Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eric: Ha.. well.. that's why unmodded Oblivion sucked, but modded Oblivion was one of the best SP games of all time. ;) I was getting that feeling with WoW until a little bit ago when I found an area with some SERIOUSLY nasty baddies. 2500 hit points each?!

Will have to try the random dungeon thing out later.

I've sort of stumbled onto an "instance" .. holy hell these guys are tough! I love it! I'm assuming these aren't meant to be played solo.. lol. But I don't care, I'm having to fight for my life every time I engage one of these guys. Their 2500 hp to my 700 is a bit of an advantage in their direction.

It's some kind of depths or something or other area.. lots of murloc things. The night baddies are.. bad. Very hard to kill unless I get a crit or two on them.

I should be able to be on later tonight, the wifey and daughter are going out clothes shopping so it will be me and the boy. I can get him set up with some dinner and a movie and hang for a night, sure. May be interrupted here and there, though. LOL.. that might piss some 1337 gamers off. Welp, will do the best I can.

| Dungeons, FTW!

1) Go to Darnassus and check the 'job board' near the bank/hippogryph landing pad. This is a new feature to Cata that gives you a quest in your next appropriate zone. Find the zone, turn in the quest, and you should be pretty good to go.

1a) Yes, there are zones that will curb stomp yo azz. It's not like your beloved Oblivion is before hacking it, the zones don't level with you. ;)

2) Also, remember that Actiblizzard made leveling through the old content easier by design. They want you to get into the new stuff just as bad as Johnny wants to get there. :) That means that there is probably some mob nerfing going on, but as you advance levels the challenges will come. Again, jump into the random dungeon queue. This will make you a member of a team of 5 that have their different roles and you will (usually) be required to be (somewhat) at the top of your game. As you level up, the dungeons become trickier as well. Dungeons, FTW!

3) I should be on tonight... anyone else? :)

| Gen Con!

I didn't get time off for it! :( But they gave me the week off before Kubla, so I'll definetly make that one. I really wanted to friggen do Gen Con. For those that are going, how many days are you going to be gone? Is it like wed-sun?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Thanks for the 411. I'll see if I can look up a more challenging zone.

Also, a general question.. when I hit a target with mark and aimed shot, I do right around 300 pts of damage, sometimes as much as 600+ (assuming this is a critical roll).

I have the follow-up skill at 20% damage bonus for 20 seconds after each kill.. so this ramps it up into the mid 300's for the most part. I feel like my dood is hitting very hard (lots of 1-shot kills on almost anything).. but as a noob, don't want to get over confident.

Is this "good" for level 19/20? Just expected? Or, below where I should be?
Art, if you follow the quest paths, you will find things to be on average a little soft for your level, and by the time you finish all the quest chains in a given zone, you'll be a couple levels higher than the minimum starting point for the next zone. (Which is kinda weird... but better than it used to be, when you'd finish all the quests and then have to grind it out to get tough enough for the next zone.)

Basically it's designed to gently guide you through. If you want things to feel more challenging, look up the level range for one of the higher zones and bop over to it when you're a bit underpowered. Things 2-3 levels higher should provide a decent challenge especially if you try fighting a lot of them at once.

You can also try PVP. PVP is way crazier and tougher. Also, it doesn't provide XP, which is a good thing because you can do lots of it without leveling past the quests. One thing I wish you could do in WoW is shut off or throttle XP gains in dungeons.

This is also a downside of being on a PvE or "care bear" server. On the world PVP servers griefing or ganking can sometimes be a problem, but for the most part I think it's pretty fun and adds to the tension a bit.

Edit: And in late breaking news, Pumpkin is in for GenCon! YEAHHH! Haven't heard if GWAR is gonna make it this year or not.

Went ahead and signed up for the month. Only costed meez $22.

You have 30 days to get me addicted, sir. LOL

Dunno if I'll be up much more tonight (I am le tired). But can try to hook up with you maybe tomorrah after I put the family to bed?

Any places I should try to visit during the day tomorrow, (or places I should absolutely stay away from)?

Other question/issue: seems like everything is leveling up with me in the world. Is that my imagination, or accurate? When I'm level 40, will stags be level 38, or whatever? Are there places I can go right now where I will run into monsters that will absolutely stomp my face? I guess that's one of my ongoing weird-feel questions I'm having... Seems like the level of difficulty is being maintained just below my level? (and therefore, easy as pie?)

