Saturday, August 04, 2012

The boy tried to pick up a hornet today and play with him. The hornet was not on board. Life lesson learned today! Most relieved he didn't have an ugly allergic reaction. I really didn't want to spend my night in the ER.
Aeryk -- what would you say to a post-GenCon, co-birthday-celebratory game day in Aptos* either 8/25 or 9/1? I can haul Enr0n with me and maybe Myke's sorry butt if he hasn't been killed by a) mafioso b) ghostly Centurions. The following rules will apply:

1. You will provide all food and drink.
2. All games selected by me and enr0n. If we want to play 2-player games against each other, so be it.
3. If we ask you to leave, you leave, immediately, no debate.
4. We have the right to use your vehicles and other property for any reason.

Sound good?

* We can meet up in WC instead if you so choose. This does not change the rules above. Additionally, a $25 convenience fee will apply.

| Shop Vac

...should be good.

| Request Access...

...through the Minefold site.  Pretty sure you need a Minefold account to play on the server.  DO EET

PS Enron and I have already started!  Since there is a range from start that the Strongholds can be found, I think it might be time to roughly pace the range in all directions, break down the search by quadrants, and git er dun.

Wow.  Way to make a game like work, jerk.

PPS We should have a non-video Google+ hangout going when we play!

| That's Racist

I am not white-listed on the Minebortz server.

| Shop Vac

You need to make a Minefold account and then request access to:

I think I invited everyone else when I created the world, but there it is!  Let's do what needs to get done to get to the end of Minecraft, yo!

| Mindcrap

I am always up for some Minecraft. I still pop into the Actionworld server on Minefold from time to time. Still a fun game. Yes and lately Latency has tanked with Mindfold. Hope they shore that shit up.

Punk memories... Going to the Reseda Country Club, I think to see LagWagon, Jughead's and Strung Out. The venue was super late opening and I was driving eLzar up the wall. I most have told him I was cold 200 times. I swear he was going to kill me. The show wasn't terribly memorable but eLzar fury was. I think this may be the show:

Driving down to SD to go see a Supernova show and seeing the van on the 5. I was all stoked and we pulled up next to their van and I got their attention smiling, thumbs up or whatever. I realized theye didn't get it and I did the "Hi-yaa" chop and the band went crazy in the van. Everyone popped their head to the window to see us. The we got back to SD and the crowd was totally indifferent to Supernova at the Soma. Booo... Still I got to see them once.

That Vagos show at the Patriotic Hall was wild. That theater was trashed afterwards. They must have known what they were getting into with that show. They didn't hire the Vagos for nothing. Unfortunately, the oversold the show, there was a riot outside, and inside the first five rows of seats had been ripped of their mounts and tossed up into the rows behind. I also think it may have been where I got into F2F. Also, I learned to hate PW. Mostly due to the "Unity" shitheads they drew. I do believe Chad was there too. Someone from the OG [AT] group talked to him at one of the Strat-cons. Probably Motobyke. I do believe Chad was one of the shitheads jumping from the speaker stacks. Probably had his rings on that time too.

I liked NUFAN. I really dug Leche Con Carne and some of their older stuff, but never really listened to much after that. A real shame about Tony Sly. The missus was pretty bummed about it. NUFAN was the first Punk album she owned, from before we even met.

jr0n, I still plan Diablo III from time to time. The story sucks chopper's balls, but it is a fun mindless grind game that can help me unwind after a spirit crushing day.


Friday, August 03, 2012

| MineBortz

This is relevant to my interests.

I am still hopelessly addicted to World of Tanks. Stupid game is crazy fun. Not entirely realistic, no. But still fun.

I know there's also a mod that does some crazy treasure hunt requirement to solve puzzles, etc. Dunno if it can be done in multiplayer though.

Would be hella fun to go dungeon crawling with everyone!

I wish I lived closer. :(

| Minecraft 1.3.1

So.  Who's up for firing up another multiplayer server (probably on Minefold, though the latency SUX) and trying to play though to the END OF THE GAME?

