Friday, April 22, 2011

| brawl on the muni

did you ever see this one? pretty epic.


It's hilarious because it triggered a stir in the 2 minority azn n blck camp

fok U! I fok U now than later!

| Neat and Not So Neat

No is for sure this is not the way it is with all women. As a general rule, women tend to be neater than men, but this sounds like she is a little obsessive compulsive. It can be nice in that the place is all spic & span, but I hear you on the, all clean, all the time.

jr0n, that is annoying and the one thing I really don't like about MUNI, people do not act respectful either other of a lack of caring or ignorance. A couple of days ago I was watching some lady clip her nails on one of those ridiculously packed N rides during the morning commute. I could see nail clippings zipping here and there, even though she was halfheartedly trying to collect them in a newspaper on her lap. Eww!


| Nazi Neat Freak vs Coughing Hag

speaking of strangeness and compulsive behavior, my housemate is extremely neat. Now, that's great in some moderation, but it's one of those compulsive behaviors where she has to have everything in that particular order/spot and only that. I have an Uncle who is Bacteriaphobic and resembles similar behavior. Example, she has to have the coffee pot in that particular corner, kitchen napkins on a spot, and I can't have anything else laying around. Basically the kitchen has to be neat and tidy. In a way it's kinda cool, it tends to remind me to just make sure I keep everything nice and neat to avoid any issues, but in some way, I just don't feel 100% sure I'm comfortable. Sometimes I just feel I want to be lazy and maybe leave a couple items out. God forbid, I leave out a pan. you know? Or is this the same with all women?

| Tales from the Bus

I am sitting next to an old woman who is chewing gum extremely loudly and at the same time humming. How is that even possible? Occasionally she pauses to send a hacking cough my way.
Oh my god, I tried Brazilian BBQ for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was BRUTAL! The kind where they come around with swords of meat and shave it onto your plate, right? Holy cow, it was delicious, but way too hardcore for me. Korean BBQ is so tame in comparison. Back in the day, Big Wok era, I'm sure I could have fucked shit up, but now its just so WRONG! Now I'm hungry for filthy brazilian meats at 7:40 in the morning.

I keep hearing that it takes about 8 hours to run through the single player for Portal 2 but I don't know how many levels/chapters it is. I think I'm on Chapter 3. It's a lot of fun! I actually don't know my schedule yet, but I leave for work at like 11:45pm on the days I work, so sunday night/afternoon should prolly work. I'll text you if I'm loafing around - after Game of Trones.

| Portal 2

I've been playing a bunch of Portal 2 as well! Wednesday night, I went to a Brazilian steakhouse with Matt, because I couldn't make his bachelor party in Austin. Well as you can imagine, we drank a lot and I ate at least four pounds of meat. (Not fart meat.) I was so full and uncomfortable that I couldn't sleep at all, and got out of bed at 5:30. Enter Portal 2! It's fun! Last night I started Chapter 6, "The Fall." Not sure how far along I am through the game, maybe 2/3s or so?

Maybe we could play some co-op Sunday night, will you be around? Otherwise, let's grab a night next week when you're not workin'.
Working on the night shift! Isn't that some classic rock jam? Well, that's what I'm doing! Anyways, as I stare blankly at my computer screen, I'm sending you all warm and wet wishes! I brought TWO bananas for a snack tonight. That seems like overkill. Ugh, orange I glad I brought two bananas? Pea-not, really. (I added that last food pun to the joke, working on it.)

In MC news because No Gnews is Good Gnews, I think the crash that happened around 11 was them pushing out a new version across all servers. It's real tumultous right now, so if you get in there, pull up the chat screen and /save-all often. I remember the last version sorted itself out after awhile, so hopefully we'll be more stable soon. Notch said he's working on a "map item" with "fog of war" "auto-mapping" - I'm guessing some kind of mini-map. Should be sweet! Don't forget to update your texture packs like enron said. was on the ball and I was able to set up some sweet "biome specific" grass and leaf stuff that I don't know what it actually means, but there's a ton of variety in my world. MY WORLD!

I'm drunk with night shift power. Working on the night shift... wooo.

Jorn, let's do some Portal 2 co-op whenever you get the game! I'm loving the single player and dragging it out, only playing like 1-3 levels a day, but I don't want to touch multiplayer until it's with a true bro.

PS: For Elrick, for the detector tracks, until there are pistons in the game, one use could be musical notes! You can have music play as the cart passes over those blocks. Neato. OR, you could have it trigger dispensers having it shoot snowballs, eggs, or even arrows!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eric made an awesome powered railway all over the place - fun! Then I crashed hard and logged back in and was missing a bunch of crap (but the rail still appeared to be built up with the powered tracks.) BETA!!! