Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brothers is coming up! I've been playing Thomas Was Alone, kind of a twee puzzle game. Fun, especially since it was FREE!

IIRC, Aeryk had created a dude on Dalaran but I misheard/misremembered and made mine on Draenor, to which I believe Ae. said "to'oh Draenor" and we switched back. Might not have that right.

I remember scrambling to find the game after Aeryk raving about it. It was impossible to buy anywhere except they had copies at the Apple store, because who buys software there? Good times.

So after a week playing the Quarriors iOS app, I bought an expansion to the physical game (the one with quests). Free app = $40 sale. Well played, Quarrior salesmen.

I saw somebody beta testing Hearthstone for iPad on the train today...