Saturday, April 30, 2011

| mc puffnstuff

I download the latest save file for our world and loaded it into the this "world viewer" program that lets you fly all throughout the world in opengl with gnarly draw distances. Here's some shots of our little country:

Then I loaded up a single-player mod called biospheres which changes the world generator to create these biome specifc domes in the world that are connected by bridges. Pretty fun! Overrights the regular world generator, so I had to backup my minecraft.jar for whenever I get sick of it. Don't know if I can bring it into multiplayer but fun to mess with:

Biosphere Mod - There's also a mod that a guy coupled with this one that lets you build airships! So then you can fly around in these little blimps to the different islands :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

That was a great response. Gaiman is one of my favorite writers. Loved the Sandman series. Also really liked Neverwhere and American Gods.

Unfortunately, don't have teh HoBO, so I'm missing out. Haven't read the books since Martin refuses to put elves in. Hopefully the series will come out on dvd later.
Simple and to the point Mister GRRM

Also, GRRM is not your bitch. Scroll down the column a bit to the fan mail letter and response. Pretty straight talking that Gaiman.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

This also reminds me of eLzar:

LOL, this made me think of Eric for some reason.

Death Metal Vocal Exercises! Hahaha!!

| Joffrey

Joffrey is a little shit. Every time he made an appearance in the books it was all I could do not to constantly think, "Kill him. kill him. kill him!" Unlike most other characters, which unsavory, back-stabbing and self-serving as they may be, he is just straight mean for mean's sake. And spoiled. Aggg!


| Hot Damn

Prince Joffrey is such a little sonovabitch.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

| American Dental Association

Just got my teeth whitened at the dentist office with some type of hydrogen oxidious crap and some lasers that shot my teeth for an hour. It's about as pleasant as that sounds. In fact it was so pleasurable, I think i will go shoot myself now.

It's not painful, but there's this throbbing sensation, (no.. not pleasurable) and some tingling irritation. I can't quite describe it. Just imagine stepping on hot coal and then taking your foot off and doing a faceplant. That's about right.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing but the best for my friends!

BTW, your borg cube killed me the other day when I was casing the joint. I slipped off a set of your not quite ADA compliant stairwells. Other than that, the place is pretty sweet.
You sir are an artist and a visionary.
Wool penises, I can handle. TNT shenanigans and my need to "protect" my ore stash in my personal inventory or to bury chests to keep people from stealing (meanwhile risking it spelunking or being discovered) are just two examples of something I would like to avoid.

So, Pump, penis the place up. I'll just make horrible "Pastrami Curtain" vagina statues out of bloodstone and dirt in your borg cube. I may even fashion an anus too and have lava flow out of it.

Ah, just you wait until I start building multi-colored wool penises all over your place...

Oh, yeah. During that thunderstorm, I saw an entire hillside burn down. I think we might be in the California biome.
Nah, I still do not like MMOs. That is the great thing about Minecraft, you set the size of the sandbox. r00d only lets in [AT] members, so that's cool. Its basically a private server. Let in a whole mess of idiots and I am out. I just don't care for that element. Especially in this game. Last thing you want is a bunch to jerks vandalizing your hours of careful work.

man, u guys are really sucked into this thing, sounds like fun... The funniest thing about this is to see mighty Aaron fail his immunity rolecheck to online mmo's. This really cracked the kink in his invulnable anti addiction forcefield! Good going fellas! The final soul has been sucked into the dark abyss...... filled with cigars, rollercoasters, diamonds and lumber from henceforth. Hehe. Just wanted to chime in on the convo.

I'm back to work now.
Updated us to an actual recommended build for 1.5 instead of the experimental builds we were using. Fires are supposed to be put out by RAIN, so it was a bug that everything kept burning that night. That was epic. So, next time lightening strikes, if its raining, shouldn't cause so much damage.

I had one of those not-so-sweet moments on Saturday night, only, the fucker blew up next to me and threw me into some lava. Between the 'splosion and the lava, I died. In the lava. With a grip of gold. And diamonds. And gunpowder. And new armor. I ran back down after I spawned, not sure if I made it out of the lava in time to drop my goods on stone instead of lava and... AHHHHHHH MOTHERLAND!!!! I didn't make it :( I hate creepers. Bastages are out to get me all silent like.

