Friday, March 29, 2013

| Minefold = Selloutica

Well, it's not like everyone's Minecraft playing has been tearing up the joint so this announcement won't really matter, but Minefold is moving to a subscription model much like every other hosted MC server out there.  Boo.  I quite liked paying my own way for a shared server and not needing to worry about collecting money from anyone or hosting the damn thing in my living room.

All that will be gone as of April 20th, so, suck.  It was fun while it lasted.

They are offering 20% discounts on the current payment method before April 20th  - given I have been playing forever on my $15, I think I might buy another 100 hours for like $12 and be done with the whole thing.

Of course, I would recommend everyone else do the same, but Minecraft is a tough sell 'round these parts.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy shot? Sheesh.

Oh, did you guys see this Kickstarter? Dwarven Forge!
I got some new hardware myself and have also been playing games! Playing Witcher 2 which is pretty good. Looking forward to Bioshock Infinite. Also, HOLY SHOT a new Thief game comes out next year! whoooooooooooo

Aeryk if you can swing it, get someone to play the Portal 2 co-op campaign with you too. It's good stuff as well.
Didn't even realize that I Am Alive finally came out. That game has been in development since 2003!!! I'll have to look for it on sale.

I really liked LA. Noir but its one of those games you'll never want to replay. That's another one that had a ridiculously long development I think.

I got Arkan City for the Xbox a long time ago and played a little bit of
It. Didn't seem as charming as the first but I might have also been less interested in games when I tried it.

iOS recommendation station: Nimblebit Quest! It's free. They took that ancient Dos game Snake and used that basic principle to make an action rpg. It's addictive! Came out last night.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

| Ye Olde Gaymes

My power supply quit on me so I finally summoned the courage to pick up a new 1 TB HDD, 2 more gigs of ram (now I have 4!!!), and install a donated video card that was a lil' better than the piece of junk I previously had installed.  My previous HDD was 150GB, so you can image how limited I was on space.  Because of that space issue, I only ever really installed like one AAA title from Steam at a time.  I kept picking up older titles on the cheap during sales and whatnot, but never got to play them!  No that I have a 'screaming' new system (relative), I installed a grip of games and tested them out!

Dead Island -  Ho hum.

Portal 2 - Fun and hilarious!  Very, very well done and deserves all the accolades and praise it has received.

Batman: Arkham City - Unplayed on new system, old system really chunked on it so uninstalled, TBD

Saints Row The Third - Ridiculous game, in a good way.  Intentionally ridiculous and just reveling in it.  Amusing, high action sandbox GTA styled game.  Better than GTA ever was.

I am Alive - Feh.  Don't hate it, don't love it.  I already uninstalled it to 'save space' if that's any indication.

LA Noire - Unplayed, TBD

That's all, folks.
I was going to suggest  I, II, III, and IV but appartently that is used by Lean On Me and Here, There and Everywhere (beetles).   I wonder if rap follows the same general principles?   We're such creatures of repitition.

| 3:47 AM - Eating Jello with a Plastic Knife

That's a funny vid Jael. We need to come up with the worst combination of chords and make hits using them!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

lyrical gangsters
"It's raining."
"Men. Hallelujah!"

This morning the wife offered to put coffee in my travel mug while I was playing with the kid. Super nice! So later in the car I pop that bad boy open and take a swig. BLEAH! She'd put in salt instead of sugar. Not a taste sensation. It was an accident, but honestly I was kind of hoping it was intentional... you would have to admire that level of dick move.

Monday, March 25, 2013

| Just like MJ and McCartney Said

"That gosh darn wing is mine"

It's my place of Zen.  I sometimes find solace in creating new and different patterns for digging out layer upon layer upon layer of dirt and rock.


Speaking of The Girl is Mine, as is our way, Leslie and I often find lyrics in everyday language and when one of us says a trigger word during conversation, the other one will then sing the lyric.  In all honestly, that person is usually me, and it has GOT to be annoying after awhile.  Ryan also used to suffer from this affliction, and at one point said words to the effect of "does everything have to be a goddamn song?!?! Yes."

Anyway, 'warm' became a trigger for me to sing Warm....Leatherette... recently.  I have in fact sung it so much, Wy has picked up on it and now HE is catching my triggers and singing 'WARM' in response.  Not so much the Leatherette part, but sure as hell the Warm part.

It amused me so I thought I would pass it on.