Monday, June 17, 2013

| ruh-roh

If I was an actual cop and had to go see these people and like horrible bloody crime scenes, I'd probably be all jacked up. But as far as reports go these days, I skim them just enough to get what I need and usually don't bother reading the narratives unless it sounds extra crazy/interesting/funny. Like that beastiality caper, this lady hears sounds from her backyard and looks out the window to see some bucknaked dude spreading his ass in front of her dog, trying to get it to stick it in. Then she's yelling and telling him she's calling 911 and it takes the dude like 5 minutes to get dressed and try hopping over fences. I guess he was drunk/high. The victim in all this is considered City of LA. I don't know how some of these laws work.