Saturday, February 18, 2012

SW, did at least grab my attention out of the gate. WOW, not so much. I honestly did give it the old college try with you for four or five hours and for a shorter period at ja -El's, but it just did not hook me. Interestingly enough, the interface was not damning frustrating unlike SWTOR in the beginning.

jr0n, I think you are right about TI. I think another shot at 3rd ed is worth it given our runs were not under ideal circumstances. On the other hand, I would not try 2nd ed again. Not on a train, not on a boat.

Also, a brilliant response to the a GOP lawmaker who said "women had already made the decision to be 'vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.'" regarding the lovely new SB484 law in Virginia forcing abortion seekers to have a vaginal probe prior to an abortion:

"I have an idea. Any sexually active man who thinks he gets an opinion about my body needs to put his penis in a mystery hole. And the mystery hole could be filled with nails or tomato sauce or a whole bunch of yarn or an angry squirrel, it's a mystery*. And they can't complain because they put their penis in vaginas so they've already consented to putting their penis in things.

*Just kidding, all the holes have angry rodents in them."

Squirrels. Funny. GOP. Not funny.

Babel fish is the best I love it. Can't wait to hear assassin report about your game I hope you have a great time. this is why I'm very curious to try eclipse I hear it plays in a lot shorter time. Mondo is pretty simple but it's fine and I hope to try it with a group of 4 people. I can't wait for you to try space empires hopefully you can play with eric and erin and michael sometime so all 4 of you will be familiar by the kevin com
Yeah, here are the TI games we played:

* The 2nd ed game at SoCal GenCon, which is a 100% different rule set mechanically. Played 7 hours under buzzing lights, 8 PM - 3 AM or so.
* I think we played like, one turn of 3rd ed at the subsequent SoCal GenCon (when it came out), with me reading the rules while playing.
* Started a game on the carpet at my first apt in SF. Everyone was tired from the drive up.
* Me and Enron played a game while visiting Ja-el (pre-WoW addiction and subsequent rehab in the Philippines). Note that since 3 players is the worst number for this, or indeed almost any wargame, the results were predictable: me and Enron squabbled over a few systems the whole game, leaving Ja-el to build up an immense fleet of war suns and then crush us for the win.

So I'd argue we haven't "played" TI3 as such, more that we've hung out in its vicinity and then not played it.

But it is fun! It's not without its downsides: it is pretty much a full day (well, with repeat plays you can get the time down, but for first-timers it's pretty long). You need to use the first expansion to patch some problems in the base game. But, there's nothing that quite delivers on theme like it does and I guess that's why I keep coming back to it. You really feel like you're participating in a space epic. There isn't that much downtime for what it is (Aeryk you are probably thinking of 2nd ed which DID have lots of downtime; in TI3 you are never more than a minute or two from doing something). And, there are a lot of interesting things you can do. You can be warlike, you can put a lot of effort into researching shit, or you can try to be a political figure.

Anyway I'm not even sure when we would play -- definitely not Cabin Collins, that's for sure! But sometime maybe. Unless I hate it after playing it tomorrow!

| ran that through babel fish and back

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| Pink Torpedo Boy

So Enron.

Since you have played SWTOR and found that MMOs aren't the abomination you perhaps thought they once were, would you be willing to dabble in WoW for a month after the SWTOR sub runs out?

Mike, Denis, and I are still pretty active and I'd REALLY like to see what you think of the game having played SWTOR. I believe the Xmas present Great Father Winter sent you is still valid, which would get you the base game and the first expansion (level cap of 70!!!).

We could roll on some fun dungeons, do some questing, have some fun!

Total cost to you (for the first month)? NOTHING :)

PS I don't think I will ever play Twilight Imperium. It is just too long, too much downtime, too slow, and too fiddly for my tastes. I sort of panic thinking about being locked into a game of TI, actually. I imagine if I were to ever agree to play a game of TI I would a) be drunk when I made the decision to play and b) I would be drunk for the duration of the game and ruin everyone else's fun.

| My pink submarine is still there, thank you very much.

Regarding my SW sub, I am still active, but I may kill mine next renewal. It has gotten fairly monotonous. Yet, I still can play Diablo games into the ground? Yeah I know, not exactly a consistent message. Anyway, I still log in every couple of days and play a few hours. We should run an instance or two together.

The SF game group really seems to get jazzed up about playing TI. We had some pretty dismal games and it makes me wonder if we just didn't get a fair shake at it. I thought about the game this weekend, but I just didn't have 8-10 hours to throw to the wind this weekend.


Friday, February 17, 2012

I've got Risk: Legacy myself. Only played three games, so haven't unlocked any of the cool stuff yet, but I predict it will be a HIT at CabinCon! It is, if anything, IMPROVED by drunkenness. And, games only take like an hour so you can blow through a bunch at a time. And I think after 12 or 15 you've customized the board as much as is gonna happen.

Played yer Mondo game today. Very enjoyable, simple game. Thanks for the loan! I haven't tried out Space Empires 4x yet because I've been so obsessed with Mage Knight, but I'll get in a shot for sure.

