Friday, July 29, 2011

*The site I linked HERE has the rules. Looks fairly simple. Unless what you have is something different? Maybe it's Michael Anderson's Werewolfs. (Or did JP run that?)

*The guy who voices Bender on Futurama also voices the dude in the tutorial for Vampire. He's got a great voice and Bender totally sneaks in here and there.

*You guys are going to Gen Con in less than a WEEK!!! Have fun, dammit! Wish I was going. Gonna be in Catalina those days off hiking n shit, but I'll dream of rolling the dice in Lake Geneva. Oh fuck, I wonder if there's still a Wiznuts booth that gives out free shit. That was like Nirvana at that So Cal Gen Con. I want more free shit.
Pump: Ooo, the Endermen sounds like a great addition to spice things up in Roachcraft. Looking forward to the new changes coming down the pipe.

r00d, I have a copy of Werewolf. I will have to dig up English instructions though. I have a German version a friend brought back from Germania. I never played it because of the large number of players needed to play it.

That was a friggen awesome Dr Who. I haven't seen the last few years of the new series, but there were some amazing episodes those first few years I watched. One of these days I'm gonna go nuts and catch up.

Vampire:The Masquerade rpg computer game from 2004 is on sale this weekend on Steam for $5 bucks. It's supposed to be really good, so I'm going to pick it up. Word on the intertubes is that you should really download a the fanpatch that fixes a bunch of bugs in the game that weren't fixed in the last official patch that came out (which the Steam version is updated to). I guess the patch also adds a lot of content, but you can choose to just have the bug fixes or fixes/new stuff. I'm gonna play with just the fixes to see how it was meant to be.

1. Get the Steam version of Vampire
2. Get the fanpatch HERE (ver 7.6b)

Funny convention memories... you must invite him INTO the room.

| Sqeeeee!

Dr Who Weeping Angels? That is one of the most terrifying thing I've seen recently. Look it up! Put those in Minecraft? I'm super excited and scurred at the same time. Like I needed to dump more hours into this game.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

| Resistance

Have any of you guys played the card/social game "The Resistance"? Looks cool and if no one has it, was thinking of picking it up for Wedding Con 2000. It basically looks like a version of Werewolf or Mafia but with a little more structure to it, and there's no player elimination. I would actually really like to try Werewolf when we're there since I've never played it, but it looks fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

| Humble Bundle 3

Another awesome pay-what-you-want pack of Indie games. This one looks pretty darn good. I only have 1 out of the 5 and I've wanted the other games, so I'm totally throwing down a few bucks for this pack.

Humble Bundle 3

You can redeem the games in Steam too. Games this time:

Crayon Physics Deluxe
Cogs (Already had it - puzzle game, pretty good, but hard)
VVVVVV - This is a game I've almost bought a bunch of time. Stoked!
Hammerfight - it's a weird action game I've almost wanted in the past.
And Yet it Moves - cool platformer with a neat aesthetic (I have it but not on Steam)

Monday, July 25, 2011

maybe you're thinking of KOREAN bbq...
Not sure I agree with you guys on the relative worth of BBQ joints. First of all, at most of the BBQ places I've been to, you get a shit ton of different meat z0rs, plus numerous sides, plenty for two if you go smart and get whatever family combination they have, which is generally around twenty-twenty five bucks. Sauntering in and gorging on cooked meat and sides/bread for two with enough left over for a sammich the next day isn't that bad of a deal, in capitalism. And yeah, getting together with friends and BBQing is always more fun and can be as tasty, but then some poor fuck is going to have to cook for a bunch of lazy asses.

