Thursday, June 20, 2013

| Man of Steel, Glass, Blood, Cum, and Particulate

The new superman was alright. It's biggest flaw by far is that is had like ZERO jokes. Way too friggen serious. With a super man like that, it's hard to relate when everything is so dire and joyless. There were a couple of super fights against his fellow vulcans and those scenes were great. The main bad guy was also really good . His name escapes me but he's in a ton of movies and is always entertaining. Holy shit though, the movie was a never ending parade of particulate. The transformer movies are really bad with that too, but this might set some new record for endless amount of broken metal and glass and bullshit flying all around. Seriously guys, it starts to lose its luster after the trillionth office building is scraped and flown through and tossed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We've got a developer who is just waiting out the clock until he retires, and he is a total hack who constantly breaks shit, who is basically forbidden from checking anything into the trunk in the last two weeks before release.

Isn't that sad?

| That's Some Esoteric Sheet, Right Thurr

Posted on Slashdot:

"I hate this version of work......I have some coworkers who always do it. They occasionally forget to merge something back into head, which means they have to revisit the same problem in a few months. If you'r
e going to miss a merge, it's better to miss the merge back into the branch, rather than into head; because as long as it's merged into head, it'll be fixed eventually."

This is one of those times where my usual ability to sort of 'get' what software developers are talking about by leveraging my remedial understanding of software development (and a general greater understanding of Development) and then filling in the blanks (a la Jurassic Park) was REALLY stretched.

Taken out of context, it just reads like gibberish.

In Soviet Russia, head merge BRANCH!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I agree with you about the UI. I'm constantly hiting the ? mark to just get the "cards" instead of the pics. I'm sure if I played enough I wouldn't have to do that, but there's so much going on, it's a bit much. Challenge "rudyriot" sometime, we can play a game over 6 weeks.
Last of Us looks great! Been a long while since I used the PS3 for anything but Blu-ray, but am tempted!

I like Agricola too but yes, it is a little on the brain-burning side to just play casually -- kind of similar to Le Havre in that way (which is a similarly intensive brain exercise in Not Fucking Up).

With Agricola, I wish they had a "barebones UI" version where you could get all of the action cards confined to a single screen without scrolling around. The existing UI is really pretty but I don't like swooping around.

Aeryk have you bought Agricola yet and if so, does that mean you'll be selling your iPad next Kubla? :)

| Last of Us

I'm totally out of the non-iOS game loop, but have any of you video gamers checked out "The Last of Us"? I just happened to look it up and noticed it's scored really well on all the game sites. I guess it's PS3 exclusive and just came out last week, but I don't follow these things anymore so didn't know if any of yous knew about it.

The Agricola app is good. I've got a few games going with my usual Lost Cities/Ascension internet friends, and they did a great job of porting it over. The game itself is still kinda brain burny, but you can't go wrong with how it keeps score for you and other little details that pile on in real life.

Not a game, but my creative writing class is going really well. So far she's given us 1000 word writing assignments each week, and then the following week in class we critique everyone's stories. The two I've written so far have been well received, so I'm digging it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

| ruh-roh

If I was an actual cop and had to go see these people and like horrible bloody crime scenes, I'd probably be all jacked up. But as far as reports go these days, I skim them just enough to get what I need and usually don't bother reading the narratives unless it sounds extra crazy/interesting/funny. Like that beastiality caper, this lady hears sounds from her backyard and looks out the window to see some bucknaked dude spreading his ass in front of her dog, trying to get it to stick it in. Then she's yelling and telling him she's calling 911 and it takes the dude like 5 minutes to get dressed and try hopping over fences. I guess he was drunk/high. The victim in all this is considered City of LA. I don't know how some of these laws work.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

| Happy Father's Day Gents

r00d, I cannot believe it has been a year already. It just doesn't seem like it was that long ago we were at your wedding. Times flies and I get crustier by the day it seems.

eLzar, in follow-up to your alleged dickery. If you don't really get into it, then no dick. But skipping everything and then watching just that scene Benny Hill style is a big end-around buzz kill if you ever intend on watching the show/reading the books through. On the topic, there is an interesting back and forth on whether the books or the series is better, both sides bringing valid points to the table. Personally I still prefer the books, but I can agree on a few points the series does bring to us... "No lamprey pie" language over indulgence.

Also, I hate Bronchitis. I believe I have caught my bi-annual case. For a while there I thought I was going to skip two seasons instead of one this go around. No dice.

r00d, I am not sure how I would take that type of material at work on a regular basis. I guess you get numb to it at some point, but it seems so hardcore.


| dickZar

Because dicks workout with their right arms only.

I can't believe it's been a year already!

Well, happy future Father's Day. If any abusive dad cases come in, you should tamper with/destroy the evidence. "One bro to another."
My father's day weekend also doubles as our 1 year anniversary weekend. And I'll be working too. So far, I've been given the gift of bestiality (the guy was trying to get the dog to fuck him at least), and a fuckton of domestic violence. No murder yet. :/