Saturday, April 27, 2013

On the Kickstarter note, are you guys aware of this insane Dwarven Forge kickstarter? Suffice to say I will be acquiring many dungeon tiles later this year.

Additionally, the OGRE set that I preordered almost a year ago is FINALLY almost ready to ship out. Apparently the Kickstarter was so unexpectedly successful that it derailed the entire company. They've posted some amazing pictures of the box contents. You will note that the box weighs 25.2 pounds.

On a final, materialistic tip, the kid turned 18 months last week and I gave her some Duplo. She really enjoys it and that makes me super happy.
So Aeryk, when will your new place be ready for a gaming invasion? Shall we pencil in the month of June?

The wife and I went to Seattle last weekend! It was my first time there, and it was really cool. The weather was exactly what you'd expect. It was gray and cool with periodic drizzles, but cool rather than cold. It was nice.

Basically the whole trip was touristy stuff, sleeping, and watching HBO at the hotel. (I'm not including activities such as eating and ablutions in the list but rest assured those happened too.) We did go to a cool art exhibit. This guy Chihuly makes big installations out of blown glass and supposedly takes inspiration from the sea, but I think he may actually be insane and inspired by the Elder Things:

The Call of Chihuly
 We also went to a pop culture museum with a video game exhibit and we were both pretty stoked to see the old AD&D Intellivision game there.

Three cheers that the crap from our childhood is now elevated to pedestals! Step down baby boomers, we are the cultural oppressors now!
It was a really fun place to visit and I'd like to spend more time up there. Rude, maybe sometime in the distant future we could go to PAX after all!

Friday, April 26, 2013

| Don't mess...

Yeah, the kid bearing witness to their conversations was unnecessary, but I guess I wasn't completely out of that frame for my upbringing. The river crowd and contractors were just as crass in front of me and the other kids and I turned out okay. Right! Right guys?! *goes and sobs under his desk*

Then again, the kid probably sees and hears it all the time, so not so much on the okay. Plus Texas...


| Funny...

...until you see the kid and realize that's his world -  a bunch of sketchy, swearing, kid-ignorin' parents and parent friends talking about eating out, and fingering, chicks in Moscow.

But the worst part?  The kid is stuck in Texas.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

| Surstromming

Okay, the pay dirt is right around 1:50...


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

According to BGG, the iOS version of Eclipse was submitted to the App store and should be out in about a week! It's going to cost $6.99. Think I'll have to pick it up and finally play this popular game.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

| Ska Mitzvah

Congratulations on the new pad! Looks cool! I don't know how problematic mold and skunks can be, but I'm sure you guys can fix things. The windowless "barn" or side of the building is crazy looking! Are you guys sticking with blue or painting a new color? Only about 325 miles from me, so expect lots of visits!

Gremlins was on earlier tonight - that's a rad movie! Less dated than a lot of other movies from that time. Fun fact I didn't know till I wiki'd it - it opened the same weekend as Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters came in first with Gremlins opening 2nd.

That Boston manhunt stuff was insane! I was up so late that night the guy was still at large constantly reading up on it. That's probably gonna be the norm nowadays when these crazy events happen - everything was real time (including all the dumb misinformation).

Watched a bunch of the Adult Swim show Delocated tonight on Netflix. It's not perfect but it's pretty funny for a super short show. iJon, did you mention it before? It's the one where this family in the witness protection program gets a reality show. The 2nd episode coined the phrase "the Skalocaust" which was pretty hilarious.

iJon - make your show!

PS - I know Season 1 of Buffy is supposed to be pretty bad, but I decided to start watching it at work anyways. I'm actually finding them pretty enjoyable. It's totally monster-of-the-week with very little serialization, but the actors are all fun to watch and I feel like it gets better from the 2nd half on. Even though I watched a lot of Buffy back in the day, I think I've missed a ton of episodes overall. Think I'm going to finally try a big series watch.