Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MC server is down till tomorrow morning. It's on a box in Dallas that "Box got nullrouted thanks to someones server getting ddosed", whatever the heck that means. They said it will be back on tomorrow morning by 9:15am. Go mine some knowledge from BOOKS!

Finished Portal 2, what an awesome game. Totally worth it. Can't wait to try out the multiplayer in the future. In the meantime, Super Meat Boy on Steam has a level editor now which I wanna mess with. You can make levels with the little minecraft dude (he can build or destroy blocks, duh) so it might be fun to try and make little levels.
I'm kinda in the same boat on Gaiman. His fiction is readable, but skippable, with the exception of Sandman, which is incredible and the reason everyone remembers him (justifiably, he deserves fame for that thing).

To mention another writer, who works in a totally different genre and has nothing to do with him except I forget their books in similar ways, he reminds me of Nick Hornby (About a Boy, High Fidelity). Must be a British thing, England isn't really a source of quality literature.

Yesterday at, like, two in the afternoon, one of my co-workers ran up to a group of us and was like, "Did you hear Osama's been killed!?" I guess someone's always the last to know!

| American Gods

fArt, I felt the same way about American Gods. It just didn't do it for me. Honestly, Gaiman hasn't really hooked me with his writing. Don't get me wrong, he is a force in the industry and does write well, but neither American Gods nor Anansi Boys really tickled me. Too bad.

Yeah, I was okay with the end of American Gods, but the journey was definitely better than the ultimate destination on that one. Hello Dark Tower series. There's talk of HBO doing an American Gods mini-series, so that would be pretty sweet if that happened.
Christ, what a month. Mom in the hospital for 2 weeks, Gramps dies, cousin diagnosed with MS, another friend nearly dead... whaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuck.

Hopefully this was all a big Kharmic bubble that is about to pay off in a good way. I could use it about now.

In other good news, Michelle is a finalist for a job with UW that she is a PERFECT match for. I'm super excited for her. We should hear by the end of the week if she gets the position.

Also-also- I finished "American Gods" which I enjoyed quite a bit, but have to admit I thought the ending was flat and left a lot of the plot threads kind of sloppily tied up. I dunno, I guess I was disappointed after such a huge build up.
The social networking sites are super over saturated now. Something like that totally seems like it's late to the party. While I doubt any of us would be into it, I wonder if the younger generation would latch onto that stuff still. I have a friend with a teenage son and him and his friends are total slaves to that facebook stuff. I think I might have had a taste of it but I really don't use it very often anymore, or just in a more private way. But these kids sit around the computer on facebook! So weird. So yeah, maybe weird travel-book site will work for some people, but it really feels like that stuff is probably on it's way out.


Me: There's just too many information sites out there. sure I'd like to know where my friends have stayed at prior, but just doesn't seem particularly useful 99.9% of the time. Is it me or is crazy internet sites doomed for failure popping back up. (also everythign looks like facebook these days) I should say it's the "social internet media" fever this time around. No, we won't deliver food to your house in crazy looking vans, but you can see what your friends are eating right now!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Yeah... It's my fault. Used Jedi mind tricks to make him buy the game.

Poor guy stayed up until 4:30 last night digging holes. Yeah...
Fellow conventioneer Peter is on our Minecraft/Roachcraft server now as "monkeyee", if you see him :)
Haven't beat P2 yet, but I think I'm getting closer. It's so good! I'm working my way thru the sections that have the "gels" - awesome new stuff. Loving the vibe and story. Haven't touched multiplayer yet either, so once psn is back we'll do it! (Or over steam on pc/mac, right?)

HODOR! (Going to watch ep 3 now, missed it last night.)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hey Portalites -- there's a comic that talks about how your character gets from the end of Portal 1 to her position at the start of Portal 2. Surprisingly cool!

Finished the game yet Rude? I'm pretty far along, on Chapter 8. Now I just need PSN to come back online so I can play the co-op!

Game of Thrones night! We're doing em every two weeks so I'll see 2 and 3 tonight. For those of you feeling the Joffrey hate, you may find this satisfying.