Saturday, December 31, 2011


If you hate WoW.


The guild totally did two nights of dungeon runs! We maxed out our weekly guild XP from doing instances and I think everyone went up like 8 levels over the two nights.

Peter, Denis, Me, and Chris (old pal from work) ran Ragefire, Deadmines, Shadowfang, and Wailing Caverns and I think had a lot of fun doing it. Got lots of kewl items, lots of kewl achievements, and at one point only randomly ran Shadowfang 3 times in a row. :\

Blizzard has redone many of the low level dungeons and updated them so they are more challenging and make more of an interesting go of it.

Ether way, good times were had and looking forward to some more!

Myke, gotta get back from Texas so you can get in on this, yo :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I would play A&A OR Diplo over email! Real time seems damn near impossible with this crew, so I think email would be some hot shit.
I played axis and allies online a few times a couple of years back. It was definitely quick and the graphics were quite impressive considering it's an online java game. I'd be down if others are (highly doubtful due to a strong resistance to MB games). And thankfully, it's not one of those PBEGTFOM javas. It's actually real time. I just don't think it'll ever happen though!

Viva La Resistaaaance! -Agent Lee

| 40k RTS

All right guys, time for a shameful admission, I'm kinda intrigued by 40k. BUT, the last thing I need to do is buy more frickin' miniatures. I see the Dawn of War II complete pack is on sale for $20 on Steam. Seems like a good way to get my fill of Dreadnoughts n' shit without wasting a bunch of scrilla. Is anyone else interested? I will totally pull the trigger!

| PBeM

I will totally play by email if we play Diplomacy. It's the game that play by mail was practically invented for!

C'mon Aeryk, you know you want to unleash your inner bastard.

| No, no no, Fa La La La La!

Rugs, that is great about the AFLAC shop. I am sure it feels lovely to be back in the saddle working again. Funemployment is great for about two to three weeks and then just starts to way down on the sad glands.

I think eLzar had pushed a little on play by mail a few years back, but I don't know that it ever took off. Might be worth looking into.

Happy holidays everyone. Hope everything has gone well so far. After a few days off in LA, I am back at work today. Yippie.


Monday, December 26, 2011


Hai Guyz!

Real life has been kickin' my ass lately.. come back for a look see and Rood man done got hitched up! Good for you mang! Just know your lady friend is now going to be eight shades of crazy while she plans her perfect day, lol.

I'm in full swing with my new jerb.. opening my own AFLAC shop! Been in training the last few weeks and getting up to speed. It's all kind of a blur, lol.

Regarding Christmas, the family elected to go non traditional this year. So I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite specialty rolls from our favorite Japanese restaurant! What could go wrong, right? Haha..

Making the rice red and green didn't go quite as planned, lol. But the flavor was still outstanding. I remain a little shocked that it came out so well, it was really, really good!

The rolls were filled with tempura shrimp and teriyaki chicken with avacado. Outside with bonito flakes and sweet sauce.


Elrock, haven't forgotten about WoW.. just haven't had time for much gaming at all mang. Hoping later this week maybe? Meh, I know you're running out of time, sorry. We'll have to figure out some time though, for sure.

What do the rest of you jerks think about doing some games-by-mail stuff? Ever looked at that website? Axis and Allies! Whenever it's your turn you can log in and take your turn on the website, then check back as other people go through their turns. Only takes a few minutes to process your turn, too. It's pretty fun! I did it a while back with a different group of guys. Wonder what else is on there we could screw around with. It solves the whole "I'm too busy to play games" issue. Don't have to worry about conflicting schedules, etc.

Ok, welp.. off to get a haircut then it's time to go schmooze business! :)
'Twas merely a jest. I don't want to get it until I've got a solid month to play it, so maybe after the holidays settle things down.

I got the Galaxy Trucker expansion! Which is cool, I was starting to feel like it was getting a bit easy. Adds lots of different things to the game, excited to try it out.

Hope everyone had a good one!
Did you end up getting Old Republic Jono? Any thoughts? You made a comment that the level up sound was the light saber woosh, but maybe that was in jest.

What did Wylie get for xmas? Howd the rest of you do? I got clothes n shit, LIKE THE LAST 35 YEARS, arrrgh!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

happy x, yo

| Merry Christmas, jerks

Hey, I'm old school. 60 is the one and true level cap! I remember us dueling in front of iron forge, Paladin vs Druid - so much fun! I'd get so mad when you'd bubble, hahah. And also use potions! I'd still beat you but COMEON!