Regarding PvP.. I guess I could try that. No doubt I'll get stomped repeatedly by the vets, kind of like playing against the 10 year olds in the arcade that kill you in 3.2 seconds in Street Fighter with a 39-combo move.

| waaar maachineesss!

(sung to the tune of "Space Marines")

I joined a Warmachine league out in the East Bay, played my first session tonight and am happy to report sweet, sweet victory. It was a much different feel than the league Enron and I played last year where we were immediately demoralized and destroyed by the warmachine-playing killbots that occupied that particular store. People were friendly, the store (Endgame) is a much more generally hospitable place to spend time, and most of all, my caster was able to shoot the other one in the head. So yay for me!
I wonder why they didn't drop the price on WOTLK. IT's already 2 years old. Bliz is lame since they know that they could get MORE by making it a stepping stone for it if people wanted to upgrade to cataclysm. Way to suckle the addiction tit. Seriously lame. Ever heard of the maturing product cycle curve?

39 bucks. Do i want to upgrade? or the cata bundle fo 65 hrrmmm??????

On another note, I read one of Jons earlier post. Yeah, warriors kick some serious ass. I was playing an old toon of mine, 20ish level. In TBC and before i had to be extra careful not to run amuck and get swarmed. Now, I barely work up a sweath, and the creatures gets ripped to shreds with 2 -3 hits. I had a 1 hit kill once. Total Vanilla.

| Random Dungeon Tool

Jump in there if you can. If I can finish up my work tonight fast enough, we I'll jump in there and we can do some random dungeons!

Also, queue for some PvP. You think there is no challenge preying on the low green/gray level mobs? Try the most dangerous game of all....
Welp, made level 20 and played for a bit before realizing XP accrual stops exactly AT 20. Whoops.

So I guess it's decision time.

Dunno, lol.

| w0w

The immortal, self-repeating franken-WoW is back in force it would appear. eLzar plied at me for years to get into it and it just never hooked me. As much as I wanted to like the game, especially since all the Actionteam were horribly addicted and going on group raids. Unfortunately, I just didn't see eye to eye with the game. eLzar even sat me down for a few hours and played side by side with me. That being said, I can appreciate the draw. I have definitely had my video game addictions in the past.

I would love to be involved in some Actionteam online gaming party action, but truth be told, I don't seem to have any spare time right now. Between work, wedding arrangements and studying for my stupid real estate license, I am lucky to play 15 minutes of video gaming in a week.

Hey, how 'bout that. The patch fixed things, and I can log in now.

I've run out of Exclamation Point people in the area Eric and I were playing. So, I went on a jog down south and have found a group of folks in need of help, lol.

ALthough, I'm back to gathering berries again at level 19.

I WANT to love this game, to feel the addiction.. and I'm not getting sucked in. =(

I'm killing almost everything in one-shot (aimed shot with hunters mark) I run into, including mini-bosses? At most, it takes one opening shot and a single follow up shot. Is that right?

I don't think I'd pay to play this game, unless you guys are in it. Seems to me that's the only real compelling reason to join up. Do we have a regular night? Can we make one? LOL

Or, let's fire up some NWN2 or OMG MINECRAFT! Heh.

If I want to play some single-player adventure/fantasy games, I think modded Oblivion is an unbelievably better product. Meh, what to do, what to do.

In all seriousness, anyone interested in getting a Minecraft server going? It's only like $15 and unlimited funzorz. Can make scenarios (capture the flag, defend the castle), just build awesome defenses against the zombie and skeleton hordes, or have exploratory missions into the wild! Just make sure you get a nice texture pack, the stock stuff is terrible, lol.
Jay-Lee: Personally, I probably wouldn't buy glasses like that. I believe the health benefit to wearing something like that, but glasses aren't comfortable to me. Maybe if they were extremely unintrusive I would consider it, but even now, I can barely deal with wearing glasses for a 3D movie. It just irritates my face.

You made me think about how much time I spend staring at screens and it's really obscene. :( At work, that's about 9 hours straight, and then when I'm home, if I'm not on the computer, chances are I'm looking at the tv or my phone. That's awful.

