Monday, April 14, 2014

| Notez

 - I love the random adventure generator, too!  It's tons of fun!  I wish WFRP and DCC were in there, but is suppose OSRIC is close enough to DCC to ripoff.  I also like all the other weird generators linked off the page!  Good find!  We should gather all of our most favorite links and make like a webpage that everyone can visit, and maybe search, to find links they might like too!  Let's call it "Javoo!" or something.

 - I'm playing a lot of XCOM right now because I LOVE TURN-BASED TACTICAL COMBAT GAMES.  And no one seems to be playing Payday right now.  Thinking about firing up Minecraft again, I'm feeling the small itch to quest after the Enderdragon.  I think I'm still paying for the server?