Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I saw that Raging Heroes one yesterday! Apparently it was funded (to 12k) in thirty seconds? Thought about mentioning it, then realized: who am I kidding? Pump is on top of that shit.

Matt (whose KS funding could contend with, and possibly beat any of ours) was big into Myth as well. The idea seems cool and it came with a ludicrous amount of stretch goal freebies, so I hope it's awesome! Of course if it is TOO awesome, I'll be kicking myself for not jumping in on it. So it goes.

Speaking of Larry Elmore, one of my prized possessions at... 14? was an "Art of Dragonlance" book. Flying citadel on the cover? Gotta say I thought Kitiara looked pretty good in that skintight blue armor. That book and a collection of Piranesi etchings JP gave me are the only art books I've ever owned. I'm quite the collector.

| The Walk of Shame

Yeaaah...  So it's my turn then?

Wasteland 2
- Still waiting for my snake squeezings.

Shadowrun Returns
- Still waiting chummer.

Class of Heroes II - Missed the goal (sad trombone)
- The company was already going to release this as digital only (PSP game through PSN).  The kickstarter was for a physical deluxe release.  The game is a Japan old school styled dungeon crawler (ala Dark Spire, only more anime characters).  Luckily, even though it failed, it showed there was enough interest for physical copies.  So they're doing a limited printing (yes, I ordered a copy).

Reaper Bones
- So much plastic...  That's what I've been told anyway.  No toxic Chinese plastic for me as well.

- I glued my human team.  That's good right?  Aaaand I lost a couple of goblin heads (never to be found) trying to rip open the little plastic bag.

Bombshell Babes Miniatures
- I think the title says it all.  Even better, package was delivered.

The Art of Brom
- Still waiting for mmmm... bondage nurse...  Book of collected works.  He did the original Darksun cover art.

Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook
- Still waiting for Goldmoon.  Comprehensive book, including art from Dragonlance and Basic D&D.

The Cookening - Sad Trombone

Kingdom Death
- Still waiting for...  you know, despite the fact that they are fighting for their very survival, those women look extremely healthy and well fed.  Just saying, I don't think you get curves like that hunting and gathering.

The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Volume 1
- Still waiting for tomorrow...  See what I did there.  The kickstarter was to collect a webcomic into a book.  How quaint!  This one is my favorite strip.  It speaks to me for some strange reason (I'm pretty sure it's funny, if only I had paid more attention in philosophy class).

Dresden Codak

Torment: Tides of Numenera
- Still waiting for... yeah, I've got nothing.

- Recently finished.  This was a total impulse buy.  Cooperative Heroquest clone.  I also like that there is no GM (AI mechanics).  We'll see if I regret it later.  It did have miniatures, so it won't be a complete wash.

Dwarven Forge
- Recently finished.  I think this was to make up for our SoCal Gen Con missed opportunity.

Robotech RPG Tactics
- Recently finished.  Sooo many minis that will never get painted or played.

- Peer pressure!  I don't even like miniatures!

There's some new ones I'm eyeing.  Going to be so broke.

Call of Cthulhu 7th ed
- Normally I'd just buy it at the store, but the stretch goals might push me over the edge.  I don't know how I feel about the fact that they have separate books for the players and keeper.

Mekton Zero
- Mecha pen and paper RPG.  As above, those damned stretch goals.

Wargods of Olympus
- Miniature wargame.  Looking at you amazon minis.

and the very best for last:

Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy
- This is the description:
"Raging Heroes is a small French studio that produces high quality miniatures. The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are 3 armies..."
"By supporting this Kickstarter, you'll help us release three all-female 28-mm Sci-Fi armies."

French guys making female minis?  Sold!  Right, I'm off to sell a kidney.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Yeah, I'll be honest, it was disturbing when I learned I threw more at Kingdom Death than Pump.

To be fair he had a lot of it already from GenCon. But still.

| The road to Denis... paved in miniatures. KS loves you.

Well with Kickstarter it's best to think not in "numbers" but rather in "fun units". I am owed a lot of fun units, yes.

Yeah it's hard to resist the minis games. They all look so cool and then they just pile the rewards on. KS has been great for the up and coming mini producers. But this bank is definitely broke until next year (at least). Anyway, pragmatically any game that comes out is gonna be available down the road at 20-30% off MSRP anyway so might as well wait.

| Ah. I see.

You ain't fuckin around with your KS funds, are you?  Those are some pretty big ticket purchases right there, boyo.  Using my mental bar napkin math skills, you appear to be out at least a grand on items that have yet to ship?  Since I'm in denial about something I need to do at work right now, and I work better under pressure, I too shall quickly summarize my KS backs:

D-Day Dice - Delivered by a corrupt son-of-a-bitch at Valley Games, but none the less, it's in my hands, mostly unplayed.  All the stretch rewards sort of got me hot to trot about getting a bunch of 'free' stuff, which I regret. The PnP was lots of fun, but for some reason the real version is lacking.  Would be a better app.  Likely destined for the auction house.