Gonna play Twilight Imperium this weekend with some of the SF game group folks. I think it'll take, like, 10 hours. The couple times we've played this as an Action Team group have been a huge bust, but I'd really like to get a game going sometime. It's a fun experience, you just have to know that you're getting into an 8-10 hour game and kinda be mentally limbered up for it.

Looks like my SW subscription will run out on 3/3 and I'm gonna let it lie dormant for a while at that point. Enron, is your sub still going? We should run a flashpoint or two if it is. Are you going to keep it going for a while or bounce as well?

(By "sub" I mean "subscription" not "submarine." Do you have a submarine?)
I haven't tried the demo out yet! My 360 is setup in the living room in order for the Kinect to work, so haven't really been using it for gaming other than dancing and working out. I just saw the ads for the demo today, so I'll probably check it out pretty soon. I only ever did a good male Shep through all my playthroughs - I'll sprinkle in some obnoxious choices, but I have trouble doing shit that's too crazy.
Have you tried the ME3 demo yet Rude? Good stuff. (Basically the same as ME2, with slightly deeper customization options.) Pretty exciting "War of the Worlds" vibe in the intro.

Surprisingly, I've heard good things about the multiplayer. It ties back into the outcome of the single player campaign. You can get the "best ending" to the game in either the traditional way (do tons of side quests and shit in the single player) OR if you play the multiplayer, you can get your "galaxy readiness rating" up that way as well and just play the main story arc.

I played ME1 and ME2 twice, so I'll probably play through with both characters. First up: Male Shepard, intergalactic fuckup. I pick the asshole choices with him and resolve everything in the sloppiest way (or just tell people to eff off when they ask him to do something). I am almost positive the universe is doomed under his watch. All made better by the ludicrous voice acting of the male Shepard actor. Then down the road I'll do a full playthrough with Space Lesbian Shepard (not her real name) who takes all the sidequests, does all the DLC stuff, has an awesome voice actor, etc.

Those games pretty much justified my 360 purchase right there.
The digital download versions of Mass Effect 1 & 2 are $5 bucks each on Amazon today. Awesome games especially if you liked any of the story/dialog stuff from the Star Wars MMORPG. Great original setting and a more involved 3rd Person Shooter/RPG combat. I loved them.

Pretty stoked off of Risk Legacy that came from Secret Jonclaus. We get to tear up cards and write on shit with a real pen! I guess the first few games are pretty typical risk-style, but it evolves quite a bit with the different changes you make to the game. Can't wait to bring it to beach con!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

| Iron Stain

Damnit. Shoreline Amphitheatre is a pain in the ass to get to. And who in the hell calls that shit San Francisco? They might as well call Mission Viejo "Los Angeles". I would like to go, but I don't know how I would get to that show. Well more importantly, how do I get back from the show. Caltrain becomes a limiting factor.

It is not exactly public transit friendly: "For public transportation, we suggest a taxi or CalTrain to the San Antonio station. From San Antonio station, walk southwest on Pacchetti Way a few blocks to the bus station on California St. Catch the Santa Clara VTA Bus 40/L’avenida, Disembark at Charleston and Amphitheatre Parkway. Walk south on Amphitheatre Parkway towards the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Pass the soccer field on your left and look for the trail that borders Permanente Creek. Follow this trail through the golf course to the Shoreline Golf Links parking lot, and take the footbridge to your left. After passing the historic Rengstorff House, look for the Boathouse and Lakeside CafĂ© on the edge of Shoreline Lake. The walk from the bus stop is less than a mile. Check bus times for weekday and weekend service."

Really? This is the best directions you can provide on your website, Shoreline? Uggg...

eLzar, let me do some research on this first. Anyway, the tickets probably aren't up for sale yet anyway. Shoreline doesn't even list it on their site as an upcoming event.

In other news, some of the Pentagon's black budget line item project names:


I'm a personal fan of "Tractor Hip". I want one of those. Then again maybe I don't. It could be scary.


| Iron Maiden!

Friday, August 3rd - San Francisco - who's with me?!?!?
Ahhh yes, Dave Douchestain, the moral compass of America. At least, ever since he turned to Jesus H. "bornagain" Cristobal Fundamentalistington III for direction. Brilliant.

Why is it rock stars and celebrities feel the need to endorse political candidates. Or anything other than things related to their trade. It's like your auto mechanic endorsing suppositories. Oi!

jr0n, are you feeling a little bit better there?


| That settles my decision, then.

Dave Mustaine says we should vote Santorum.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dude, that g+ app looks awesome! I couldn't figure out how to download it (maybe it's not out yet) but it bodes well for the future of online gaming.
Here's another option for tabletop roleplaying online. The nice thing about this one is it's a plug-in for G+ Hangouts. I requested hexes. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Damn, sorry Earthdawn playas, but I'm not feeling well today. Got a headache and sore throat this afternoon and the thought of blabbing for two-three hours just doesn't appeal. Sorry guys. Maybe you guys can finish your characters instead!

