Tuesday, June 18, 2013

| Last of Us

I'm totally out of the non-iOS game loop, but have any of you video gamers checked out "The Last of Us"? I just happened to look it up and noticed it's scored really well on all the game sites. I guess it's PS3 exclusive and just came out last week, but I don't follow these things anymore so didn't know if any of yous knew about it.

The Agricola app is good. I've got a few games going with my usual Lost Cities/Ascension internet friends, and they did a great job of porting it over. The game itself is still kinda brain burny, but you can't go wrong with how it keeps score for you and other little details that pile on in real life.

Not a game, but my creative writing class is going really well. So far she's given us 1000 word writing assignments each week, and then the following week in class we critique everyone's stories. The two I've written so far have been well received, so I'm digging it.