Thursday, May 19, 2011

Congratulations Ry! That's great news. From one uncle to another, it's easy peasey. Get em something every third x-mas, woo. :)

Goodluck with Amazon Art! I spend so much money with those cocksuckers, you hurry up and get hired so you can give me the scoop on more shit to buy.

Edit: DUMB GAME NEWS: The next big update to Minecraft is supposed to drop next week. Official Nether support (so shit actually works in there like those pig-men), trap doors, billion bug fixes, etc. That should coincide with Convention Time.
Ok, wow. I'm back in reality land again. Been a weird month or two.

Ryan, great news mang! Congrats. :) You get all the fun without any of the required dirty work.. lol. I'm going on 7 years straight of changing diapers and I'm ready to retire from that line of work.

In other good news.. I apparently have an "in" at that I didn't know about. So, I should have a meeting with their executive recruiting department tomorrow! Hope that works out.. I've had enough of the bad luck job hunting, lol.

And.. AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaron:

| Well...

... I'm an uncle. Cade Dillon McCallister was born last night. He is 10 lbs., 10 oz., 21.5 inches long. A big boy indeed. My sister and baby are fine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was just thinking today about how friggen LONG we've been going to cons. And how in those early highschool/college era cons, we'd RUN around the place. Like I think one con someone had a video camera and there's footage of like Aaron/JP/Eric or something RUNNING through the stairwell. We are so old now! We ain't running shit! :(

So this con, run, run with the wind!
so, everyone likes my quote so much, got everyone tounge tied huh? Cuz you know it's true.


We should do a 5 man run this con around the open gaming then into the toilet room and flame it.
Heed this advice about being honest to your GF":

From the great Conan the Barbarian/Gubvernator "Eating isn't Cheating"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We'll part ways before SF, so it's cool. She has stuff to do that weekend. She's the first girl that I'm honest with about the reason I'm going up there. Usually, in the past I'd say something like "going up to San Francisco to meet up with my bros. We have a reunion there every year. Party, drink, ya know." Then I'd show like the 2 pictures from Knuckles that don't show any actual games being played. That doesn't sound gay! Now I'm all "going for a gaming convention, like Dungeons and Dragons."

| Traffic tickets is the answer to our deficit

1) turn on your headlights when it rains -- it's a 285 dollar ticket

2) stop at a red light before making a right turn --

two tips i got from a friend. supposedly these are actual ticketable offenses. Although these don't pertain to me, I do the above all the time, but some people have bad habits. Just fyi.
Korean. and Japonese. the Japonese i had to get Ukari to actually translate. Was funny because when I took her to Jordans house, we couldbn't communicate so instead we went to blockbusters!~ Always good to maintain silence during movies. At BB, we actually passed by the Porn section for a good bit ;) Also good for bukakes. Maybe that's why i've been on a dry date spell lately. Gotta go hang out at the ESL learning center again.

Bring her along man! we won't scare her away or nothin. Come to think of it, only Michael has dared to bring a date along to our convenshun. Amy doesn't count cuz she actually is a gaming monster as we are.
Bring your lady by the con dude! If her character can survive a fight with the orcs then we'll know she's the right one.

Also don't pull a Ja-el and lead us to believe that she doesn't speak English. :) we were talking about that con the other night. One of the classics for sure... wasn't that the same one where Jason came back from Japan?
Just bought myself a Kindle! I had all this Amazon funny money from various promotions so it came out to about $70 bucks. Also, I have a ton of books on my comp, so I think I should be well stocked. Random impulse buy, but I'm pretty stoked. I had been thinking about a Nook Color because you can hack it into a passable Android tablet, but I played with one at the store and the weight and battery life were kind of a turn off. I'll eventually grab a tablet sometime in the future, but my phone has me pretty well covered for now.

RE Con, looks like I may end up driving after all. I have basically 2 weeks off around the convention weekend, so I'm taking a trip with my lady-friend right after the con, so we're thinking of semi-combining it. Might take her to visit her friends, then go to the con, then get her after so we can continue with a vacation for the two of us. Still working it out. But if it's a go, I can take up any bulky items socal dudes wanted to bring. I'll have it figured out this week.
ja_el: Your Noster-holes. Will. Be. Raped. @. Boobla Khan. Then we will vote on which side is stronger.



Edit: Nostril

potatoe, potato, the rapist, therapist. there happy?

| Anatomy

"My left nose is naturally stronger than the right."

Dude. I think those might be your ears. That might be why the operations were not working so well, you have been breathing out of your ears.

Whats complicated is that I think we all have a "dominant" side. As with left hand/right hand. It's involuntary, so its a bit more difficult to adjust than involuntary actions. My left nose is naturally stronger than the right. It would take time, probably a long time, to adjust if that, so far it's been 8 years and counting.

I wish this all never happened and have the old way of things back, if i could.

