Risk Legacy packs."

| I should be a Hand Model

| teh strugz

Johnny and I dipped into some Twilight Struggle this afternoon. Fun game! We only made it through the early war (3 turns) before I had to bounce for work, but I think we worked out all the rules kinks and will be good to go next time. It's a really fun system. Johnny was winning so far as the United States. We screwed up the scoring a LITTLE bit the first couple turns, but it would only be a few points different regardless.

Friday, April 13, 2012

SJ was only asking for $20k to make the 3000 copies, so they were def gonna do this at a loss. But ridiculous fans have pre-ordered 120k+ worth, so there ya go. The stretch rewards are pretty funny, like "Steve works extra nights on new scenarios..." ....
Serious? 120k? The original paper chits probably didn't cost 120k.

Defenders of the Crown? Anyone? Anyone?
I've never seen Steve Jackson before, he's awesome! Why don't you nor-cal clowns each put in $33 bucks or something. I don't even know if it's a good game, but get it!

| Ogre, you arsehole

You guys seen the Ogre kickstarter. Pretty impressive. Be cool if someone in our group got it!

(Looks at Aeryk, whistles innocently.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometime after that episode I stopped. The D&D episode was pretty damn funny. Certainly the Community D&D antics were in no way beyond the scope of some of our RPG craziness (e.g. "Guilty", Shaving Ewoks, Thri-Kreen made "Human Jerky", Boot Hill and the fate point saga of Benji) but rolled into one great session.

Did you guys crap out on Community before or after the D&D episode? That shit was funny.

I like the really bizarre humor from this season, so maybe it's a personal thing. I liked Pierce's dad with the toupee made out of pure ivory bequeathed to his killer. Reminded me of our Boot Hill campaign or something. And the Glee parody episode was gold. What can I say, I liked sexy-yet-creepy Alison Brie.

Only character I don't really like is Pierce, but it sounds like Chevy Chase might be exiting the show anyway, so whatevz!

| i wish i was Japanese

Tokyo Jungle

fArt, I agree. Community was a pretty funny show with some solid laughs. Unfortunately, they ran out of ideas and the scripting fell in the shitter, some shark jumping ensued. The missus and I gradually stop watching it a while back. The old episodes are still pretty damn funny though.

I am actually pretty excited about Grimrock, Diablo III aaaaaaannnd BLANKETS.

I am not sure about Blokus, but I do like the Cockus. Oh wait. No.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Used to TiVo Community and watch it religiously. But, the last couple of seasons they've fallen into the whole "we've run out of interesting / compelling plot ideas" trap.. which basically leaves them with over-emphasizing each character's critical flaw to the most insanely polarized imagining possible.

Anyway, it's gotten kinda "meh" for me.

You know what was really quite good? The Fades on BBC. Looks like it's not getting renewed though, that sucks.

Not watching a ton of TV lately. The wife and I have kind of gotten into that new show Once Upon a Time. It's different and kind of fun.

You know what surprised me is Whitney. That's pretty funny stuff! Although, they too seem to be running out of creative plot threads.

| Musings

* Anyone watch Community? I like it, it's a fun, silly show. Not every episode is great, but the winners are really good.
* I played Blokus once and it was fine.
* Let me know what you think of Twilight Struggle! Always wanted to play that one.
* I liked the original Dungeon Master a lot. I remember running into some kind of rock monster and getting really creeped out.
* I thought about inviting some of the game group guys into Earthdawn, then figured that might get unwieldy, so I might just form up an alternate group with them.
* Tuesday next week still look good for people? Break out your hex map paper, shit's about to get real.
* Jealous of those who got to watch the new GoT/Mad Men. Jealous!

| Grimrock

Here's a really long gameplay clip of that game Denis wants, Legend of Grimrock!
Looks awesome! I might have to pick it up!
Important question: Does anyone like Blokus!? I think Blokus looks wack! I've tried to play some knock off version and I didn't like it. That's all I got to say on the subject.
Happy belated Easter!

In celebration of this magical day, I picked up Twilight Struggle for me and Johnny to play this upcoming weekend. I know for a fact I'll be trounced by our own Thrilla from Manila, but I'm excited to try the game out. I've watched some vids and get the BASICS of how the game should flow, but I don't know jack-all about the different cards and obviously don't have a feel for how it all flows. Should be a fun game to explore! If Johnny and I get good enough at it, we'll challenge nor-cal fools who have it over Vassal.