Gunship: First Strike! - I think my first Kickstart?  I grabbed this one because it was a novel idea, KS I mean.  It's a dice game that I've heard is totally boring but the guy who made the game is super committed, and sort of sad.  He works at a sign shop and they like cut his hours by 80% during the campaign so all his eggs are in the G:FS! basket.  I hope it succeeds and he can continue eating food.  Auction house fodder.

Flash Point: Urban Structures and 2nd Story - I missed the first KS for the base game and after playing Rudy's copy, I really liked it and grabbed one.  I like everything about this game, the campaign had some nice stretch rewards, and it delivered on time.  One of my Eric's Hotness games right now.

Unexploded Cow - Cheapass returns with a KS.  I didn't play the cheap copy I had, why did I KS this one?  Delivered on-time, didn't even bring it to the con to play.  Or did I?  Maybe it's amazing, maybe it will land me $3 at the auction house.

DrunkQuest - Delivered on time, and I knew I wasn't going to play it much, but I wanted to support the guys that created a game that I always wanted to see.  I was working on a better drinking/fantasy game that was supposed to be revealed as a bachelor con offering for Jon, and then for Aaron, and then for Rudy....  customized cards and quests, it would have been awesome, but I digress.  The quality of the game is great, but it made me drink my delicious beers way too quick, and the gameplay is terrible, and my beer limit is like 2 these days, so this one was sold at the Fleabag.

Airborne in Your Pocket - Total mistake.  Also by the corrupt son-of-a-bitch at Valley Games, and it's future is undetermined since Valley Games is in court right now being sued by a previous business partner and the courts have held like $250k until the case is resolved.  I never should have backed it, I don't really want it, but like the D-Day dice was woo'ed by the stretch goals.

DreadBall -   Delivered, awesome, fun, lot's of stretch rewards!

The Cookening - RIP

Up Front -  See Airborne in Your Pocket and D-Day Dice.  However, IF this thing ships, it will be AMAZING.  They continue to post artwork and rules updates, so it seems like it MIGHT ship even though all those funds are frozen.  This was a risk worth taking for me because the payoff will be soooo sweet if it happens.

Dungeon Roll -  $15 for a dungeon dice rolling game.  Sort of like buying a candybar at checkout.  Not sure if its late, I don't think so.

Flash Point: Extreme Danger -  Anything FlashPoint is an auto-back for me.  Due to ship far in the future.

DeadZone - Really, really excited to see this hit the table.  I've even picked up some ArmyPainter dip and have almost finished organizing the garage for some space to play (and host a weekend of games) in preparation!

| heart-start

Enoto's Movie Adventure
Backed: by my heart, all day everyday.
Reward Delivery Estimate: :( ???
Status: Nobody knows the trouble I seen.... :(


Monday, June 03, 2013

| Kickstarter Review

Anyone catch GoT? People losin' their shit up in this piece.

Anyway, now that another bitchin' Kickstarter it's done, it's time to review the ones I've backed!

Double Fine Adventure
Backed: 3/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 10/12
Status: I have no idea? Soon, maybe? I don't really watch the videos and haven't been to the forums.

Wasteland 2
Backed: 4/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 10/13
Status: On track, I think? The videos look good. These guys were smart and actually planned for the length of time it takes to develop a video game, as their estimated length of time to develop their video game.

Shadowrun Returns
Backed: 4/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 1/13
Status: I think it's getting made? I keep seeing videos.

Note that when I say "I see videos" for these I mean, video URLs are being emailed to me. I don't actually watch any videos. I hate watching videos.

OGRE Deluxe
Backed: 5/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 11/12
Status: Famously late. But they seem to have all the kinks worked out and supposedly will ship 10/13. The plus side is that it looks AWESOME. We are going to have an OGRE day and play nothing but OGRE all of that day, even if this has to occur at gunpoint.

Backed: 5/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 6/13
Status: I don't care. This is the only one I wish I hadn't backed. The updates are too long, thorough, and sort of overly eager to please in a doggedly professional and yet pretentious way. The last really should not surprise me, the game is called "Republique."

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
Backed: 6/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 11/12
Status: Game was actually delivered in... January/Feb I think? I haven't played it yet. Minis are awesome, bits are cool, setting is neat. The first rules of the game were super buggy with lots of holes, but updated cards coming with the Wave 2 stuff (when I get my sweet Firefly crew knockoff minis!). I'll fire it up then, it looks fun.

