Saturday, October 15, 2011

AI had six or seven endings! It was hilarious. That was a fun ending to a hot mess of a movie. I can't believe that fucking movie!!!
That is up there in my top five or so theater moments for sure. The top in terms of sheer intensity is undoubtedly being scared shitless by Empire at the tender age of five. Nothing can ever beat that. As an adult, the most intense/bizarre was when Rude, JP and I saw AI and we started laughing, along with done other people, at the utterly idiotic final act of the movie. It just got harder and harder to contain as it got stupider, and spread through the crowd. It built and built and in the last ten minutes of the movie we and at least half the audience were just ROARING with laughter. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt, and at the end of it, I felt totally emotionally drained. It was a unique cathartic experience.

The funny thing was that I was like, shushing the other guys most of the movie because I really liked most of it and they had hated the entire running length. But when we got to the part where the robot/alien offers the robot kid a cup of coffee, for no reason, and it's shot and performed just like a fucking instant coffee commercial, the dam just broke.
While I found the closet scene quite disturbing and freaky, I have to agree with jr0n, the TV scene was one of the most, if not the most, freaky moments of movie watching.

And yes, that is pretty random Mr. Gozarian.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Ugghh! You had to go and remember that? To this day I still associate your games closet with the dead girl closet It's a peanut butter cup of emotions; utter terror and geekish delight. I don't know how to feel...
That's a random thing to remember all of a sudden! I don't remember that part, but the part where she climbs out of the TV was one of the best times I've had at the movies. The audience just started with a low murmur of dread that slowly erupted into yelling and shrieking.

| Ringuuu

For those that were over at my house in Hermosa when we all watched "The Ring" in the downstairs room with the lights off: Remember when they found that corpse-girl in the goddamn closet? Jesus freaking Christ that was scary. Probably the most scared I have ever been by a movie. Ever.

For those of you who weren't there, remember that scene anyway?

For those that haven't seen "The Ring", sorry - go watch it and forget everything about this post.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Already built and primed? I applaud you sir. I myself took the cards out of the plastic wrap... so exhausted.

As a by the by. Since I was ordering from GW, I ended up buying a human Blood Bowl team. Why would I do that???

| Dreadfeet

So I too succumbed to the Dreadfleet and I kinda like it!

The mini's are awesome, the play mat is so huge that Wylie used it as a blanket while we watched Tron v1.0 yesterday, and looking at the rules, it looks exactly like what I want in a GW boat game: simple, visceral, not too fiddly, random, eventful, fluffy, and fun.

The mini's are awesome, did I mention that? The main boat, Sigmar's Hammer, is SO BIG! I like the idea of fleets and army lists and all that you would get from Dystopian Wars or that other fantasy boat game that is out, but I also like that I'm old, have limited time, and I never have to buy anything for this game again - it is complete out tha box.

Wylie and I built and primed Sigmar's Hammer last night; looking forward to busting out my (undoubtedly dried-up) paints and gettin' to work!

Denis: I'll start painting the good-guy ships, you start on the bad-guy ships, and possibly when we meet in the middle, we will have a full set painted between us?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oops, just saw Eric and Jons g+ exhange, so yeah, Thursday works for me! I'll check with Peter!

GAMES: There's a Steam version of Memoir 44 now! I think it's their "x amount of games for free, then pay for more" that Days of Wonder already has on their own site, but cool to see it in a new way. If anyone wants to play some free games, let me know!
I'm good for tonight! I'll email peter and Eric (or eric read this) - so, let's do it! I don't think I'm ready for 3:16 but I'll read the book today and see what it entails for a future adventure! Or today! Or Cthulhu!

Hopefully you get a webcam soon Dennis! But feel free to hop in and check it out in the meantime - I'll send hangout invites to the whole G+ action crew if we get it going tonight.
So are we getting together tonight? I HOPE SO!

I'm interested in trying Carnage, either this time or next.
I'd vote for him.
That was some sweet Back To The Future radiation suit.

And finally, this is the kind of politics I can get behind.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

r00d, no that was my assistant chief engineer energizing our bus duct riser. Also, I am the Dreadpirate Roberts! That or I was incorrect when I spoke. They brought a different ship game. Ooops.