I've been reading a little bit about it and to get there, you need to locate 1 of 3 underground strongholds located in EACH WORLD.  And then do a bunch of other nom stuff to get to the ending.  Might be worth firing up again if there is a purpose beyond building, which is of course fun too.

Maybe run it until I disappear when Mists of Pandaria appears on the scene.  Yes, I'm into the stupid Panda/Far East expansion for WoW.

Minecraft, DO EET!

I didn't go to the fast food themed show but I remember hearing about it. Probably the Go-Nuts? They had a bunch of funny characters like the Dough-Nut Prince, I think.  I never made it up to Gillman St! I remember being awed that you guys went there, lol. I did see the Queers up north when I was going to Santa Cruz. I think that was my first legitimate encounter with gutter punks. JP and I went to some really weird small shows. There was one in an almost empty bar where there was a dude shooting a needle into his arm in a photo booth. Yay, not getting murderized.

Noooo, you don't know what you want, it may take you years to find out, work real hard and motivate , team building it will swallow you... (cool break down part)

More memories: Vagos security/riot show - Offspring opening for Nofx, " LAPD Army For The Rich" tshirts -

| Punk Rock Memories

I almost made a memories = mammaries joke, but then I thought better of it.

 - Tony Sly.  Sad.  Welcome to old, everyone!  A quick Wikipedia look up proved fairly inconclusive if it was Tony belting out 'DMV' on Incognito or not.  Either way, sad, and while I liked NUFAN they never really hit it out of the park for me.  However, their video for 'Soulmate' on the Cinema Beer-te tape has made an indelible mark on my punk rock memory banks.  Girls, beer, snowboarding, tattoos, and punk rock - a recipe for happiness to my 20 year old eyes and ears!

 - Handshake.  I get what he's saying, but the choice of words and delivery "DO Miss the Train" (RIP - NUFAN, self-referential post ftw!).  Even if it proves to be the greatest song of our times, it will always be a joke to me because of the visual treatment the UCLA Krew gave the lyrics "shun the handshake" at the end of the song. Good times.  Speaking of UCLA, remember when we stole a campus golf cart, spun it out, slid the rim out from the tire and left it wedged sideways down a walking path a la Austin Powers, then fled the scene?  That was some total First World Punk Rock Suburban Shenanigans right there, yo.

 - Speaking of ridiculous songs, I think lyrics on the first Face to Face record were a bunch of nonsensical, garbage that essentially were a collection of soundbites mashed together to try and make for a compelling song and make it's listeners believe there was more to the band than there really was.  Fast forward 22 years, hindsight proves that Face to Face were simply on the forefront of what their fans would all grow up and understand as 'Management Speak'.  F2F did it better because a) their songs kick ass, and b) you only have to listen to the F2F Management Speak for 2.5 minute chunks rather than 1 hour conference calls or 2 hour meetings.

 - JP Can't Come Over, Holophrastic, One Beer Mary, Joltergeist, Misguided Youth (ugh), were the Isotonic Fucks ever a name the UCLA Krew used for a band?  Or was that on a band name sheet I found in my garage?  Along with The Hans Olos...

 - Leslie's out of town this weekend, any takers for some "Face to Face" (double self-referential post!) gaming at my place Sat to Sun?  WARNING: there may be handshakes to be shunned.

Jabberjaw was great! I don't think I went to the show you mentioned, but I saw a couple really good shows there. The most memorable being the show with the fast-food, superhero themed band (what were they called?) that got into a pie fight on stage with their "nemesis". A whipped-cream pie hit me square on the chest. I was wearing a Third Planet shirt and it took about a year for the curdled milk smell to go away.

Our couple trips up to the Bay Area and Gilman street were really fun too. Remember when we saw Mr T Experience and they played the longest set ever? They kept saying "three more songs!" Then they'd play like five and say, "three more songs!" again.