Ticket to Ride Pocket was the free ios game a week ago or so - I got that shit even though I don't even have a damn APPLE!

Never seen so much blood in my life :'( #dentist
Ooh! Hive is temporarily free for iOS devices. Grab that shit, Enron!
Oh yeah, I forgot about that creator! Thanks for posting the link. It's kind of clunky and contains a lot of off-brand Disciplines and races and stuff in it, but definitely could help to walk through everything. I got you and Denis' characters and they look good so far!

Yeah Party Down is kinda tough to get through, I can usually only watch for about 15 minutes before I need to take a break. Anyway, even if you never watch the show, watch this clip. It's from the end of the high school reunion episode and basically it's how I see Cabin Con going (minus the cute drunk woman).
I never made it past the first 2 or 3 episodes of Party Down because I don't handle UNCOMFORTABLE very well. It's like the British Office. USA Office doesn't really appeal to me even though I've def seen funny clips from it.

Still haven't seen Alcatraz which I really wanted to, but I did watch the new horror/found footage show "The River" from the guy who created Paranormal Activity. You know, it's SUPER ridiculous and mostly retarded, but I was also freaking out and yelling at the tv because I got nervous at points, so I'll keep watching. The dumbest part of it all is that the characters accept the retarded rules of that universe. "Oh, so there's an evil Amazon ghost spirit in this sacred vessel, cool." What!? It's fun though.

I had found this downloadable Earthdawn character creator that helped me finish up my guy:
Was easier to make a dude over chat with Jon there to field questions, but this at least handles a lot of the math for you and is fairly easy to use if you have a basic understanding of how to do it.

~The Return of Electric Cardboard Mania!~ (Is that what we called it?)
Alright Eric, here's the deal. I'll bring my sick mobile recording setup (a 4-way digital mic/recorder) and we will come to Beach Con with some games to talk about. I propose we set aside 1-2hrs one of those days to rekindle the podcasting bromance. We could EVEN have guest stars because all the gang will be there. So, do it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh man Aeryk, have you seen the high school reunion episode of Party Down yet?

Update: this clip's for Enron.
Yeah -- there could definitely be a few more bind points. That's one of the many ways SW is more like early WoW. At a certain point in WoW they just went flight-point crazy.

Other than that, I pretty much still prefer SW. Yeah, the UI and dungeon interfaces aren't up to WoW standards, but the atmosphere and quests are more appealing to me. I enjoy the dungeons more than WoW because there's a story to them, and they feel a little more challenging. I also enjoy the crafting system much more. That said I do tend to space bar through the non-story quests, and only listen to the glorious fully voiced dialogue on the main quests.
Once you get off  Coruscant , the next planet that I went to was ALL outdoors for the most part. One problem I felt was that the planets went on for far too long. They should have broken them up or had you jump between two planets to keep the visuals different so there'd be less burnout. I think it was really good and not really worse than WoW. Those games are all built to make you spend TIME in them, and that whole structure is pretty dead for me. I think SW is just fine compared to WoW, I just hope someone makes a new game that feels less time sinky.

Plus, wedding planning is the ultimate time sink.
It was fun while it lasted!

Well hey, maybe we can all join up again online when Diablo 3 comes out? I KNOW you love those games. :)



- Dialog trees - Fun that there is some interaction with the quest givers.
- Space combat - I didn't think that an on-rails space shooter, a la Rebel Assault 1995, would be fun - but it is!
- Your own ship (for what it's worth)! It doesn't do much, but it's still a neat idea.
- It's Star Wars - childhood dream come true! Sort of, see Cons for more.


- The group/instance system kinda sux. It is difficult to know a) threat levels, and b) who is attacking who. These things make all the difference between a good group system (WoW) and a bad one (SWTOR). WoW is absolutely the standard for excellence in their grouping system and I have become spoiled. WoW is like a finely tuned machine and SWTOR is like a DIY conversion kit.

- Repetitive quests. I think all MMO quests are sort of repetitive of course, but for some reason, maybe beacause most of them are indoors, the quests in SWTOR have started to bug me. Might have something to do with the dialog trees attached to ALL quests...

- Dialog trees - Neat in small doses. Maybe would be good for the major quest lines, but man, I am fairly exhausted listening to EVERYONE ramble on about their petty bullshit they need me to take care of :) I know you can spacebar through it, but that seems wrong.

- Clunky - It's just a younger, more clunky interface and game compared to WoW. WoW has it so freaking dialed in now, it is slick as sheet.

- It's not the Star Wars I want to play - I want episode IV - VI and beyond, not a Star Wars that is 1000's of years before episode IV.

I'm going to go back to WoW, and of course welcome anyone to join me (which will NEVER happen I know, but if Enron liked SWTOR, maybe he would be willing to try out WoW now).

Best thing about MMO's is you can almost always go back and pick up where you left off. If SWTOR gets it together and adds some radicool features, I very well could come back. And we will always have the memories of jr0n's heartless decision to pump the engineers out to the vacuum of space to keep us warm at night. :)

PS Genovah is now your new benevolent Action Team Guildmaster! All hail Genovah!