Friday, July 20, 2012

Dayum, I'm getting my ass kicked at SW these days! I guess I'm glass joe and you guys are piston Honda or whatever.

Chipotle Burrito Bowl report: very tasty (from Good Chipotle). Salad dressing: tasty. Immediately had to take a very smelly poop afterwards (lit match).
I'm playing a bunch of random dudes from the Something Awful forums, and one cool trick I saw someone do with the Sneeks deck was spawning a bunch of the 0 cost dudes, then killing them on the same turn for the magic points. Talk about trixie shit! (EDIT: Thinking about it, I'm wondering why he didn't just discard those cards for magic at the end of the turn. There might have been an advantage to them being attacked? I don't remember)

Building custom decks seems pretty crucial. There always seems to be some hinky champions that you can swap out with one of the reinforcements or a merc. The common reinforcements/mercs are also pretty slick. I probably wouldn't have ever seen those cards because I don't think I'd buy them in real life, but it's great to have access to it here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

| Trixy Summoners...

I discovered today that my Summoner opponents BOTH decided to become mischievous, trixy, SOBs by creating some custom decks...  A jungle elves gorilla?!?!

I see that the reinforcements actually add new champions and common units.... the arms race is on, betches.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ya, it's by the nordic dude who made The Longest Journey adventure game. Sounds sorta interesting, but it's still an MMORPG which is kind of a bummer.
Aeryk or Rude, heard anything about The Secret World? Sort of an MMO/adventure game hybrid?

It sounds really intriguing to me. Might wait a couple months, see if it's still around and worth checking out.
Yeah, I'll be getting off work Mon and Tue morning in the south bay, so maybe we can meetup for a brunch game sesh. Get in touch if you're feeling up to it!
r00d: I will be in Palm Springs Friday night through Sunday Eve, but I will be about the Beach area Monday until we leave Wednesday night. Are you working swing shifts? Maybe we can work in a little game time. Also, the peace sign bead curtain sounds pretty over the top. Should really "tie the room together".


Holler if you want to play any real life games when you're in town Enron! I have real Summoner Wars or a billion other games. Super close on burning a Barnes and Noble gift card I have on this euro called Castles of Burgundy. It got dice but looks a little brain burny. We'll see! Otherwise their game selection is decent but other than Munchkin stuff, I don't need any of it.

Also, I'm down for whenever on the online gaming! My "office" is looking pretty slick, but the futon we have in here doesn't let me shut the door. So I ordered a sweet beaded door cover thingy with the peace-fingers sign. Should be ridiculous, can't wait!
eLzar: Oi, if by next weekend, you mean 7/21 & 22, then no dice. I will be in El-Lay that weekend.

jr0n: I would love me some Dungeon Crawl Classics. I am out this weekend. For the next few weekend I am out 7/28. Out 8/5. Maybe out 8/11. Obviously out 8/18-8/19.

How to Clean Everything. That is one epic album. It was the Actionteam anthem for a couple of years. I agree that would be a sonovabitch to follow. I certainly wasn't terribly enamored by their follow-up albums, but honestly, most new Punk I hear now generally sounds bland and generic with few exceptions.

Are we now those old guys that would harp on how crappy Metal was in the late 80's and 90's? You know, the guys that would always say Ozzy, Maiden, Dio, Led Zeppelin, etc were great and Metallica and Slayer were shit. Oi.

That being said, I do listen a lot of other current music, just in genres other than Metal and Punk. Mostly because either Aimey ends up being the source or Pandora, which tends to be a mixed bag for new sources.

Maybe in LA I will get some time to play with Summoner Wars. I am just finally decompressing from work hell and may actually get in some games here and there.

I REALLY liked their second album, Less Rock More Talk. It wasn't perfect or as consistant as the first, but I found it really solid. After that, pfft, couple good jams here and there but like J_n said, sludgy metal.

| Geez

Just listened to How to Clean Everything, again, , and frankly, I feel bad for Propagandhi.  I mean, how can you possibly meet or beat that record in content or quality?  I would HATE to have that album to live up to with every subsequent release in my career.  And it's like 20 years old!  Fuck!

Jesus H. Chris knows it, and he downplays how amazing the record is by sort of complaining about it and saying he doesn't really like it (but still likes some of the songs) - that sounds like he's trying to find a way to get the 800lbs gorilla off his back because while there have been some pretty good Propagandhi tunes since then, NOTHING compares to HtCE.

I know, I know, I sound like the Cure fan that only wants them to play songs off of Staring at the Sea or Disintegration, but I guess I sort of am :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Man, How to Clean Everything was a fucking incredible record! And everything after that was so sludgy-metally. What happened? That record still totally holds up, man. One of the greatest, loudest few seconds of any record evar, for my money. tss-tss-tss-DAHNAHNAHNAH!

Aeryk! Bad timing! Like your wife, my family is sojourning to SF this weekend. Maybe we can meet up with her. :) Could maybe work out a trip in one of the next 2 weekends, or you are welcome to come up here!

Also, in those next couple weekends, anyone want to do an online gaming session? I think it's high time we played this Dungeon Crawl Classics. Looks super fun, super easy to make characters and get started (3d6 in order, roll hp, go), and generally a good time. I'd love to do a game starting anytime in the early afternoon either of the next 2 Saturdays.