Anyway... yeah! it'll be great to get together again at the con!
Come to strategicon sometimes. - u can still crash at your parents place.
I dunno man. You don't want to turn into Michael Jackson or something. If your septum is at "pretty good" levels then maybe is it a matter of adjusting to it over time? Kind of like how we all adjusted to George W. Bush and came to love him? Also, pro tip, for extra comfort remove your boots and jacket before going to sleep.

It'll be good to see you! Man, it's been a long time since you've been to a con, huh? I would totally play Settlers, btw.

Hey Pumpkin -- bring your Malifaux minis again. I'm finally, FINALLY reading the rules and I really want to give it a shot. (Note, I believe I typed those exact two sentences before the last Kubla, but this time I MEAN it.) I've actually got three starters (Lilith, Pandora, and the Ortega lady) so we could even get a multiplayer game going if there's interest.

PS I justified buying the miniatures on the basis that I could always use them for Great Rail Wars. Because we will totally play that game again, right guys?

Monday, May 16, 2011

no cosmetic problems... just one side is more obstructed than the other. and it's affecting my sleep pattern as I was used to sleeping on my strong side.
Do you still have trouble breathing/sleeping or is this a cosmetic issue at this point?
Yeah, it's basically the pre-party party, woo! :) We have 2 drinks and realize we can't handle our booze anymore and then quietly play board games. Can't wait!

| Boba ENT


The medical profession has failed for me.

After visiting 5 doctors
2 votes - for surgery
3 votes - for youre alright, not much can be done
out of these 3, 1 vote is actually, we can try again, but no guarantees it will cure your problem

Mein Kamph:
The conclusion after seeing so many doctors and getting all these viewpoints is that apparently the septoplasty that I had was done "appropriately", however there is still a slight deviation of the septum towards one side. The deviation is minor though, probably 1 or 2 mm, which is acceptable in terms of septum deviation.
The doctors can try to get it more straighter, but there's no guarantees of straightness and if they can get it all the way aligned in the middle. They probably just don't want to give a guarantee, as with all surgery they can try. One doctor mentioned he had a 90% improvement possibility, which leaves 10% to remain the same? OR worse?

So is there room for me to consider another surgery to attempt to get the septum a bit straighter and less crooked, to fix that 1 or 2 millimeter of Convex shape and take the risk?

Damned if I don't, damned if I do. I just wished the previous doctor did a better job, because ultimately although he did an passable job, it was obviously not 100%, or even 90% well done. I'd probably rank it between a 75% or 80%. Ryan probably had one that was pretty well done. I had 2 friends with rhinoplasties without any problems either.

Just my freakin luck. I could use some advice/support.

| Boobla Khan

Yes, the convention officially starts late afternoon Friday. The past two or three years we have been starting a little early for two reasons. One, we like to have a little extra time to decompress before the convention begins in earnest. Two, and most importantly I think, we have found that we can significantly increase our chances of adjacent, connecting rooms AND atrium views if we come in Thursday late morning/early afternoon.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

btw, why is everyone going on thursday? I thought the con issa notta starte until the friday pisano? or issa ima crazy?

11 MORE DAYS till the Convention begins
1rule does not = broken game = Paladin (unloved class)

jarks, yes I am
That rule HAS always felt totally broken -- Jeez Aeryk, find a logical game.

| Aye! Your copy KK sits rotting in my dungeon

4) held in bondage whilst occassionally I would run my fingers on the box in a slow and gratiating manner....


5) since you can only activate a unit once anyways, you wouldn't be able to "double order" a leader/sequential squad, which is maybe something that they may be concerned about. I would however like to see my seargant or corporal not lag behind the rest of the squad coming on their rear flanks, if you get my meaning ;) So perhaps they can make a slight addendum to that particular rule (IMHO) and the game would still be unbroken and potentially fun! yay! win-win sitch.

OH and once again I bring absolutely no added value to the list of games to the con from the vast emporium of games that I now own or that is not duplicated ownership by others in the bay area. So, unless someone wants me to bring settlers of cataan, I will just play everyone elses games and drink other peoples booze!

| Oh, yeah

That's where my copy of Combat Commander went.

| You are correct, sir

Leaders cannot command other leaders. You can look at this rule a few different ways:

1) Rather than add a level of complexity to the rules where you need to pay attention to the rank of the different leaders and who can command who, it is abstracted out. This makes sense because if I recall there are only a few different levels of leaders, but many 'ranks' that are simply a fluff touch.

2) You can also look at it at a tactical level where I would imagine the officers have coordinated the battle plan in advance and know where and when they are coordinating their troops movements, so it makes sense within reason, that they cannot command each other.


3) It is stupid and the game is broken.
Ok, I need a rule explanation-
so when activating a leader, why doesn't it allow to activate another leader unit?

ex: when I activate say, 6 squads with 2 leaders (2 full hexes) , ends up all the squad and activated leader moves, while the second leader has to remain lagging behind unless i play another move order just for the second leader. am i misreading that rule?
PSN came back up tonight Jorn. Go, quickly sinc your copy of Portal 2 to your steam before it goes back down! Then trade it into Amazon for $$$. I sold my copy for I think $28 in amazon fun bucks.