Wednesday, April 16, 2014

| Turbotax Online to the Rescue

Not sure if that's the real name, or if I made it up, but last year we used it and it RULED.  We had gone to HR Blocksuckers for a few years prior and each time it felt like we were paying waaaay too much in taxes.  Like thousands too much.  Anyway, after moving to Turbotax we actually got something back, and this year we got a bunch more back, and we did it like 2 months ago.

The moral of the story is yay for me, and to hell with you.  But don't worry, you'll all get your chance when we're audited in 6 years...

Newz and Notez:

 - I'm trying to round out my project management skillz by training for the PMP, no that's not PiMP, it's the Project Management Professional certification.  It is so far the blurst.  I mean, sure it's good to know the official names of some of the stuff that I do anyway (balanced organizational matrix, anyone?), but I swear like many other certifications, it's just intentionally obtuse in order to increase the difficulty so the cert companies can make mo cash off of training and books.

 - Been watching Ripper Street on Netflix.  I thought it would be all about Jack the Ripper (at surfing), and there is a tie, but it's mostly a sort of period, procedural, police drama.  I like that era, and it's a pretty smart show, though rough around the edges.  I recommend.

 - So I kickstarted MERCs.  What an idiot.