I'm not too familiar with NUFAN, but I remember liking what I heard. I'll going to give them a listen today out of respect. RIP Tony Sly, a man who knew, that a handshake is nothing but a subtle "fuck you."

Thursday, August 02, 2012

RIP NUFAN dude. Was he the singer on the first cd? I remember really liking that first Fat Wreck Chords NUFAN . I don't know if that was their overall first release or not, but it was great. I *think* I saw them once or twice, but that time is totally fading from my old man memory. Dude, we went to crazy punk rock shows back in the day! Did any of you guys ever go to Jabberjaw!? I remember JP and I being there one time seeing FYP and J Church. I don't know if that was all of us or just me and him but it was nuts. I could have been murderized so many times when I was a kid, jesus!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

| Man...

...Tony Sly died. I really like No Use For A Name. Kinda bummed.
I have mixed feelings about BR's "Handshake." On the one hand, it's a ridiculous song. On the other hand, I love that they would write such a ridiculous song. Does liking the idea of the song mean I like the song? Or does not liking the song mean I don't like the idea as much as I think? Or if the idea is good, should I borrow Rude's 4-track again and record my own concept album of handshake songs done right? This is some great weed.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh yeah, that video game thing sounds fun! I like Enr0n's plans of pooping in the house but not in the toilet, etc. You have a pod coffee maker, right, so I'll need to do some prep work scooping the poop into the little containers, resealing them with foil and so forth.
And these blogs are so short because as we've previously discussed, blogger totally sucks ass on iOS.

I wish I could go to the olde tyme arcade expo- maybe next year. Did you see that weird hologram game with like time traveling cowboy fighter?

I think undo would be cool for certain parts of the sw game but you obviously couldn't do it during combat. Plus there's weird situational stuff like certain event cards or even movement effects (plague)  that would also not work for undoing, so I dunno.

It's a billion degrees out here, again.

Oh my god, imagine that power outage in India. Holy shit that would be so epically freaky.
I don't think you guys understand, I watched a regular spider CRAWLING ON THE WALL UNDER THE FRIGGEN WATER. I couldn't see any air bubbles but maybe that was what was going on.

| I said, "Five Years? Healthy White Baby? What else ya got?" They had two Koreans, and a Negro born with his heart on the outside.

Hey Enr0n, are you playing Diablo 3 at all? I got really burned out on it, but switched character classes and it made a world of difference for my fun level. I played as a Witch Doctor for quite a while and basically I just never really like the magic/summoner type classes since I always end up with like, 10 allies on screen and I can't even tell what the fuck. Switched to Demon Hunter and now I sees a demon, I shoots it. Much more straightforward.

It has the worst plot ever. Worst. Ever. It is shocking that people were paid money to write, animate, record, edit and test it. Why'd they bother?


Ahh yes, the fart stage. I still remember going through that. Awesome... Every... god... damn time, it was hilarious. I still laugh at farts though, so I guess I never fully got passed that stage. Exhibit A:

With ManCon III, it may have to wait until later in the year. October, maybe? Or early next year. September would be bad for me though. I just have too much going on in August and September.

Uggg, I wish I could have gone to the Beerfest this past weekend. We are totally doing it next year. All of you other Mofo's are totally invited to eLzar's house. We will upperdeck his coffee maker, piss in his cornflakes, and vomit all our beer into his bathtub. He totally agreed. Who's in?

Borderland 2 looks to be sweet. I will be on that knobby hobby horse like a bitch in heat. Ewww, that sounds gross. Nevermind.

r00d, I know that spiders and ants carry small air pockets on their body. As a result, they can survive under water for a bit. Clever trick: detergent reduces their ability to retain these air bubbles. It probably removes the oils they use to retain air bubbles on their body. Either way, ants can survive under water for a good bit, but once the detergent hits the water, the die almost instantly. What I am driving at here is, you need to pour a few dozen boxes of Tide into your pool. That will get rid of your aqua bugs, plus you can have a bubble party.