Pump, I saw that article. What the truck? I just don't get it. It seems like crazy talk to me.

Jorn - Maybe you can get in on this sweet racket.

Needz Moar Carz

| Apps

Minecraft Pocket Edition is out for Android. I tried the demo on my tablet and sure enough, it's straight up Minecraft! So far, it's only the creative mode. There's an on screen d-pad on the left and your other finger is basically mouse view. It's a little clunky, but that's understandle. Pretty cool! Not going to buy the full version just yet. I don't even play the real version anymore, so no rush for this, but it's awesome that it even exists.

Another interesting app I'm looking at is a WoW clone called Order and Chaos. I mean, it looks like straight up WoW! Here's a video review: VIDEO I don't wanna play real WoW anymore, but kinda wanna get this!

| having the smell or flavour of game

Let's finish our Fiasco game this week if everyone is available! Then, we can figure out the next interwebs game to play.

I ended up picking up 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars and it's a pretty good read! Basically a Starship Troopers/Space Marine kind of setting with abstracted combat for the mass killing of aliens. You only spread points on your character sheet between 2 skills, Fighting Abilities and Non Fighting Abilities. In between planets/missions, you rank up based on how well you did in relation to the rest of your team, so there's a competitive aspect which fits the theme. There's also an interesting mechanic called Flashbacks where during an encounter, if you've got a flashback slot available, you can take narrative control from the GM, do a flashback for your character, and if it's a "Strength" one, you basically define your character through that flashback and then explain how to relates to the current encounter. The encounter is finished and you get all the kills from it. There's also "Weakness" flashbacks which will take only your character out of the current fight, but save you from death or whatever. I still need to read that section again to fully grasp it, but it's basically a way to define what start out as super generic "space marine" characters with strengths and weaknesses. Combat is also interesting in that it seems very easy to die. You have Armor which can absord 1 hit. Then you have 2 other states before death: Mess and Crippled. So, basically 3 hit points I think? Crazy game, we gotta try it sometime.

Also, Cthulhu! Think about how it might be implemented over G+ Eric! Since Cthulhu probably isn't going to have much tactical combat, I bet it would be fairly doable without much tinkering.

I'm free really any weekend or weeknight - this week tue, wed, and fri are good nights for me with wed being the best.

Monday, October 10, 2011

That's awesome, is that you!? Don't destroy the earth, please!

PS: Dreadfleet was out at the last con!? I thought it was a lot newer than that.
Make that 84 hours. So tired. The pinnacle of my day:

Yay I get to go home.


| r00d, also about that "Eminent Domain" guy: "Fuck his mama! Say What?!"

DaveDefeat and Matt brought BreadFleet to Boobla Kahn, but never got a chance to bust it out. Both seem to like the game. The game seems to fit both of their tendencies to like fast and loose games.

Work is the blurst right now. I have now worked 80 hours (and counting) in the past 8 days. Pile wedding obligations on top of that and I am about to blow my wheels off. Oi!

r00d: Roll through the ages is great. Aimey really gets a kick out of it. +1 for each of Carcassonne, Cargo Noir and San Juan.

That's cool that you got some fun minis to maybe someday/never paint! Bummer that they cheaped out on some of the other components. I read that it's 2-10 players! I'm assuming that if you've got 10 people, it just means everyone controls 1 ship. Bring it next con/meetup, I think it'd be great for us to all give it a shot. I vaguely remember Man O' War from back in the day, but don't know if the Eric/JP crew had it.

That shit head from Kubla that was picking up our cards/pieces from whatever game we were playing and throwing them back down on the table just put out a game that getting a lot of good hype, Eminent Domain. Fuck that guy and fuck his game though.

| Dreadfleet? More like Debtfleet...

Yaaar! I did purchase Dreadfleet. It is a miniature game. Typical simplified GW mechanics. Still reading through the book. Though I suspect since I never finish painting anything, it will never get played. There was a review that said it had too much chance involved (fate cards). So tactics didn't play as much of a role in winning. I suspect this might be the rock'em sock'em of naval games.

I don't know how expensive plastic miniature production is, but it looks like they skimped on the non-miniature game components. Granted, I may be spoiled by Fantasy Flight. But it's not like this thing was inexpensive.

