Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heyo, I'm in on the drawing app!

Wife signed me up and picked some jacked up user name lol... boj34 (Bo Jackson 34?)..

So it may show up as that. I tried changing my username to artnikisch but I dunno if it actually took or not.

Send me pictures, goons! :D

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey iPad playas - check out Hero Academy! S'fun. Pretty easy to just play random fools for practice, too.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

haha! That would be quite unusual if that happened in Manhattan beach.... It would be weird actually. I haven't had that kind of confrontation turn down at the bars in the states. I think Asian girls tend to be frank, and Americans girls rather brutally honest. They'd probably rather walk away, or say, "don't talk to me".... or something like that. Am I right? But of course, that NEVER happened to ME... yet. (knock on wood or knocking on woody respectively)

ya, im just good at fooling white and puerto ricans that are my friends.

On the happier side. My agenda today, I'm gonna try to find a sex shop and see what they have their, buy a stock of ample cock rings, (speaking of, rude, how'd the dr. Lee cockring work for ya?) Has a nice ring to it actually.

Dude, I totally forgot you were in Taiwan! I thought you were talking to some guys from Riverside in, like, Hermosa Beach.

Anyway you are a pretty youthful looking fellow but that probably only works on white people, right?
Those lines would have been great! She would thought what a badass I was and wanted to get on her knees to suck on my PHD rock hard cock. I think I just didn't want to cockblock the two guys so I sorta went the pussy route and left them alone.

hehehe.... yah, ur right Ruday, i think the problem was those two guys were so fresh faced and they were. ah.... the handsomeness of youth. Plus asian women can be real Dragon bitches... There's also a new "type" of young women, kind of like the hentai girls or whatever their names are. Real materialistic, dresses up like dolls, and uses guys to pay for everything! And they'll keep a bunch of guys on their phone list to pay for them. I don't even know if they put out. The japanese ones do if you spend enough money on them.

I love Taiwan though! For the most part the OTHER kinds of normal people are friendly as long as they don't think youre creepy or offensive.

You don't even look old jael, but maybe those dudes look hella young. Shoulda told that girl "gag me with a spoon, young woman." Target got iTunes cards on sale for 15% off. You txt Easter to a number they have on their price tags there. Good shit'
The Tichu one would also be useful if the lady in question genuinely didn't know how to roll dice.

Another one: "No I am not their professor, I am also not a rapist!"

| Good comeback lines

"No, I'm their AA sponsor."
"Yes, I'm trying to teach them how to have big dicks. I got my PhD from the School of Hard Cocks."
(Saucy pirate voice.) "Narr, i be a pirate! Be ye of legal copulation age, miss? PS, I don't have aids."
"I'll Tichu how to roll the dice." <- cons only

I'm your Jiminy Cricket bro, wear a headset and I'll talk you through these situations.
Just wanted to share: I was hanging out at the local bar next door to my hotel. Two young guys that recently graduated from my old alma matre was hanging out and we all started talking. A young girl came by that was a friend of theirs, and they introduced me, and she said "I thought he was your teacher".

Man.... it was awkward, oh, and I felt ancient.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yup, my full name, not the colloquial version!

I challenged you to Hero Academy Rude. Shrek it out!
Elrick, Jon's draw something name is his full first name/last name. Maybe you're try to play with the imposter like did. What's your game center name? What's ur ipad info too ryry? Mines is rudyriot
I have an iPad too.
Hmm, I don't have any game requests from you, but I'll try to start one with you when I get home! Me and Rude have been having a good time, albeit with some humiliating failures on both our parts!

If you are going to use it for PDFs, consider picking up Goodreader. It's a few bux, but people seem to like it (I do).

There's a game called Hero Academy that's supposed to be great! We should firs that one up.

| Dunzo

Picked it up last night, installed like 5 free apps, bought 3, and started Draw Something games with /firstname/riot and /firstname//lastname/, although only riot has responded. I actually bought the game too, so maybe we will get some better words :) PS I'm /synonymnforlarge/gdork.

So far, it is all I hoped and dreamed it would be - a freaking kick ass toy with some REALLY good games for like 2 bucks or less!
eLzar, I would say that is a very good deal. The iPad is very cool. Yes it is a toy, but one that plays cool board games, browses the Internets, checks email and has lots of fun apps.

"While I don't always drink tablets, when I do, I prefer iPad." -The Most Interesting Nerd in the World

get the ipad eric! I'm listening to the new bombcast and they're telling Brad to get one - see, we're all one big happy fambly

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is my second tablet, first iPad. Kinda smokes my old android, just on available apps alone, but also on feel and performance. Still ultimately a toy. I'm stoked off it. Not a necessity by any stretch, but a super fun gadget. This year there should be a few killer board game apps out pretty much all from one company called playdek. I'm pumped for that. Your friends price is pretty awesome too.
Yeah, that's what I said!