Edit: and yes, I am pumped for Batman! Last movie I saw was Avengers (which was decent). Last before that was Ides of March back in September, which I agree was pretty entertaining and not what I expected. A low-intensity thriller I guess is how I'd describe it.
I'm excited for new Propaghandi. I remember their albums were kinda getting progressively worse (to me at least),so it'd be interesting to hear them YEARS later. Thanks for listening to my cd Elrick! I still make a few hundred bucks every quarter off radio stations in Spain, maybe I'm helluv famous. Let me get on that follow up, annnny day now... ---- Sneeks is a badass summoner! The fact you can move him around EVERY TURN is pretty epic. I'm on a jungle elves kick lately but I think I want to play with the dwarves next. They got some nasty champions. You can play the designer of the game. His game center name is screamingtruth . He will accept your invite then destroy you. It's amazing how people who are good at this can dominate so hard. ---- lil bopper out
I am actually excited about the new Propaghandi. You can check out a song here. It is going to be released on Epitaph(?). I guess they had a "messy divorce" with Fat. Other than that, I'm with Eric: a lot of stuff I listened to in HS. That and a shit load of Hawaiian music.

| Sneeks: All In against me dorfs

Rudy pulled a super-jerkberg move with his damn Goblin Sneeks and went all in, gobbo rush, extra move cards, extra attack card, AND teleported his Summoner, AND gave them invincibility (hit on 6 only) and charged and surrounded my summoner.  I brought out my badass champion that hits all units within 2 spaces, gave him a +2 attack power and WOULD have been enough to wipe out all the gobbo pricks surrounding me with one hit, buuuuuut I think I rolled 3 hits, none of which were 6's....

All my summoner could do was try and run away while he was cut down from behind by the heartless little gits...

(well done!)

PS I've actually been Bopnana-ing to to some The Highend Sound!  And I'm pretty much old enough that I only listen to stuff I listened to in HS and college - new music scares (bores) me!
Is anyone going to see the new Batman movie? I'm excited for it. I've missed out on most of the new movies I've wanted to see (really wanted to see Prometheus but will probably wait for rental) but I can't miss out on 'ol Bats.

In conclusion, I am very excited to see the new Batman film and will eat popcorn and maybe nachos even though I bet those nachos got a ton of calories which is just poison in your body.

I watched "The Ides of March" on cable the other day and really liked it. It's the "political thriller" with Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. The previews were pretty misleading, as far as what kind of "political thriller" it was going to be, but I was nonetheless drawn in and really enjoyed the tone and performances. Ryan Gosling is pretty awesome. He was also in Crazy Stupid Love which was pretty darned funny. Haven't seen Drive yet, but that's also on my "must see tee vee" list.

I didn't want to see the new Spider Man movie, but I may still catch it on a matinee or something. They were showing Spider Man 3 the other day, and it's not very good. At first I found it really weird that they were already rebooting the series, but after seeing S3, I'd probably reboot it too.

I've swam almost every day in our new pool. It's awesome. I probably only swim for 30 mins max, but it's great to be able to just decide to swim and plop, be right in warm water. It's hot as hell where I'm living, so the pool is a much appreciated perk to the new house.

I haven't been reading at all these days, but I only watch TV when I'm eating or for very short bursts of time after work or before bed. I don't know what I do with my time these days! My "office" (tiny bedroom with my computer and a futon) is almost ready, so then I guess I'll be back on games or something, but even that hasn't been happening much.

What's new in my friends music world? What tunes have you guys been boppin' to lately?

Monday, July 16, 2012

| Ain't No Party Like an Aptos Party

...cause and Aptos party is mandatory.

Next weekend Leslie is heading up to SF for the weekend so it will just be me and the boy if anyone wants to come down for the day/night/day.  The boy goes to bed around 8 or 9, so we could party like its 1989 after that.  Summoner Wars face-to-face, yo!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome Guys!   The Action Team is full of Actions!  
Thanks for the handy link!

Ja-El, here is the TF2 strategy wiki. Useful for n00bs (I include myself, since I've played a ton but can't usually crack the top 25% of the stat boards).
Here's the player aid for all the factions PDF here It has a breakdown of all the factions cards. I've got these printed out for my real set.
OK, bought SW.  It would really help if there's some kind of card summary masterlist for all the classes/cards.  I searched on the web and found a cool one, some guy made a summary card but there's only 4 of em and it only gives the characters, and no spells.  I'll keep looking and share if I find anything.

Played a little bit of TF2 today just for target practice.  I always end up getting frustrated and just running up and shooting people, thinking I'd surprise them or something, but the guy usually avoids my clumsy charge and shoots me down instead.  Meh.   
This weekend I put together an Ikea entertainment center and right near the end I realized I'd put the two side walls on backwards. So there was some sweet exposed particle board for everyone to see. I ALMOST left it but took the time to un-fuck that mess. Their stuff is the worst but I love it.

Wish you could play SW with us Johnny! I totally understand how it wouldn't be as appealing only on iphone. I don't mind it so much because I'll play it mostly on the ipad with the occasional turn here and there on the phone. Once you know the armies, playing on the phone isn't too bad.

bJon: Yeah, the Master Set you picked up was all new factions.  Before that they had to 2 starter sets (Johnny and I played a bunch of the Phoenix Elves/Tundra Orcs starter) and then the individually released factions. So the app is everything up until the Master Set. Since the Master Set there's been a couple new factions and later this year I think they're releasing new Summoners for all the factions. It's an awesome game and getting to actually PLAY a ton, and with so many new factions to me, I'm stoked.

PS: There's a Slapshot iOS app being made! That'll be a blast and super accessible to everyone.