Yes, the new Blogger posting site is balls for iOS and the Blogger app on iOS gets poor ratings, so I have avoided it all together. As a result I only blog at my computer.


No, ma'am. We released ourselves on our own recognizance. What Evelle is tryin' to say is we felt the institution no longer had anything to offer us.

You think you've got problems, I've had the the theme from Benny Hill in my head all day.
alas, work and family get in the way of my hourly, or subhourly moves :)  and while a lot of cards get turned to magic, I'd still like to remember what events I've played,  my opponent has played, etc.

PS ret-talus has a real bugger of a reinforcement unit.... making a total gimmick deck with em :)  look for their debut shortlys
Seeing as 70% of the cards are discarded for mana, it's hard to know exactly what goes in a deck ;)  so what's the secret ingredient?   The same things they put in kibbles n bits!  It would be easier to remember cards if you made moves, say within a few hours of the last...

| Mind ya don't cut y'self, Mordecai!

Keep your God damn hands off my wife.

| Remember Milquetoast the Cockroach?

I liked that guy.

 - Anyway, I suppose since all you high-rollers are heading out to GenCon, we are not going to do a CabinCon III at the site of Enrons BachelorCon?  That cabin was glorious last year, but since we went in September and JerkCon is in August, I'm guessing it's a no go.

 - Having so many games of Summoner Wars going at once is totally working against me.  I forget which cards I've seen and wtf I was doing between turns.  Oh, and an undo would be really nice....  PS Again, since I have forgotten what cards I have seen against your unbeatable Tundra Orcs deck Jael, is it just a meatshield deck?  All Smashers and Stonecloaks?

 - Beerfest SOUNDED fun this past weekend, seeing as I live so close I could hear all the bands playing, but did not attend since NO ONE WOULD GO WITH ME...

 - I did however go to California Extreme on Sunday with Wylie and our neighbors, and lemme tell you, it would be a BLAST to go without kids sometime.  Wy is just a little too young to really get it, he did have fun, but I didn't get to play anything because he could too easily get lost with all the peeps in that room.  The games were awesome and there was SO MUCH PINBALL I wanted to play.  It's only two days, so maybe next year we can rally the troops and stay the night for some old school arcade super good-time happy hours!  I also have two utterly purple, black, blue, and swollen toes from wearing flipflops and kicking the back of Wy's shoe as we made our way through some crowds. They look grim!

 - Wylie has entered the "Fart" stage of his development.  He has an amazing capacity to fart, fart on people, alert others when he farts, talk about farting, and make fart sounds.  I am truly blessed to be a parent!  Reminds me of Raising Arizona where the ratty kid in Hy's trailer writes 'Fart' on the wall before his dad yells "HIT THE DECK!" and throws a bunch of M&Ms at him.

| Called by EJ

Star Wars goes F2P this fall! Looks like it'll be free to play story lines thru level 50 (which I think is as far as they go now). I had fun with SWKOTORMMOBBBQ back when it was $2P, so I think I could dig it again.

Of course Borderlands 2 will be out by then, and Diablo 3 will still be on my HD, so who knows, bros.

| The dreaded Burbank Aqua-Spider!

Some Googling seemed to indicate spiders will live in pools when there are plants nearby. Time to trim the hedges perhaps?

| Pool'n it!

Having a pool (especially in Burbank where it's ALWAYS in the 80s and 90s and 100s!) is awesome. I'm in it at least 5 times a week. A lot of days I'll go midday and again in the late afternoon. I bought some random water toys and I can't believe how much fun they are. Some dive balls and a "toypedo". Also kickboards and goggle. Jesus, goggles make all the difference in the world. Kinda freaky when you can see PERFECTLY clear, all the dead bees floating in the middle of the pool. I try and get them out before each swim but they sure love to die in our pool. Today was weird because I saw a friggin SPIDER, under water, crawling around the pool wall. When the fuck did spiders not drown!? It wasn't huge, maybe the size of a penny, but it freaked me out.
Blogger is just awful to try and use on the iPhone OR iPad. There's just this weird horrible lag in typing that makes it feel awful, regardless if it's in mobile or full site mode. I think it's just some iOS v Android sabotage!

