Saturday, June 01, 2013

I'm playing on hardcore, and the problem is once you lose a dude it's hard to level up the replacement - my first grey wizard retired (to a shallow grave) as everyone was nearing third level. The high level guys kick so much ass it's tough for the replacements (there was, er, another retirement) to get enough kills to level up. Meanwhile you're holding back the high level dudes. I dunno... might restart.

| glutten-free

I ended up getting Warhammer Quest the other day and have played it a bunch. Pretty well done! I agree with iJawn's suspicions that a lot of the art and new rules are from an updated version of the game. Next play-through I'm def going "hardcore" mode.

Signed up for a writing class at the Adult School starting next week. I just love these random classes. I wish I had this thirst for knowledge when I HAD to be in school. I wouldn't have flunked PE like an asshole! Coming soon: The Boys of Sewing Part Two.

The con was so much fun. Wish I could have stayed another day, but I had maximum fun, so it's all good in the end. Man-Con/Best Con.

Friday, May 31, 2013

| More Slenderman

PS, I picked this one up for $10 and it's another one of those scary as F survival horror games where it's hard to know what to do while you're in the dark with a flashlight... and in the woods...

... and there is a Slenderman...

...and there are no controls for attacking..... (both Mac and PC!)

| Necromunda for the Modern Age!

Is what you're passing up if you puss out and let your pansy-ass wallet be the boss of you.  Think of how much longer you will live if you buy in at Strike team because of all the laughs and good times you will have painting, reading, modelling, and playing a wonderful game with your wonderful friend, Elzar!  Small games using board game-ish rules for movement, but minis rules for LOS!  It will be just like the 'good' old days in San Diego as we model our troops when they go up levels and get new gunz!  Maybe we can start a two person paper-based fantasy hockey league in parallel, and if you buy in you can have Rick Tocchet this time!

Would you rather go out for sushi ONCE, maybe twice, or add years onto your life through laughter and joy?

Do eet!

| Strike Me Poor

I am tempted by the Strike level as well. Hot damn so much goodness, but my wallet is having an argument with me about it.


| Strike Team - $150

But you get SO MUCH STUFF!!! 73 minis and counting (from 5 factions and single 'mercenary' types) , lots o terrain, a campaign system, a compendium, probably acrylic counters, and 10D8's!!!!! We all need more D8's!!!!

I think I might add-on a set of the basic scenery for $25 to increase the hell of a lot you get with Striker, and probably the $15 for 20 zombies as I think there is a 'Horde Mode' either unlocked, or in the works, where you solo against zombies... MAYBE another $20 rubber mat to play a larger game... or maybe the sculpted $60 2'x2' table...

Check it here and reconsider your spending limits!
Pro tip: you can rename your dudes by tapping their names in town.

I've been playing for an hour and need to get to work, you say? Oh, dear.

| I too mice the dice...Roll a 1 phase!

The game is neat so far. I definitely like being able to throw down a little WHQ whenever. I have to say, that game is huge at 785MB. I am not hurting for space because I just don't have that many apps on my iPhone or iPad, but I could see it being a pain for some people.

eLzar: What level did you pledge for DeadZone? I have to say, I certainly am intrigued.


| I too mice the dice...Roll a 1 phase!

The game is neat so far. I definitely like being able to throw down a little WHQ whenever. I have to say, that game is huge at 785MB. I am not hurting for space because I just don't have that many apps on my iPhone or iPad, but I could see it being a pain for some people.

eLzar: What level did you pledge for DeadZone? I have to say, I certainly am intrigued.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm really tempted (especially by that scenery!) but I just spent SO MUCH money on the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter. Like, way way WAY more than I should have. I'm pretty tapped out :(

But it looks like an awesome game and I can't wait to make a gang/bikey gang!

Do it, enr0n!

| I miss the dice

I was checking iTunes like every 15 minutes to see when I could download WHQ - I like it a lot so far!

I do wish we could see the dice rolls, which the developers assure us are there only behind the scenes.  I like seeing what I rolled when I missed, and I particularly like seeing the dreaded single pip in the roll the one phase.

Man, what genius the quip "Roll a One Phase" was.

PS Get in on the Dead Zone Kickstarter.  I don't care if you have already spent your Kickstarter budget this year, this game is looking to be a ton of fun and you get so much cool stuff with the pledges.  I really like the little bite sized games, of course with the option to have HUGE games (and co-op and SOLO) rules!  They have tons of kewl terrain add-ons and I'm really excited!  Seems like something the AT could get in on a la Warmachine, but with less painting, less money, and less time!

DO EET, for your strangely-bearded, and slicked-back haired friend from La Selva.  Pretty please?

| Roll an electro-one phase

It's fun. I'm on my third delve, which is going slowly -- my wizard is slowing the party down since breaking his toe in town.

Rumor has been GW's next limited rerelease will be WHQ. I'd say this lends some credence to that because the tiles look an awful lot like GW's style and there are a few rules tweaks that seem like things you'd introduce into a 2nd edition. The elf can shoot and melee now, which makes it a little less janky.

| Warhammer Queef

So, Warhammer Quest came out for iOS tonight. It's $4.99. The BGG iOS reviewer gave it a good review. This is how ridiculous I am: "$5 dollars for a game! Hmm, let me think about it..." *spends $4.55 at Starbucks right now for his fucking soy latte* - Yeah. I didn't grab it, but I probably will this week. If anyone gets it, give us a review! It's from the same company that made two similar top-down view tactics games, Hunters and Hunters 2. They're fun games. Sci-Fi setting - almost like Space Hulk  - I haven't played them in ages, but I'm pretty sure there was an "over watch" type of command you could give your dudes. If you're going to grab one of them, just grab Hunters 2. It's usually 99 cents or so. Hunters 1 is good also but 2 has some cool improvements as well as a slightly better interface, graphics, and more of a story. They're still both pretty generic though, but they feel like a board game, so they get the job done.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm so down for random dungeon crawling, any ol day that works for peeps. - looks like a cool app for google hangout!?
We have enough D&D material to run DCC forever. Pick a night and we can play every couple weeks. Mondays and Tuesdays are both good for me.

| Old-Man, Geographically-Disparate Role-Playing

RPGs are fun.

Learning a new system, or writing an adventure/campaign is fun if you have the time, which most of us don't anymore, and some of us are going to even have less of in the future with new bundles of joy on the way.

My solution, which has been proposed before, is to run some sort of persistent game that can be easily picked up and put down between our infrequent gatherings.  I liked attending the Saturday online game for DCC (and to a lesser extent, Fiasco), but making that a regular thing is impossible for me with Wylie given that we fairly regularly have Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday night baseball games along with school, family time, swim lessons, etc...

My proposal is to pick a system, any system, and fire-up the Worlds Largest Dungeon or some other huge module (Undermountain?) that will persist between sessions and since there is somewhat of a low story and low need to remember minor NPCs, small story snippets, etc. we could play it for years to come, have fun, roll some dice, and keep RPGing alive.

Savage Worlds? DCC? Worlds Largest Dungeon?

Hero System, 5th Ed? Ha!

Monday, May 27, 2013

If you didn't catch the one-minute version of the new Xbox reveal, it's pretty good.

| They say "Captain!"

Here's a link, in case you want to relive the soundtrack to Cards Against Humanity.... Guess it's one of the dudes from The Damned, which is one of those bands I've heard of, but not really listened to.

Sick at cons = the worst! Super bummed that I was feeling so crappy and low-energy yesterday. Coming home last night was the right decision, I slept like a champ. I woke up really startled when I had to suddenly cough up a huge wad of brown junk.

- Love that I've sold all this crap at the flea market and I have nice, empty shelf space. We'll see how long that lasts!
- I'll probably take a break from the flea market next year since it's so time-consuming, and throw stuff in the auction instead -- I did OK there too.
- Magic Realm was fun! Love to try it again next year. I finally figured out (yesterday) that for killing Pumpkin, Dave would've stolen all his Notoriety, gold and belongings. Of course Pump was a naked witch who hadn't made a name for herself, but for a black knight, witch-slaying is its own reward.
- Bummed we didn't play Eclipse, but some other time.
- Gotta like Block Mania and the old, random GW design ethic. Setting aside that being sick had sapped me of my energy and will to live, it was a fun experience. Obviously too long as a 4-player game, but a 2- or 3-player would be fun. I wish there was an iPad version.
- I miss role-playing.