You could always replace the wood with bloodstone. Easy to mine, it's red and it's creepy. Bonus all around!

Oh crap. Really? Lightning storm? ack! Damn, that sucks! Weird that it didn't eat ALL the wood on the dock, then. All those castle walkways will get torched.

Shit. Guess I could replace it with a different color stone, or maybe wool blocks. Can't remember if wool blocks are flammable.

Might have the ruins of Castle Slaytanic soon, instead... lulz.

In other news, I nearly crapped my pants and screamed like a little girl last night while I was doing a little light exploration into a newly discovered cave two creepers jumped down from above and gave me the "CHEERIO GOOD CHAP, IT'D BE A SSSSSSSSSSSSssssHAME IF YOU LOST ALL THAT DIAMOND GEAR!"

I escaped with a half a heart of health and I was on the edge of a block that would have dropped me into lava.

| Firebug

I only claim arson rights to my own grove and house. FYI, trees will ignite QUICKLY and spread to nearby wooden structures lickety-split.

The lightning storm certainly did some damage to the surrounding areas, and I only witnessed first-hand a burning tree in what appeared to be in either Enron's new house or in Slaytanic Farms, I don't recall which one.

Maybe you should be asking a certain Enron, he seems PRETTY quick with his explanations about how the dock was 'consumed'. :)

(it was the lightning storm)

| Dock fire

I do believe the r00d and eLzar watched your dock burn after a lightning strike. Seems wood can be set afire by lightning in the new version. We aren't sure if just any wood is susceptible to lightning strike or only tree trunks, which I believe were used for pilings on your dock. Once a fire is started, well all wood nearby is fuel.

In a funny coincidence (or is it???), eLzar burned his house down playing with flint and steel in the nearby trees.

In other news, my epic 1000+ blox long tunnel is completed. Building a ranger station at the end of it and will begin my next project. Hope to keep it a surprise until it's done. Also, hoping to have it done before I leave for Vegas this Friday. Guess that only gives me a couple of days to knock this out.. yikes. lol

Monday, April 25, 2011

Someone vandalized the castle dock just to take all the wood? Why? =(
When I saw the fucking roaches it was basically over. That was the nastiest shit I've ever seen!
Ugh! How do you date a girl living with roaches. What if it's crawling up the treasure trove?
although I was technically living 200x worse in the philippines, but eh... wasn't by choice or habit. It just happened to live in the same country I was living in at the time. I would say I was there first, but that would technically be untrue as they landed on plymouth 200 million years ago.

NBA fans?? it's a great playoffs, so many upsets so far, San antonio down 2 games? Orlando by 3? Lakers tied?? Although the NBA has been more of the diluted / overhyped vehicle than it was the purist game a decade back. Now everyones a star cuz they score 20+ points. Uh wait, doesn't every game end up around 90-100 points? divided by 10 (active + bench) players, you are bound to have 20 point starters.

No more Warcraft, Mincraft, Hp lovecraft, Masterbate-craft or whatever that ends with craft, with Kraft cheese as an exception. My laptop went down (a few weeks back) and while it was under repair, I was shocked (again) how much of my life was wasted in the month I grinded WC and how much time there is in a day. 8 hours? pfft. a few games on battleground OR let's see, grocery shopping, lunch with mom, date if i had one, some TV, dinner, surf net, updated resume.

| Adventures into the great unknown.

r00d and I made a spelunk into the Nether. Crazy place that. What is odd is that when you go from nether to normal world, some artifacts float about as it tries to render the world:

Most eventually go away, but I did run into a few persistent oddities:

Finally, LB Realism, at least for 128x, updated to version 4.0.0. It fixes a lot of little bits tied to the client version of 1.5 and also adds some new texture changes. I recommend it. Only downside, rain is a bit overwhelming and falls through water:


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I dated this one girl in my college years whos apartment was CRAWLING with roaches, she was so dirty. /puke - So while maybe a lot of them are super-clean, I've seen some filth-bots :(

Me and Enron just had some adventures: