Saturday, May 12, 2012

Edit: took another looksee, and it looks like anyone can play in any region server, so yes! Ja-el, your dreams of running a Chinese gold farm are complete.

If you aren't sold on Diablo 3 yet, maybe you will be excited by this sterling copy from the Wal-mart product description page? (Yes, this was real. They've changed it now after the blogosphere started going after it though.)

The Diablo III PC/Mac Game revolves around an interesting plot which will keep you spell bound. while you are playing. This Strategy Video Game also has some similar setting as the Diablo II like Tristram. The Witch Doctor is a new character in this game, is reminiscent of the Diablo II Necromancer, The Barbarians in this strategy video game have a variety of revamped skills at their disposal on the basis of the use of their incredible physical prowess. Bring home the PC video game to solve the mysteries of the mighty Barbarians.

  • The Witch Doctor is a new character reminiscent of the Diablo II Necromancer
  • The Barbarians will have a variety of revamped skills at their disposal based on the use of their incredible physical prowess.
  • 1-on-1' dueling system coming into play.
In other thrilling news -- finally finished Mass Effect 3 last night. To me, the ending was not the horribad mess it's been made out to be, there were aspects of it that were cool, but it really seemed rushed. It was sloppy and in some ways just didn't make sense. They tried to go for an artsy, epic ending and instead just got kind of stupid. So, a little disappointing, but not enough to ruin the rest of the series, which I really, really liked.

They actually are doing a free DLC that expands on the ending that supposedly doesn't change the events but clarifies them. I guess we'll see.
Played a little bit of the free beta weekend of Diablo 3 a couple of weeks ago, and while it was enjoyable, I don't think it's $60 bucks enjoyable. Torchlight 2 is coming out soon as well and will be $20 bucks. I really liked Torchlight and since the new one will also have 4 player co-op, that will probably scratch my Diablo-esque itch in a more affordable fashion.
I don't know how it happened, but I also ended up getting the Diablie 3.  I fell for their WoW trap.  So now I'm locked into a year of WoW.

On other gaming news.  I'm excited about this.  Anybody else?

Yes indeed - check it out. Servers are by region, though, so it might be gold farmers selling to other gold farmers. :) The links between t'rain and D3 are pretty interesting, huh? Do you know anything about EVE online? There's always all kinds of crazy economic shut (with real world financial implications going on in that game. It's really fun to read about. More later but company is coming soon, oh shit!
Is there any potential "gold farming" money to be made there in the real money auction house chief?   Like a Chinese farming Ops?  

| Blizzard Loves Neil Stephenson

I'm about 10% through REAMDE and after reading a lil' bit about Diable 3's real money auction house model, I am more than a little intrigued by the parallels between T'Rain and D3.  The fictitious T'Rain was build around a Chinese goldfarmer model and with the whole 'cash for virtual goods' angle of D3, it seems either a) someone at Blizzard read an early version of REAMDE, or b) this is a case of the same idea being though and developed independently of one another at the same time (see Deep Star 6 and Leviathan, or The Illusionist and Prestige).

I think jr0n is the only one to have read REAMDE, thoughts jr0n?

PS I have total buyers remorse for D3.  For some reason the thought of playing with my AT pals was enough to make me impulse buy D3, and then looking at screenshots I remember why I don't really like the series.  I hope the game is super awesome and we actually do play together (is that even possible?), otherwise I'm gonna be kicking myself in the dan over this buy.

| Smells like teen spirit again

This morning, with some dubious intent in mind, some vandalists egged our house.  This is the first time this has happened and it seemed so random that there's no apparent rhyme or reason.  My house never got egged even in high school.  I always thougth it was an activity associated with halloween or if you were a real geeky nerd everyone picked on at school.   This was a complete random driveby egging.  Maybe I pissed off the yakuza, but only because I witnessed their drug fested carnage on discovery channel, so they dealt me a raw deal.  Lucky it wasn't a bag of shit, to be honest.

