Friday, March 21, 2014

That game looks fun. I'm interested in theory, but I don't want to grab a key right now when I have no time to play for at least a few days, so if there's still one in a week or so I'll jump in!

| Aaaaaaaaand...

... I just bought all the DLC for Payday 2 for like 7 bucks.

I've started to learn a little more about what the game is about and what it can do it is seeming a little more and more awesome!  So far, most of my heists have been bloodbaths, but if you get slick you can avoid combat by taking over security systems, stealing keycards, etc.

I'm sort of liking it more and more and I think with 4 of us on the talkie trying to pull off a heist would be RAD.  A clusterfuck, for sure, but a RAD clusterfuck.
I would totally give it a go with you. I start back to work tomorrow night which might mess with my availability some, but I'm sure we could figure out something.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

| Murder and Money

I picked up the 4 pack for Pay Day 2 "cheap" on steam.

I watched some of the preview videos a few months back and I was less than impressed - it just felt too violent for violence sake, but given the week I've had at work it seemed less of an issue with me and I pulled the trigger (get it?).

Who wants a key (and will actually suit up and try to give multiplayer a shot)?

UPDATE:  Rudy's in!  1 down, 2 to go...
I'll feel way less guilty about being hooked to Hearthstone if I'm playing it on my iPad. There's it's like an app, not a fucking time sink.
Brothers is coming up! I've been playing Thomas Was Alone, kind of a twee puzzle game. Fun, especially since it was FREE!

IIRC, Aeryk had created a dude on Dalaran but I misheard/misremembered and made mine on Draenor, to which I believe Ae. said "to'oh Draenor" and we switched back. Might not have that right.

I remember scrambling to find the game after Aeryk raving about it. It was impossible to buy anywhere except they had copies at the Apple store, because who buys software there? Good times.

So after a week playing the Quarriors iOS app, I bought an expansion to the physical game (the one with quests). Free app = $40 sale. Well played, Quarrior salesmen.

I saw somebody beta testing Hearthstone for iPad on the train today...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I thought Dalarn was our first server... or is that the 2nd one? Draenor sounds familiar too.

I finished that game Brothers the other day, and it was SO good. Next time it's on sale, grab it! It only took about 3 hours, but it was a near flawless gaming experience and I'll probably play it again soon to get all the cheevos.

I keep thinking about that Marvel card game Legendary! I really wanna get it, but since I'm back to work in a few days (FUUUCK) I probably wouldn't have time to play it. But it seemed so fun.

Monday, March 17, 2014

No shame in that! I wish they'd go F2P already. I'd probably jump back in and could be coerced into picking up the expansions I've missed out on. But, that's apparently never happening, so oh well.

Let's set up a Kickstarter for a project that lets you travel back in time to high school for a week then spend that week playing D&D.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

| I Just Pre-Purchased Warlords of Draenor

I feel sort of dirty, but there you have it.

It shares the same name as the first server we all played on the first day WoW rolled out, so it seems fitting for some reason.

You get an auto-90 character for pre-ordering and apparently there will be quests to help you tune and remember how to play WoW with a 90 toon... given I've never had a 90 toon, I welcome the help.

And you get to build a castle and get recruits for some useless, but fun, metagame.


I know.  It's embarrassing.