Friday, December 14, 2012

| School shooting. :(

I just can't even imagine what would bring someone to the level of being okay with harming children. Gah, so freaking terrible. =(

Thursday, December 13, 2012

well, i met MY end in Game of Thrones, played on Vassal.  Awesome game, awesome java engine, and best of all it's free.  Reminds me a bit of fumbble, with a bit better graphics.   Will definitely pay another quarter to play.

| Jerk face!

I wanted to do it with you. /nohomo

| By The End I Meant

...for Minecraft.

I know the REAL End doesn't happen until later this month....
The Mayan calendar is the 22nd.   12/22/2012.   We're not there yet.  Still a chance the prophecy may yet to be foretold

| The End

Was it supposed to be the 12th or the 21st? I don't remember. After the fake Rapture, all the other end-of-the-world events just seem soft.

Semi-related... anyone ever seen that movie Melancholia? The first half is kind of hard to get through. But it's worth it. Very interesting, if off-speed, movie.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

| This is the End

The End, my friends, The End.

Interesting, not sure what it will mean for everyone else in the world, but I have experienced The End and it was fun :)

Who's up for starting at the beginning again?

| USS Cayucos, powered by iOS Artemis

Seems VERY apropos that this is released just before CabinCon!

$2.99 and works on both iPhone and iPad.  Seems like we should try it again without all the crappy networking shenanigans from last time!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

| Minefold... teh?

I dunno.. it's just saved in my multiplayer servers menu within Minecraft? Do you connect by using a feature on the Minefold page directly or something?

I've started building an archery range and challenge course. It's kinda fun. Needs a little work still. If anyone wants to take a look, you can find it by either going due-west of the rocket, or by going down through the flower garden building (ladder going down to entrance passage) and following that into the underground castle thing.. but that might be hard to find, as there are a couple of semi-hidden passage-ways and whatnot.

The Rocketship project was a lot of fun. I sometimes wish there wasn't a constant cloud layer (makes it hard to see from the ground. But I've found that when I first log in, the clouds haven't fully invaded yet, so I did get one clean screenie from the ground nearby:

Monday, December 10, 2012

| p00p, p00p, p00p of Earl

p00p deck yo. I am in. As jr0n said, this may be the last year. Booo... Minor update: the Mermaid is open again, but only on weekends for a few hours in the evening, so that is out as jr0n mentioned before.

r00d, you can also call Peter by his other name, Panzer-Faust. Also, I third the motion that Space Team is pretty sweet.

I am in town the 19th-26th, so any post Xmas gaming is out for me.

fArt, the End looks like fun, but I am not sure when us punks will gather enough interest to get a large enough group to assault the End. Also, Minefold has totally changed their servers and the payment structure. I cannot find our server anymore on the world maps anymore. I don't think I like the direction they are going with this new model.

Peter = Blackheart, yo.

We'll be down in LA around Xmas and I think we'd both LOVE to get together for some board games while we let the grandparents babysit! Could we do it either Wednesday or Thursday?

Oh yeah, and the Poop Deck is definitely on this year, probably for the last time! The Poop itself may or may not still be open, the Mermaid is definitely closed, so we may just end up drinking brown bagged Bud Lights out on the beach. Bring your own mural.

I picked up Baldur's Gate! I'm still in the tutorial, but so far it seems like they've translated the controls reasonably well to the tablet, although it's a bit clunky because let's face it, this is kind of an old and clunky game. Further update when I'm a little further in.

Edit: oh, and Spaceteam is awesome. enr0n and I went down to Aptos a week ago and we got in a couple of good, chaotic 3-player games. Definitely one to bring to the cabin.


We threw an Ugly Sweater Party at our place last night that went off pretty well! Jael and PETER (don't know an appropriate fake name for him) were there to attend for the Action Team, and it seemed like everyone had a fun time. :) My house would be PERFECT for gaming, maybe closer to x-mas if any norcal peeps visit for the holidays we can get a mini game day in.

Some epic titles for iOS lately. For Elrick and any other Zombie fans, the free endless runner "Into the Dead" is pretty awesome. It's first person in that realistic Mirror's Edge style, but you're running through hordes of zombies trying to last as long as you can. It's free. It'll give you at least a few minutes of fun.

SpaceTeam! This is a pretty amazing free app. It's for 2-4 players, also with iOS devices all in the same room. Your phones basically become control panels on a starship (sorta like Artemis) and there's these super quick timers that slide down. You have to give commands to the other players while hearing and following THEIR commands to you. All the buttons and switches on your console are random technobabble that changes, so it's just people yelling out all this crazy shit to each other, trying to keep your ship from blowing up. It plays great with just 2, so play it with your significant others!

Another free iOS game I've put a ridiculous amount of time into (around 6 hours so far) is called Undercroft. It's an old school turn based dungeon crawler, but why I'm so hooked on it is that you can set the difficulty level to EASY! So I can actually survive and jam through content. I love the exploration of these styles of games, but they always seem so hard. I might bump up the difficulty to see if I can hang.

Not free is that enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate. Never played the original, so might pick it up for $10 bucks. But since I'm having a fun time with Undercroft, might hold off for a bit to see if it goes on sale or something.