Second of all, I have no more to add, it was all in the first of all part.

| Dragon Buggering

r00d: The Dragon boating is pretty cool. My special lady friend was into it for a few seasons. Her company had a couple of teams in the local races up here. The atmosphere seemed pretty cool amongst the regulars and she was tempted to join a more regular team, but decided the time commitment was just not in the cards at the time.

jA -eL, like a lot of restaurant food, it can be had at home for a lot cheaper (ignoring the cost of your time). Barbeque is an exaggerated example because it is so simple for John Q. Working-stiff to whip up a good barbeque that rivals many restaurants'. A barbeque just doesn't demand of the kitchen what other restaurant meals require: decadent sauces, long prep work, complex recipes, mad skill, constant supply of fresh ingredients and the facilities/tools to prepare them in. So it really feels like a bad deal after mark-up costs (3x-5x is typical) for overhead (lion's share of the actual costs) as compared to other less attainable meals. Really at a restaurant, you are not paying for the food so much as the hospitality of the waitstaff, the ambiance, the time and experience of the head-chef, the labor of line cooks, the dishwasher, the rent, the utilities, etc. So if the ambiance and the decadence of wait-service is not worth it, well the food will certainly not hold up. Now if they served me a turd and gave me the best service in the world, I am sure I would be bummed.

Good example: every time I go to a crap place (Chili's, Olive Garden, Outback, Chevy's, etc.), I pretty much dislike the food, but I have to remind myself that it was okay because I was looking for convenience (read: I'm lazy or "in the sticks") and not because the food was delicious.


| set sails for fagot

I'm going to be in my first Dragon Boat race this weekend!

Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

The name of the team I belong to is the LA Thunder Dragons and I'm super excited for the races. I never did polo or other sports like PE (JON), so this is all pretty new to me. I'll post results Saturday afternoon.

Jael, you should join the team. Practices are Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings in Long Beach. It's a great workout and it's pretty fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yeah, seriously. Wonder how restaurants can charge 30 bucks for ribs that you can buy for 5 bucks at Ralphs. Although, that pales in comparison with the steakhouse a la gold in vegas where we opened a bottle for 180 bucks and had some prime rib for 100 bucks per person. Awesome! Its really paying for the ambiance i think and the novelty.


Just finished the new Game of Thrones. Quite enjoyable, I must say, and great to see movement on characters we haven't seen since Storm of Swords. Somewhat similar to the last book, in the sense that it's more about lighting the fuses that will go off in the remaining books, rather than having a ton of "Holy Shit!" moments. That said there are some pretty awesome moments, as you'd expect from ol' G. Rape-Rape M.

Anyway, won't start spoiling everything until at least one other person has read the first couple chapters. So for now I'll just say, if you want to find out what happens, well, you'll just have to read the book!
I don't think I've ever been to a BBQ restaurant that was as good as BBQ's I've been to at people's houses. I'm sure there's bomb ass restaurants out there, but usually it's kinda how you described: overpriced, crummy portions, and just so-so food.

I'm going out to Game Empire the first weekend of August to play in the new Neverwinter d&d games, but other than that, no plans for the board game groups. Not going without my precious Johnny! (Also, I don't really have a ton of time, so those day long meetups don't really fit into my schedule right now.) We gotta get some games in dude, after your cousins leave.
Oh I downloaded IE9 and was having some problems posting.  In fact you can't use IE9 with the blogger post system that we have, at least I haven't figured out a way.  I'm using now, which is another posting tool. 

Pretty chill on the weekends normally.  Next week though some cousins are coming from York.  You should try going to that gaming group!   Let me know how that goes.   Just mention large marge sent ya.  hehe...

Went to Lucilles last night to see what was all the hype about in the SoCAl BBQ scene.   Was kinda dissappointed.   Their normal barbeque ribs is average at best, the Tri tip was decent but pathetic portions, the beef ribs was like a big dog gnawing on bones (not much meat on it).   The only, and I say sparsely, only redeeming light was the St. Louis ribs.  That was good, but then the meat on it was also not as robust.
Flavor overall on the whole thing was good.    The waitresses were all young tweens, so guess the night shift manager has his priorities.   Kinda camoflauged sleeziness.  At least Hooters is a THEMED restaurant or maybe it's just his preference.
What were you trying to test, Jael? Blogging from a phone or something? What's your weekends usually look like? You home or do you have work/activities? Would be cool to meetup some morning for a little gaming. Maybe if you're around next weekend, give me a ring!