Thursday, April 17, 2014

That video is hilarious! That little hot dog makes me laugh even before anything happens to it.

| Ketchup is the blurst

I want, even though I don't like ketchup..

Also taxes are blurstier.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm glad you went for that one! Are you going for the rules for the mini game too? It sounds interesting.

I pledged for the new edition of Super Dungeon Expore. Why!?

In other news, Hearthstone's out for iPad! Uses the same login, and your old cards will still be there (they didn't wipe it).

I've been playing a couple games a day of it pretty consistently and still kinda suck at it, but I did finally manage a 6-win arena run by leveraging probably the first piece of information I ever learned about the game: the Hunter's card that summons all the dogs is really good.

| Turbotax Online to the Rescue

Not sure if that's the real name, or if I made it up, but last year we used it and it RULED.  We had gone to HR Blocksuckers for a few years prior and each time it felt like we were paying waaaay too much in taxes.  Like thousands too much.  Anyway, after moving to Turbotax we actually got something back, and this year we got a bunch more back, and we did it like 2 months ago.

The moral of the story is yay for me, and to hell with you.  But don't worry, you'll all get your chance when we're audited in 6 years...

Newz and Notez:

 - I'm trying to round out my project management skillz by training for the PMP, no that's not PiMP, it's the Project Management Professional certification.  It is so far the blurst.  I mean, sure it's good to know the official names of some of the stuff that I do anyway (balanced organizational matrix, anyone?), but I swear like many other certifications, it's just intentionally obtuse in order to increase the difficulty so the cert companies can make mo cash off of training and books.

 - Been watching Ripper Street on Netflix.  I thought it would be all about Jack the Ripper (at surfing), and there is a tie, but it's mostly a sort of period, procedural, police drama.  I like that era, and it's a pretty smart show, though rough around the edges.  I recommend.

 - So I kickstarted MERCs.  What an idiot.

Yeah, taxes are garbage. I feel stupid for waiting till a couple days ago to do mine, because I get money back and it's not exactly hard, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

There's a Fargo tv show that premiered tonight - we dvr'd it, but haven't watched it yet. Heard it's alright.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Totally down with the cuddle party as long I can wear my furry costume.

I did my taxes at the last minute, as usual. I *think* they're correct but I sold some stock for the first time this year (some company stock had accumulated), and I *think* H&R block calculated it all correctly but I'm kinda paranoid that the taxman is going to tell me that I fucked up. Oh well I guess we'll find out.

Also I think the wife and I both need to adjust our deductions because we're giving the government a little too much loan money interest-free. (I can hear enr0n complaining now.) Again, unless I fucked up our taxes and just totally owe a pile of money.

This has been Tax Talk with jr0n ragnarssen
I think we need to get the Cayucos crew back together to shoot a quick cuddle party scene. That's the b-roll this movie's missing! And the one guy at the end with no one to cuddle can be rolling a lonely faded d4 he got from an original copy of the Marvel Super Heroes: The Heroic Role-Playing Game.
"I got d4 boners."

Monday, April 14, 2014

From the Family Circus meets True Detective blog over here.

I really gotta watch that show.

| Notez

 - I love the random adventure generator, too!  It's tons of fun!  I wish WFRP and DCC were in there, but is suppose OSRIC is close enough to DCC to ripoff.  I also like all the other weird generators linked off the page!  Good find!  We should gather all of our most favorite links and make like a webpage that everyone can visit, and maybe search, to find links they might like too!  Let's call it "Javoo!" or something.

 - I'm playing a lot of XCOM right now because I LOVE TURN-BASED TACTICAL COMBAT GAMES.  And no one seems to be playing Payday right now.  Thinking about firing up Minecraft again, I'm feeling the small itch to quest after the Enderdragon.  I think I'm still paying for the server?

True line from one of tonight's police reports:
The victim stated the 2 broken bitches identified in the conversation with the Suspect were Witness 1 & 2.
Even though I know those dungeons are randomly generated, they sound like SO MUCH FUN. If that shit was around when we were in high school, I think I would have been in gaming heaven.

Speaking of games, got FTL on the iPad. I figure a rad game by such a small team deserves the loot, so didn't mind dropping $10 bucks. Ended up burning through a ton of my precious sleep time today playing. Such a rad game. Haven't messed with the "advanced" stuff because I never completed a run in the normal game. Once I do that I'll mess with the new shit. The touch controls are rad. I can't imagine playing it on the computer again, because the touch-based stuff is so fast and intuitive.

Recently saw:
Frozen - it was good. Kinda over hyped for me, so didn't quite live up to expectations, but still some good Disney Princess action.
Gravity - also over-hyped. I liked it, but probably lost something in it being at home, in 2d, and with regular ol' TV sound. I still think Children of Men is his best movie so far. Just watched that again a few weeks back and it's just great.

One of my gaming shelves took a massive shit on me about a week ago. It was this cheap $15 plastic shelf from Home Depot that I had WAY overloaded with heavy ass game boxes. Add to that, it was in the sun-room which gets hot as hell, so the plastic warped under the weight and heat and dumped a bunch of shit all over the place. Fun picking up Lords of Waterdeep wooden dudes mixed with Scrabble tiles, cards, and fucking spiders.