Saturday, September 06, 2014

| This chocolate is also metal


| Chocolate is so metal

Tee hee hee!  Welcome to teh Bladerunner!

That article is a good one.  Thanks Rude.  That video though...  So earnest.

I suspect since western music gets to Japan without some of the baggage and context, they might be more open to different genres and mashups.  They are definitely the product of the Jpop industrial complex.  The producers and writers create the sound and style.  They may not be a band in the punk rock garage band sense, but if it gets your toes tapping (head banging).  Why not?  Embrace the darkness.

And really, we're gamers anyway.  What's one more niche, non mainstream interest?

Friday, September 05, 2014

In case Denis gets the black screen of death too (your video doesn't show up on the ipad either) he posted  Baby Metal videos, I assume. I heard about them from this NPR blog: clicky
I can't say that I "like" it, but it's totally fucking weird and hard not to watch.

Now, for something that I DO like:
9/11 Building 7 - MUSIC video (this is not  meant to be a joke, holy shit)

| Babymetal

That is pretty weird with the vocals tone/pitch, Japanese cadence, the Atari Teenage Riot style electronica sounds and the techno/J-pop flair, yet it is very cool. eLzar, I actually like it. Different but still grindy. Although the third song is even more odd with the hip-hop thrown in. Quite a mash-up.

Denis, splain Japan 'cause we are confused. Those people both scare and intrigue us!


| Denis


Because I'm feeling something, and I'm not sure what it is, but I think I like it, but I'm a little scared because this feels a little like a wonderful dream and horrible nightmare all wrapped into one, but not in a cool way, in a way that makes me unsure of where I stand in the world and if I'm a terrible person or a hero.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Botherhood of the Codpieces.  Gottit.
It's actually the Brotherhood of Cutpurses
Xander: Rude works for the Thieves' Guild.

| Back to the land of the daywalkers

Congrats man, that's a great change for your situation!
What do you do for work that keeps you up at night?  Should I even ask...?

| short timer

This is my LAST night working in San Pedro on the AM watch, midnight-morning.
fuuuuck that.

Next week I start working days at a station ~7 miles from my house. I'm excited. I worked nights in my 20s and it was okay, but as a dude pushing 40, nights are no joke.

Monday, September 01, 2014

I ignore most of the Kickstarter gaming stuff because it usually seems to cost in the $100 range, but I totally woulda got on board for Roll Through the Ages: Iron Age! I hadn't heard of that one. Let me know how it turns out! We got a lot of use out of the first game.