Man, why would you see Ice Age 3!? I don't like any of those Shrek-type cartoons. I'm mostly down with the Disney/Pixar stuff still, but all the knock offs, just KNOCK IT OFF. Cut-it-out, what's up Uncle Joey?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mental lapse.  Rest assured, it won't happen twice!   (getting goaded out of the wall and losing, that is).  So it might be a wise career move to retire before I raid the booty shop once more for more plunder.  By the way Yeolde, you set the game time to 15 min again, so rather than igniting your losing streak once again with free sweet wins, I haven't accepted the games.

Last week, I watched Ice Age 3 against my best judgement although somewhat lack of choice.  I don't recommend this for any grown adult, but if you are a teenager or younger, this might be a good flick.  The kids in the theatre were giggling uncontrollably while I seem to benefit from an hour of good naptime.   So I guess everyone does win.   Seriously, I think the movie had something to do about a teenage hearthrob, learning family values, kiddie humor, etc.   Saved by the bell anyone?    
The bloggah doesn't do so well on my phone either. I have to scroll all the way to the bottom and click "view the real website like a jerk" link to be able to tell what the hell is going on. lol
Note: my ten wins include one game against a random online, where he totally had me on the ropes, but forfeited on time the round before he was going to win.

Enr0n, where are you? I need n00bs in the mix to bolster my flagging ego!
Wow, TWO wins for me (including my first against Ja-El). I finally broke ten wins, yay me! If only I could stick to my retirement plan and get while the getting is good... :)

The blogger app is so crappy on iPad. Anyone have an alternative?

Great games Jael. I'm in a good one with YeOlde that I COULD have won in a handful of turns if I'd been lucky with like 2 more rolls, but now it's sort of hanging in the balance. I used a Haste and Switcheroo card to get his summoner surrounded and down to 1 hp, but I chocked on 2 attacks. Now my summoner is over there and he could easily take me out, yikes! Fun times.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

As the saying goes, once beaten, twice owned.   Or was that, once bitten, twice shy?   I can't remember.  =) heh.

Had a couple of intense conflicts with YeOldeBootyShop.   I'm not sure about games with Eric yet, too early, and slow progressing, to tell.  I can say that his Cloak n daggers are pretty tough though and strategized pretty well.   I tried cloaks just for the heck of it and got destroyed in 3 turns?  Not a pretty sight.

My record stands 14-3?   Rudy had the Gamecenter address for the creator of SW!  Pretty cool .  I challenged the guy and we are starting a new game.  He probably has to play games with hundreds of his fans.  Poor guy.  His record is like 78-56 or something.

Summoner Wars Update: Got a couple of tense games going with Jael's "unbeatable" Tundra Orks ;) I feel pretty confident with how they're going but we're both very low on cards and I know there's no guarantees. I'm REALLY liking the Jungle Elves. They're a team that has awesome commons and where you don't have to rely on the champions very much. I still need to tweak the deck a bit, but I think they're my favorite of these first 8 factions. I put the merc champion "Khan Queso" in there. He's fun because he's cheap (3 pts to summon) and he has that same rat special ability of "every time he moves near a unit, roll a die and on a 5 or 6 that card gets a wound." I THINK that also effects your own cards though, so you have to be careful. Lovin' it.

eLRICK: Did you ever pick up The Filth faction deck? I hear they're pretty powerful and I don't understand their "mutation" mechanic. Wondering if anyone has actually played with them yet.

Olympics Update: I still enjoy watching the Summer Olympics and kinda love how I can basically leave the TV on NBC all day and night and have something interesting to watch. Anything gymnastic related is HELLUV stressful and all the swimming races are super tense and exciting. F the winter olympics, yo.

UPDATE: Jael owned me TWICE.