Tales from the Fallen Empire (Dungeon Crawl Classics setting)
Backed: 7/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 1/13
Status: Late. But it's a cheap, small press game written by one dude and progress seems to be happening, so I'm not sweating it. Maybe if it's not here by the time we start our yearslong, online DCC campaign I'll be upset.

Reaper Bones
Backed: 8/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 3/13
Status: Late. There were megazord China shipping problems that affected about half the backers. Who has two thumbs and was affected by megazord China shipping problems? This guy.

But July will be SO AWESOME when they get here. I will NEVER have time to paint them.

Relic Knights
Backed: 9/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: 5/13
Status: Late. This is the one that really disappointed me -- I was really hoping to have this to build/play/not paint over the summer. I do think it'll be good once it gets here. The minis look great and they put out review rules during/after the KS which seemed to really help tighten things up. Aeryk you will totally play this anime wargame with me right? Your busty babe war leaders get cute animal companions that help you cast spells and * weeps uncontrollably *

The Cookening - A 2D Action Adventure Game
Backed: 12/12
Reward Delivery Estimate: N/A
Status: Well, this one didn't make it. Sorry Pedro.

Kingdom Death: Monster
Backed: 1/13
Reward Delivery Estimate: 11/13
Status: No idea if this one will ship on time. I sort of doubt it since the KS was WAY more successful than anyone could have anticipated, but I think there's a chance: the guy who runs this seems both super hard working and honestly fucking crazy. I'm actually really excited about this one. I have no idea if the game will be good -- the idea is cool (co-op, weird fantasy Monster Hunter with a civilization building mini-game), but I 100% bought this one for the really incredible minis (note, did not buy any dick monsters; showed relative restraint on the pin-ups).

Dwarven Forge Gaming Tiles
Backed: 4/13
Reward Delivery Estimate: 10/13
Status: This was the one that made me swear off Kickstarter for the indefinite future. I bought a fuckton of these fuckers. Dwarven Forge seems really committed to making this one ship on time, and they've both been around the block and presumably have seen enough other KS projects go awry to avoid the pitfalls -- I think it be out by end of year at worst.

Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition
Backed: 5/13
Reward Delivery Estimate: 10/13
Status: Swore off Kickstarter except for this, I guess. This is probably my main armchair gamer game from over the years. Not only have I never played it, I don't think I've ever seriously thought about playing it or even discussed a single word or fact about the game with any of you. Maybe this will be the edition that changes everything? Nah, but it's going to be fun to read through.

So that's the sort of depressing roundup. I am happy to hand off my KS crown to enr0n. The sad part is I'm going to get all of these late projects right at the end of the year, exactly when I lose all of my free time due to having two kids. Go me!

| Boobla Khan Pics

Yes, the Boobla Khan pics are up. I meant to add that to my last post, but I seem to have forgotten. Same password. Batman. Punches. Joker. something something no spaces. Blah blah.

The pics turned out pretty good, but my main monitor's power supply blew and I had to use my secondary monitor. The color/gamma correction is off on these photos as a result, but I am not sure when I will be able to spring for a new, quality 24"+ IPS panel :/ I will just have to fight with my old 20" panels with fading color calibration capabilities.

r00d, I am sure you have some good ones. It takes a while to get the technical side down, but I think you have a eye for shots. Just keep plugging away and the technical side will catch up.

I missed out on that Kickstarter. Looked cool but I don't have any inclination toward the assembly and paintage of miniatures. Playing with them is rad, but I feel like I'd have to take on an entire other hobby to cover the assembly portion. Bring that shit to the next connage.

PS - the new con pics on your site are awesome Enron! I have so much to learn.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Damn, that game looks awesome! I just don't have the dough right now. I'm REALLY stoked that enr0n is onboard. I think between enr0n, Aeryk and Matt I'll probably be covered for a game!

Let me know once the pledge manager rolls around and if anyone is willing to tack on a little bit to their order, I will throw in for some scenery (that stuff is awesome) and maybe a faction. The Forge Fathers look pretty darn cool.

(Just gotta resist for four more minutes....)

| So much wallet pain...

Yeah so, the past few hours the pledge amounts have gone up like crazy. I kicked in 250, 150 for the strike pledge and 100 for bonus bits, although I am not sure which yet... Looks like fun. If it isn't I will have to make eLzar eat all of my minatures. I will at least let you eat them with a sundae. eLzar and I are pretty sure the two $5,000 pledges are Pumpkin and Matt.

WHQ has been great fun. I have been playing 30 min to an hour here and there. Still haven't tried hardcore, but I think I will, once I get bored with the group I have now.


| DeadZone - a million bucks later

It's at 1,023,500 right now and they just upped the amount of free terrain sprues in the Striker package.  It's insane.  Solo rules, solo zombie attack rules, multi-board rules, co-op, SO MANY MINIS!!!!

5 hours left!  Get in on this jr0n!