WoWers: You don't push me away from WoW Elric! It's a fun game. I was in good guilds that did high level instance stuff and pvp. I saw all kinds of hilarious drama, even crazier than shit on "The Guild". Enjoyed it all.

But since then I've just gotten more into gaming in general and I prefer more varied and challenging experiences. I paid my hundreds of dollars to the blizzard machine, and now I think I'm done. I can't see past the well engineered time-sink which makes me feel kinda dirty. If they take the billions of dollars they make and create a new game, I'll be stoked! I'm there Day 1! But for now, I'll just keep checking back, hopeful!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'd have to go with not so much on the gaming glasses. I already have prescription reading glasses I can use if I'm feeling eye strain. I'd be surprised if there's a big market for these?

Regarding WoW: There's some kind of patch / download thing happening right now. I'm hopeful that it will fix mah problemo. I guess we'll see in about 10 minutes.

Regarding Beer: I think my new favorite beer is W'11, KGB. Damned GOOOD beer.
Excellent summation of Defense by the Wow Expert! Had me convenced at 1.

on another topic, talking about beer etc, this has nothing to do with beer. Just want to get some opinions, thoughts, negativity, /ignore, I had a company make me a pair of computer lenses for a frame that I made. I'm making a prototype computer glasses, which is pretty popular these days.

It reduces glare, eases strain, reduces fatigue, by changing the tint, as well as focusing the distance between the screen to the distance of the pupil.

Just taking a poll. How many of you guys would buy something like this? Just curious. OK - blast away, (it sucks, boba idea was better, beer is good, etc etc.)
Apparently I submitted a help ticket to the "wrong" help ticket department.

Eh, ok. So I have now resubmitted at the link provided by Blizzard to Blizzard.

| Or maybe

Its the DDoS attack that started in December...

| Only Thing To Do

Aeryk for the good of The Action Tram u need to penetrate Bluzzard's security and fix this bug
Btw, this is EXACTLY what I'm running into:

WoW Support Forums

Trial accounts can't post. Eric, anyone with an active account.. willing to bump on my behalf? A solution would be awesome.

Similar thoughts 'round the internets:

Teh Game Eez Brokes OHNOES

Also, looked up cost to get full game.. $99, WITH a 23% discount, and THEN another $200 a year. Ouch. =/ Honestly, I'd probably pay it anyway if we could play regularly. Cheaper than airfare to San Fran to game with you guys, lol.

Also-also.. just read that trial accounts are level-capped at 20. Not the end of the world, but that's kind of a bummer. Hell, I almost made it to 20 in one day of playing! Hmm, dunno. Will have to do some hard figurin' on this one. But if the bug isn't fixed, then my mind is kind of made up anyway.
Sent in a ticket to Blizzard support, will be shocked if I hear back. Will be astonished if they fix it and will be extremely inclined to purchase.

The only other thing I can think of is that due to the location of my despawn, I'm fuxxored? In my email, I asked if they would try to get my character moved back to town so I can try it out, no idea if that will work.

Welp, back to killing Zombies, Skeletons, Giant Spiders and Creepers in Minecraft for now.

I'm going to learn how to place rail and make powered carts as my next project, I think. Should be fun to build some roller coasters (ok, and some utilitarian stuff too).

Monday, February 07, 2011

Yar, sure did.

Dunno man, guess I'm just one of the unlucky folks who have this bug for reasons unknown.

Sucks, because I was looking forward to spending some hours tonight getting into the 20's with my dood.

| Repair.exe

Did you run this from your WoW folder?
Tried deleting WTF folder, updated drivers... meh, hangs at about 95% of load.

Can't get in. Damn! Really wanted to give it a shot and see what was beyond 20.
In other news, I'm considering applying for a job with teh Railroad as a conductor. Lulz.. TOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOT. Looks like pretty good pay, especially for a low-cost-of-living base of operations (can chose Vancouver, WA or Pasco, WA in my neck of the woods).

And to clarify (and boost my non existent post count meter, lol)..

Killing 15 sand crabs was a LOT OF FUN as long as I had someone else to do it with.

The solo game, not so much.
I actually was starting to enjoy the storyline a bit after I got out of the "kill 15 sandcrabs" missions.

