Thursday, June 20, 2013

| Man of Steel, Glass, Blood, Cum, and Particulate

The new superman was alright. It's biggest flaw by far is that is had like ZERO jokes. Way too friggen serious. With a super man like that, it's hard to relate when everything is so dire and joyless. There were a couple of super fights against his fellow vulcans and those scenes were great. The main bad guy was also really good . His name escapes me but he's in a ton of movies and is always entertaining. Holy shit though, the movie was a never ending parade of particulate. The transformer movies are really bad with that too, but this might set some new record for endless amount of broken metal and glass and bullshit flying all around. Seriously guys, it starts to lose its luster after the trillionth office building is scraped and flown through and tossed.