(Wipes away sweat, hopes nobody notices stealth edit.)

| $399

So says the Apple store....
That seems like a pretty decent price -- new iPad 2s are $399 I think, and that's for a 16 gb model.

I'm realy enjoying mine so far -- it's my new go-to toy for dicking around on, and it's surprising how many little uses I've found for it. Totally usable as a pseudo-laptop for web browsing, simple doc editing, etc. (It works with google docs for doc and spreadsheet files.) Plus, there are lots of pretty darn good apps out there so you could board game a bit!

I also use it a lot as a PDF reader. I've assembled quite the collection of game books PDFs over the years and it's nice to have a single portable repository for them. I dont know if you do the e-reader thing, but its also nice for that. I downloaded the kindle app and it syncs up all my books. Just think, you could tote around all three magic realm manuals without a backpack!

SPEAKING OF WHICH, Matt and I have been talking about putting tower a magic realm day sometime in late April. Interested?

Anyway, iPads are definitely toys but they're fun and functional ones. If you think you want a tablet I say go for it.

| Hey Applophiles

Is $275 a good price for a well cared for, and well used (battery life drain?) 32GB WiFi iPad 2?

Our neighbor is selling his, and it looks like a good price ($275 for us only :) ), but I'm not really dying for an iPad - of course they are heck of kewl, but still...

I got accepted into Eric's weird Ponzi Scheme Minecraft server, thanks! I'll hop in this week fo-sho! All my palette-programs (can't remember what they're called, ha) are out of date, so I'm keeping it old school for awhile. I don't think I've properly played since it's been into a post-beta state, so I look forward to being surprised.
Having fun with some iPad boardgames:
Ascension is a really fun deck builder. Pretty darn simple to jump into. I don't know all the cards yet, so I'm sure I'm not being super efficient in my strategies, but none of it is very complicated, so I can at least score victory points at a decent pace. I think it's great. Don't know how fun the physical version is, but this ultra fast/no setup or breakdown time version is a blast.
Tigris and Euphrates: The presentation is great, but I'm still struggling with understanding some of the basic tactics. I played a game vers the AI tonight and got smoked 53 to 21. Once the computer started waging war on my ass and taking over my kingdoms, I never recovered. I don't really understand how combat works, so I'm gonna have to refresh on those rules. But was still fun getting owned.
Caylus: Another one where I get the basic mechanics, but don't really know what I'm building towards yet, or what I should be going for. My first game or two of Agricola was like that, but at least in 'Gric it's pretty easy to formulate a plan of attack each game. In Caylus I'm feeling a little lost/overwhelmed. Also, the online multiplayer seems like it's "live" only? I guess otherwise it would take ages to play a game. I created a game and quit out after about 20 mins because I wasn't getting it. Anyone play the real game and have any comments on it?
DrawSomething: Not really a boardgame, but it's so addictive and fun. Finally got Jon to play me and it's been fun to see each others goofy drawings - he keeps sneaking in peni art though B====D -----

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey, Minecraft! Nice! Request sent (to be denied). That map is pretty boss. I forgot the rail spur I put across the ocean. I poked around over there a bit until the server went down (probably due to Enron throwing a shoe at it). Was thinking about building a mountaintop fortress. I wish they'd come up with a real client for iPad.

Art: Earthdawn is a fantasy RPG from the '90s that me and Pump have a lot of fondness for. The premise: civilization sealed itself away in magically protected shelters or fortresses to hide from the Scourge, a massive invasion of monsters from beyond. Now it's 400 years later. The group lives in an underground shelter with about 3,000 other people. The rituals that would indicate whether the Scourge has ended are not working as expected, so nobody is sure whether it's safe to go outside or not. The last expedition was 50 years ago and had only one survivor. Now there's another expedition gathering...

We're doing everything through Google docs, so I shared the folder with you! There's a lot of crap in there, but check out the "Earthdawn Campaign Intro" doc. If you're interested, awesome! I can kinda walk you through character creation on gchat (or in minecraft chat, heh), it's not the simplest system ever so it can be a little fussy.

| And number one...

...create an account using your Minecraft username in Minefold.

2) go to the ActionWorld link in a previous post.

3) Request access from me on the site (I will deny you, but hey, give it a shot :) )

4) Launch Minecraft (update it)

5) add server:

6) Profit!
Oh hey, that sounds fun. What do I need to know to get started? What game world, rules, etc?

