Friday, June 01, 2012

Fortunately, after the Supreme Court scraps Obamacare this month, our long national health care nightmare will be over.

Matt is seriously stoked on those minis you sold him. Talking about playing 40k and oohing and ahhing over the paint jobs. Although he did say, "what is this gooey shit all over the cavalry?" hahaha.

| Good News!

Due to "advances in medical technology, and increased customer demand", the monthly premium for the insurance that I NEVER use is increasing $81!

I clearly chose the wrong career path.

PS Fuck Anthem/Blue Cross in the face with a rusty hatchet.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm down for the Industrial Strip, if that joint is next to Biggie Eds.
Cool story, bro

(Updated: now with less asshole!)

I can't believe the wedding is coming up so quick. It's amazing how fast these things sneak up on you. Do you pretty much have everything all planned out?

Should we get together the night before and put down a couple, or will you be busy with last minute planning? I'm flying in late but would be happy to meet up. We could have a solemn pilgrimage to the ruins of Industrial Strip, and lay a single dollar bill on the sidewalk.

| Uncerr, your **** is SATANIC


 PS: holy shit, wedding is 2 weeks away, gah

PPS: This was the worst blog post ever, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

- Any object or structure that is "Huge" might as well be "Satanic" too.
- Players hate closure, so make sure to stop the campaign with major plot points unresolved. Try to end it when excitement is at its highest.
- The best night to run a session is the night all your 18-year-old players just learned about the titty bar.

| DM Tips

Leather Chests + Dwarves = Comedy Gold

Oh and really, honestly, nothing is too obvious. e.g. skull and cross bones may not be a strong enough message for numb-nut PCs.


| DM Tips

1. Sleeping men jumping out of bed holding axes are a logical and fun surprise. Use at least twice per session.
2. Regardless of genre, make sure the party has access to copious amounts of C4.
3. Invite JP.

That's all I got.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chill is like from before the internet! Hard to find info on it, but I remember the one and only monster the group encountered was some kind of undead chicken-thing. *sounds of balloon deflating*

I'll totally run the first D&D Next trial, woohoo. The rules are interesting.

| Dark Carnival 2

I forgot the chicken! What was that about?

I would LOVE to actually play something instead of running it, and getting new blood behind the screen is always a good thing, so I say hell yes!
I like your plan for RPGs Jon! I'm in for whatever Tue and totally down for an after wedding D&D tryout. I'll run it if you're GM fatigued. I have lots of experience, aka that one Chill game I ran at Jordan's house that had an undead chicken. And a carnival.
Sounds like "bath salts" may bring on the zombie apocalypse that Aeryk fears/desires. :)

Ok, let's try D&D! Maybe we could play another Earthdawn session and resolve that little cliffhanger we had going next Tuesday? Then we can have a D&D interlude after ye olde wedding?

Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm totally down for D+DNext! The way it sounds like it's going to be trickled out isn't going to be condusive to any kind of long form campaign, but I would love to treat it as an actual Beta and see how the systems work. Since none of us will have paid money for it at this point, being critical of it won't hurt anyone's feelings.

See if this link works Elrick: LINK

If not I can email you the zip. It's only 5 megawatts.


I gotta say, without actually SAYING, that Johnny came up with a cool combat dice mechanic for his dungeony crawling game he's been working on. It's fun! Which reminds me, one of the cabin cons (norcal I think) there was a card based dungeon crawling game I saw people playing. I know the loot played a big part of it and it might have had cartoony graphics. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I wanted to show it to Johnny.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

| Bum link

No, not a link to asses.

My link doesn't work in the 'welcome email', it errors out.  Can someone send me their link to see if I fare any better?

Why am I interested in DnDNext?  I don't know...
Anyone interested in actually playing the playtest? There aren't character creation rules but there are 5 pregens included so we could get a few together.

I could run it or not. The included adventure is an update of Keep on the Borderlands, which I've never run or played and am not familiar with.

Maybe this would be a good thing to do post-wedding!
I signed up for that DnD Next too! I just downloaded the stuff and will check it out. We can play it on the off nights we don't play Earthborn!

| more englad stuff

Has anyone watched The Thick of It? It's a comedy about British politics. The guy who created it and the movie In The Loop which is also very funny) does that HBO show Veep now. So this is like sort of similar. I don't have Netflix so don't know if it's on their or anything, but it's really funny/uncomfortable and totally worth tracking down. In The Loop is one of the free Amazon Prime movies if any of you gots that service.
The public play test for the new edition of D&D is live, if you're interested. Supposedly shooting for more of a 2nd ed retro feel.
Love hearing about flea market jerkwads. Bummed there wasn't a full on Kubla this year but Cabin Collins scratched the itch. Cool you guys got an abbreviated version. What did you guys play???

As GriffinX said, we played a couple of Summoner Wars games this morning that were fun. I got my revenge on him in the Tundra Orves vs Phoenix Elfs rematch. Our 2nd game was a victory for Jael with his Benders brain melting my Sand Goblins pretty hard.