There's only a few people I can think of.  I'm thinking it was one of the kids that tried to sell me some donations for their school activities in which I rejected.  I do remember particularly one kid that fit the bill and would seem like he would do something like that.   But that's totally drawing straws.

I might have to install one of those cameras in front of my door now.

Diablo III sounds fun!   I'd join, but i'm on a computer gaming fast.   We'll see how long I can resist the temptation to drop in 60 bucks for another Blizzard title.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nice to see your mug around Myke! Yeah, that annual pass including D3 is a neat perk.

So that's settled, I'lll probably pick up the game tonight then! Whoohoo, after Wednesday all my notions of responsible parenting are going out the window!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

| Diablo III

Already downloaded and waiting on my machine for 5/15. But you should know that jr0n...

I will say, there are certainly some lazy writing moments on Big Bang Theory, and an over the top laugh track, but there are also some genuinely funny bits in the show...

BD has some good stuff. I used to dislike his work, but have grown to like some of his pieces. I will admit, he has some stinkers for sure, but also some great songs with something to say. I definitely have to be in the mood to listen to him.

I am going to hold back on supporting any zombie games. While I like Zombies and such, I think the gaming scene, in addition to other shameless social scenes, has really put out some stinkers designed to cash in on the Zombie fad right now. I'll take a wait see on any Zombie games/movies/merch.

M-Byke... Welcome back into the fold.

Yes indeed.  In fact, I should start downloading it now (I went for an annual pass on Battlenet -- DORK! -- so I'll certainly be giving Diablo III a go).  PS. I finally figured out which email blogger was attached to so the radio silence can end.  I'm sure you're all thrilled.
Anyone planning on picking up Diablo 3 next week? I'm strongly considering it, had many a good time with it last time around.

Also, check out Big Bang Theory if you want to see some of the absolute laziest writing on TV!

Excerpt I heard on the radio over and over t'other day:

"Nerd" 1: Penny gave me a hug the other day that lasted seven Mississippis. A standard hug is two Mississippis!
"Nerd" 2: She wants to get with you in the most carnal of fashions.
"N"1: Do you really think so?
"N"2: No.
"N"1: (Sadly.) Bazinga.
Laugh track: HUGE LAUGHS!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Actually, I don't feel BD was a great vocalist at all.   Mediocre at best.  His voice sounds like it cracks and his vocal range is short.  His talent was songwrighting.  My first impression of heavens door is GNR's version.  Axl isn't much now, but you lose it if you don't use it.  On the bright side, there's this argentinian guy and a mexican fat impersonators that can sing exactly like AR.  Neat.  youtube it.

Edit: 5/9/12

Then again...  I just went through the billboard top 50 for old times sake, and I didn't find one song I liked. 0.o
Maybe I don't relate to the 2020's, yikes!  60% of the songs sounds like Techno/Chicks belting out funky techno beats.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Other than a handful of songs (like Knocking on Heaven's Door - jam!) I don't really like Dylan either. I felt obligated to like him in my youth, and I respect his lyrical skills, but goddamn I can't stand his voice.

| Back to New York City

The long and the short of the Tale of the Education of Aeryk Khesse, is that when I was young and impressionable, though very picky in my musical tastes (some might say militant?), the B Boys sampled a Dylan song and I hated the way it sounded - completely.

My exposure to Dylan at the time was of spoofs about his voice and that sample, so my experience was a millimeter deep and wide, however, I was pretty sure I didn't like it.

Flash forward to 2012 - I still don't like Bob Dylan's music.  I respect him as a crazy warrior-poet revolutionary voice of the times, but I still don't like any of his tunes.  Not because I'm a stubborn bastard, simply because me no likey.

How did the Beastie Boys teach Eric about Dylan!? I don't know that story.

I remember loving that first album when I was a kid. It was so rebellious.

PS: Jon, next Hero Academy game, let's set it to 3ap per turn. Supposedly that evens things out quite a bit. The default 6ap a turn seems to give first player quite the advantage, according to the internet.