I'm all for watching dudes while I drink beer. Sounds like a win to me.
Rude, you have been challenged!
bOMBcast - Whoa Eric, I just listened to the Bombcast for the first time in forever in they're down in LA now!? Now I gotta start listening again. I KNOW they're gonna hit up the old comedy spots I used to go to all the time, so I'm gonna start going again and become friends and then get famous as the COOL half of   pFFT - They're still in the Bay Area.  - Electri/kool.Carboardiac Arrest
I really like the way that Minefold thingy works! I'll try to get on tomorrow morning. God, I don't even know my name or password for Minecraft anymore, but I'll figure out a way to get it back. That's a brilliant plan though, because for those addicts out there, ya gotta pay the piper!

Why doesn't Aaron ever post in the G+ gaming thread? Comeon man, it's a couple words, type some shit dude!

What's your Draw Something name Jon? I invited someone named (yourname) and he never did nothing. Also, let's play something over Game Center! There are hard, complicated Euros waiting to be played!

When's the next CabinKorn?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, I've got WoW downloading as we speak! I jumped in briefly to say hello but didn't see any guildies. I'll probably jump in tomorrow night.

Meanwhile... Aeryk, you really need to join this Earthdawn campaign. Why?

1. Role-playing is awesome.
2. This setting is great and I'm fired the fuck up.
3. On the car ride home from Cabin Collins, I realized I've never killed off a party member, and that made me very sad. Consequently I'm now taking a rage-based approach to encounter design. Where do you come in? Well, these chumps literally stand NO chance without your years of party-based, team management skills. "DPS more!" "Thanks Aeryk, you saved the day."
4. Enron wants you to play.
5. Pumpkin DOESN'T want you to play, and how long are you going to take shit from that guy? People are noticing, your son sent me a text.
6. You owe me. For the thing on the boat with the guy, and the shoes, and the glasses.
7. You owe it to yourself, because Jesus Christ, can't a man look at other man's faces sometimes on the Internet while drinking a beer.
8. Exclusive pet and epic mount for joining!

(Art, you're more than welcome to join in too if you like! Tabletop RPG campaign via Google Hangouts, alternate Tuesdays, unless we decide to go with Wednesdays or some other day, or I get sick, which has happened 66% of sessions to date; roughly 2-hour sessions starting at 8ish.)

| Disclaimer

This Minecraft server in no way is meant to distract, deter, or derail anyone's efforts to play WoW.
Damn. Minefold does look pretty damn sweet. I'm in, just need eLzar to let me back into his world.

| Nature Took My Server Offline First

We had a bad run of power outages at the house and I kept losing the server. So i got tired of firing it up and it looked like interest had waned, so I took it offline. I have a copy of the world if anyone wants it, the only thing you lose is whatever you were carrying at the time (I think), but everything else is there.

This looks mighty interesting as a go forward plan for the server (or a new one)...


Wow, so Minefold is the shit. I upload the current world and then everyone pays their way to play on it! 10 hours free a month, $15 for unlimited play for 3 months (I think) and the world comes with a goddamn googlemap of the world (once it renders, which still hasn't happened for me yet)!!!!

Accounts are free, the actionworld lives here:
eLzar took his server offline. Every time I get a nice build-up going, people lose interest and stop coming on. Then the server owner kills their box. Boo.

The server I had is gone. Eric had one and then Peter was also running one (which I think I overheard him saying might be gone as well.)
Hey just curious, wassap with teh Minecraft server these days?
You're in Taiwan, right? Must be the closest thing to Japanese noodles for some travelers or something, so they're lovin' it. I've never been HUGE on noodle joints. When you get back we gotta hang out! We'll play AND brainstorm some game stuff.

Gonna hopefully get to try out Lords of Waterdeep tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted from shit-work tonight. It looks like light worker placement along the lines of Stone Age, minus any dice (sacrilege for a D&D product!)- hope Silvia takes a shine to it. I can't imagine she's gonna see the little wooden cubes as their adventuring counterparts that they're supposed to be, but I'll play it up.

Tried out some more iPad board gaming yesterday. Tigris and Euphrates. Went through the whole tutorial which was extensive, but didn't really teach me any strategy as far as I can tell. I think I'll have to actually play the game to start making sense of it. Also played some Caylus, which while mechanically was pretty darn easy, I have NO idea of how I should be playing it effectively. I'm glad I get to try out all these weird Euros I'd probably never have the balls to try at a con or with the group. Hopefully find some gems from the past 10 years that I can push on people if they're good.

Go post in the Earthdawn game you jerks.

PS: I think this was talked about on the ride up/down from Cabin Con, but for those interested in Mass Effect PC version, I think today, 3/25, Amazon's gonna be selling the digital download bundle of 1&2(delux ver) for $11 bucks. That's a killer price, but I don't know who's even interested in that. It might have been Peter or Denis? Or they already have them? I dunno.

PPS: Erlick the Sage - did you get to have a game night with your neighbors? Did you get Fire Meeples in your Flashpoint? I know the guy who runs the company said they'd be doing a kickstarter for the next expansion for the game this year and would most likely offer those duecey meeples as part of it.