But, now, I am apparently one of thousands of players that are experiencing an awesome bug.. can't log into the character once you get past level 10. I can create a new character and get into the world, but my dood that I played up to level 16 or 17 I can't play anymore.

Welp, that sucks. I was going to try and game for an hour today while I had a minute to do so, but looks like that's screwed. Reading through the technical support forums, this seems to be a widespread problem that is on Blizzard's side as of the last round of patches (whenever that was).

I'll keep trying to log in here and there, but I'm not real interested in replaying levels 1-15 over and over. I guess WoW has 8 days left to fix it and get me hooked or no moola for them, lol.

| The Defense Does Not Rest!

Everyone is gonna do what they are gonna do no matter what I say about WoW, and some (Enron) possibly because of what I say about WoW, but let me throw my 2 cents in coming from someone that was pretty heavy into the game about a year ago:

1) Enjoy the ride. If you don't enjoy your time playing as you work your way to 85, it ain't for you.

2) There is lots and lots of challenging content on the way to 85. Dungeons and Battlegrounds are terrific ways to level pretty efficiently and have fun PvPing as well as learning the boss fights in dungeons. The random dungeon tool is great for this.

3) Achievements are nothing to scoff at as far as a motivator for playing. MOST do nothing for you in game, a rare few offer kick-ass flying mounts and titles, but the challenge of completing them is definately interesting enough for me to keep trying them. Feel like a dungeon has nothing to offer you after the 10th time you have run it? Try it on heroic (if it's offered) and then try to do some of the associated achievements like timed-runs, or take down the boss with no one suffering from a certain attack, etc. Kept things fresh and fun for me.

4) Guild runs in ANYTHING is more fun. 5 man dungeon runs with only people you know that may or may not know the content is one of the best things going. Learning to tank/heal/etc. bosses and 'dungeon tricks' is a blast!

5) Run the addon "Recount". This lets you see your DPS (HOTs, total damage, etc.) and helps you to really dial in your attack cycles and keeps you on the hook for running dungeons that have items that you really need/want so you can take your dps to the next level.

6) Try getting on a 2v2 or 3v3 Arena team. If you think you are badass and the game is too easy for you, this will be a HELL OF A WAKEUP CALL! And another thing to work on, practice, and improve on.

7) Explore other characters for a while. Different classes will offer different challenges for the same quest.

8) I agree it can be easy at times, which isn't altogether bad for me as I simply enjoy the ride.

9) Getting into an active guild will change your perspective significantly as well. If you have mature guildies, a lot of new play options will open up.

In the end, I will never convince anyone to play (though I might push Enron and Rudy further away with my efforts), but if you are dissatisfied with what you are doing, try something else out and see if that is interesting.

I had a friend at work that only wanted to powerlevel because he thought the endgame and being the best/highest level/etc. was the only way to play. After he achieved badassness, he went back and took it slower, explored other characters, got into the fluff, etc. and has been enjoying the ride ever since.

Again, I'm just sayin'. :)
1) Have to plug this: Steelers really choked in the 1st and 4th. Joe Montana wouldn't have let the 2 minutes gone wasted. That's all i have to say bout that. SB commercials and Fergy/BEP was Trontastic.

2) Did someone say AXIS AND ALLIES ONLINE??? in like frynn. I tried that before and took me only 2 hours to get through the entire game. Pretty awesome interface/graphics for a Java game.

3) Last night I went to Northrend and it skewed my OP yet again. Getting a flying mount, joining the other bgs, was pretty cool. 1.4 million EXP for 1 level though??? outrageous, when the avg quest only gives 20,000, 50 quests roughly for 1 level. ugh. wtf. Takes about an hour to do 4-6 quests.

When you going to be online again next? I dunno if I can pull many more 10 hour straight stints, lol. But I can get on for an hour or two with ya?

Hear you on Minecraft. You may be surprised how much better it is with the recent versions that have come out and oh man, what a difference a nice high-res texture pack does for that game! Although, I think the best part of the game is working with others to build defenses against the hordes, highways / railways to distant outposts / forts.. etc.

I don't think I mentioned the REALLY REALLY GOOD part about the other night:

The absolute BEST part about the whole thing was gaming with friends! Had a blast with Eric.

That being said, if gaming with friends is the major draw, why not pick something we can all do together (that may not require grinding / monthly subscription)?

