Friday, March 15, 2013

| Veronica Mars Volta

I think that was Ryan's favorite show (after Alias) so I tried it out and I don't remember making it through many episodes before it lost my interest.  For the life of me, I can't remember why, and I seem to be having a lot of pre-senior moments so for all I know I USED to think it was the greatest show ever!

Wy's Review of Disneyland


Wy's Dad's Analysis of Wy's Review of Disneyland

For starters, I totally blew it by thinking he would like Star Tours.  It was waaaaaay to scary for him to start with, and I should have known that because he's not really a thrill seeker, so from that first ride one he was a little reluctant to do much and he was weary that things were out to get him for the rest of the trip.  A+ work, dad!

We were there on the best day I have ever attended Disneyland and I literally walked onto Space Mountain, Pirates, Star Tours and the Haunted Mansion with no waiting.  The Buzz Lightyear ride had like a 2 minute wait and Wy actually enjoyed that one because you got to shoot lasers at stuff.

Got me thinking about how can Disneyland compete with the Minecraft Generation, and then I got inspired to have a stream of consciousness about it and then I lost steam and instead am ending the whole post with this word 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Veronica Mars was the best show ever! Least the first season for sure. 2nd season was good and then I never saw the third. You gotta watch it! Cool Kickstarter.
Galaxy Trucker for iPad? Sign me the eff up.

Have you guys seen this Veronica Mars kickstarter? I never saw the show, that's something I should fix, but what an awesome idea. My number two choice would be another Firefly movie. Number one would be some kind of Freaks & Geeks follow-up. I guess with everybody older it'd have to be set in the mid '90s. I for one would like to see Kim Kelly's response to the Lewinski scandal.

(Seriously, Freaks & Geeks episode 4. Simply the best episode of Freaks & Geeks, or best episode of anything ever?)

| gogurts™

Glad to hear your recovering well! If you've got to lay around watching TV ANYWAYS, rent or catch on cable Cabin in the Woods. It's a "horror" film from Whedon and company that's pretty awesome. I won't say shit about the story because it's pretty clever and going in knowing nothing is probably best.

I've been taking a photography class at the local Adult School for a few weeks so far. It's pretty dry, unfortunately, but I'm slowly learning some of the basic concepts that have always baffled me. The teacher's alright, but he's pretty old school. Reminds me of most of our teachers from high school.

I brought over Time's Up (the "titles" version) to a friends game night party, and it was a huge hit! These are total non-gamer pals and their friends, so the first time they through a game night party we just played Uno. But Time's Up clicked with most of them and it reminded me of the first few times we all played it at Kubla. I don't know if Cards Against Humanity would work with this crowd as well as it worked with us, but I might pick up or print a copy one of these days. Eggos™ plus Gogurt™ equals beating up clowns n' shit and then like going to a crazy concert, WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA.

PS Just saw a news item on BGG about Galaxy Trucker for iOS coming this summer! Wonder how that's gonna work. They have some screenies up that look good.

Monday, March 11, 2013

| A little better each day

I'm able to walk around without a cane now, so that's progress. I was bitching today that I get so damned tired so fast just from standing or slowly walking around. I feel like a geezer. My wife quickly reminded me that I just had MAJOR EFFING SURGERY 10 DAYS AGO, DON'T PUSH IT... so, yeah, I got that reality check. lol

Weird how when I was perfectly healthy all I really wanted to do was sit around the house and play with my boy. And now that I'm all effed up, all I want to do is get out of the house and be back to health again. Weird, that.

Have a couple of big follow up tests/appointments this week. Will likely determine the ease / difficulty of recovery for me moving forward. I could use a couple of wins, for sure! Trying to stay positive.

The psuedo-narcolepsy thing I got going on is totally screwing with my sleep schedule. When I got home today I put my leg up and started checking some emails. Next thing I know I wake up 3 hours later after passing out, lol. Now it's 2AM and I'm just starting to get sleepy again. Madness. At least Michelle's mom flew in to help out. I have no idea how we'd be doing all this without her help.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jesus! Glad you're ok Arturo! Sounds like such a scary ordeal for the whole family. Hope your recovery goes smoothly!