Initial impressions:

- Great miniatures
- Naval themed tablecloth
- Great old school GW John Blanche artwork
- Thick solid box
- Zip baggies included

- Awful, awful, awful book binding. Book is already coming apart at the spine.
- Flimsy ship cards (character sheet). It wouldn't normally be a issue, but to keep track of wounds and such, you slide cards underneath it. I can already see things sliding all over the place because the ship card wasn't hefty enough to keep everything down.
- What is GW's fetish with skulls everywhere?

I don't suggest buying it if you are looking for a pirate game. I bought it mainly for the minis.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

I want to give Carcassonne The Castle a try sometime. I remember reading about it awhile back. I actually have Ticket to Ride and I know it was a hit, but it's just kind of big for playing with two players. I'd like to keep things Jambo-sized. I actually threw Roll Through The Ages and the zoo game into my Amazon wishlist to mull them over. Roll looks pretty awesome - love the wooden dice.

PS: Did you end up getting your copy of Dreadfleet Dennis? I was looking at it the other day and it looked interesting, but the dudes at the store hadn't heard any feedback from purchasers yet. He did say it was a limited edition thing, but he was probably trying to make me buy it.
There is also:

- Carcassonne The Castle (it is a strictly 2 player game)
- Ticket To Ride

For Wednesday, I'm not sure yet. Don't know if I have to stay late at work and also have to pick up a webcam.
I think I went to Last Grenadier with Aeryk one time.

Games (besides Upwords etc.) that we've gotten a lot of mileage out of:
- Cargo Noir
- Small World
- Carcassonne
- Agricola (which surprises me a bit, since it's a bit on the complicated side, but the theme is so good and well-tied into the mechanics that it's surprisingly appealing for non-gamers)
- San Juan
- Dominion
- Zooloretto
- Roll Through the Ages (saw your "bonus content" draft)
- Balloon Cup

I think I could swing a Wednesday Fiasco.

[Update] Games that went over like a lead balloon:
- Pandemic (actually, she liked the game and we played it a few times, but the theme started making her so nervous that she doesn't want to play it anymore)
- Elder SIgn
- Talisman
- Battlelore

| must not have hit post!

PS: How's Roll Through The Ages? I've seen you mention it Jon. That girlfriend-friendly? Fun? I'd never really looked it up, but looks kinda fun checking the BGG entry.

Ok, thanks for the suggestions jon! I was thinking about king of tokyo because I saw it at that game store, but it sounds too similar to quarriors so I'm gonna hold out. Ill look up those other pics! Agricola seems too complicated for ME let alone a non gamer, but maybe ill read the rules and peep game.
Found an awesome game store about a block from my girlfriends house, The Last Grenadier. They had pretty much everything! Dreadfleet, Catacombs, literally a couple copies of every game you could think of. (I didn't see Quarriors, but maybe it was in a different section.) Now, prices were typical game store prices, so not too hot, but it was pretty awesome to wonder the board game section and see a ton of games that I've heard of/am interested in. Let me ask one more time, any suggestions for good 2-player/girlfriend-compatible games? We have Lost Cities and Jambo and like them ok, but I'm still looking for the perfect game.
I'm gonna go see Drive this week. I've heard it's basically more Michael Mann than Michael Mann is anymore, so that's got me pretty hyped. I don't know much about the Goz but he doesn't make me retch or anything.

Just rewatched The Thing yesterday. A lot less scary than I remember, but it's still pretty awesome. It's almost like The Resistance, the movie. :) There's all these scenes of them sitting around not trusting each other and we nailed that vibe pretty well in our games. I'm pretty hyped for the new prequel. Ronald D Moore (BSG) had originally written the script, but I guess it got an entire re-write by some other dude. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I can't wait.

Online Gaming Club: You guys wanna meet again on Wed night of this week? We can finish off Fiasco! The next indie-darling I'm thinking about picking up is 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars. I've heard it's a pretty great lite-system. There's character sheets and a GM, but I think it still has a non-traditional vibe to it. Here's a pretty good review that 'splains some of the mechanics. I'll let yall know if I buy a copy.