NWN2? Minecraft?

I think both of these offer the ability to create scenarios, play as a group, have persistent worlds.

I miss it! Hell, we could just play Axis and Allies online and have fun. lol
In happier gaming news, has anyone played the boardgame Earth Reborn? I hear it's similar to Space Hulk but supposedly a better game. Looks interesting in pictures, but haven't had a chance to watch any video reviews yet. BGG: Earth Rebornagain

Considering picking up Magicka on Steam - up to 4 player isometric hack n slash where you all play mages. There's a demo, check it out. Really interesting magic system in that you basically combine different elements on the fly to create spells. It's tongue-in-cheek, so there's some funny stuff there.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

| brewkkake

i forgot where i heard that, but that's a good name

| Alas

It was a magical 16 hours of hope for me! Thanks for the good times! :)

FYI, the beer I'm brewing in about 30 minutes will be the 10/10/60 Pale Ale. Myrthiinaim and Fernetbranco both hit 10 last night, and Allodin hit 60! Huzzah!

| I hate sports

WoW doesn't interest me nowadays but I really can't imagine what you find unintuitive about the interface Art. I think they've got one of the most elegant and intuitive interfaces out there. I just find the core gameplay boring, but that's after playing it two years straight, mind you. If you're not used to the genre, maybe it seems kind of alien, but Blizzard really are masters at what they do.

I'm also just into prettier games right now - sorry Minecraft! I tried it a few months ago and it doesn't do it for me. Reminds me of Dwarf Fortress in that I'd rather hear about it or watch videos of people playing, than play it myself.
Can't say i'm too excited with the prospect of spending a month working up to 85.

Well that was short-lived... so what's next on the list? and pass the ice cream.
Also, mandatory MINECRAFT OMG follow-up post.

I really think you guys would LOVE this one. So awesome.
The only other real quibble is that WoW seems to be very rinse/repeat on every quest. Get just within range of one bad guy, lure him into an unfair fight, inch up, repeat until you get to the quest item / boss.

As long as you stick to this, seems like it's pretty straight forward for the solo player. Only time I ever get in trouble is when I don't see the bad guy and get WTF butt-pumped.

Also, I know I already said it below, but the sheer volume of skills (and overlapping at that) is a little overwhelming.. I'm hoping there's some kind of key binding shortcut for the quick launch menu bars but I haven't figured that out yet (again, not intuitive).
I never tried it but I remember it sounded like the most amazing game before it came out. Once it came out, it sounded really bad. I think its very similar to the Witcher in that there's a little bit of interactivity in the combat (swing up/mid/low). Oh yeah Warhammer is even free now, but haven't tried it.
Rude have you ever tried Age of Conan? Of all the other MMOs out there that's the only one that seems tempted at all. Dunno if it's jank or if it's free-to-play though.
I didn't get sucked back into WoW. The low-level Cataclysm changes didn't ...WoW... me. It feels too dumbed down. Also, part of the problem for me is that there are so many free-to-play MMORPGs now (LOTR, DnD, Champions, etc), I just can't justify the $15 bucks a month price tag for mmmo-style gameplay. Enjoy it you Plebes!

After one full night of playing Wow, I can't say that I'm fully addicted yet, and there are some good things and some iffy stuff. First blush:

The Good:

1. After you hit level 15, you start getting some missions/quests that are actually interesting, require a little bit of strategy and are challenging.
2. Runs very smoothly on my sorta outdated box.
3. Lots of friendly helpful players. Even once Eryk passed out from many beers, there were folks around willing to help a noob.
4. I want to play again

The Bad:

1. Gameplay is not real intuitive.
2. The minimap / quest map SUCKS and lies to you all the time.
3. Warcraft plays like a game that has been around forever and has been expanded and expanded and expanded to give its playerbase "new" features and content to keep them interested. 20 equipment slots! 1,500,001 feats, abilities, WTFBBQ's!
4. As of day 1, not going to spend $60 or whatever to keep playing (yet)

The Ugly:

1. L-Rock dry humping my character repeatedly.
2. I still want you guys to try out Minecraft and get hooked on that too.
3. Hahaha... some guy actually threw me an "A/S/L?" request. 14/f/cali, baby! LOL