Wednesday, June 19, 2013

| That's Some Esoteric Sheet, Right Thurr

Posted on Slashdot:

"I hate this version of work......I have some coworkers who always do it. They occasionally forget to merge something back into head, which means they have to revisit the same problem in a few months. If you'r
e going to miss a merge, it's better to miss the merge back into the branch, rather than into head; because as long as it's merged into head, it'll be fixed eventually."

This is one of those times where my usual ability to sort of 'get' what software developers are talking about by leveraging my remedial understanding of software development (and a general greater understanding of Development) and then filling in the blanks (a la Jurassic Park) was REALLY stretched.

Taken out of context, it just reads like gibberish.

In Soviet Russia, head merge BRANCH!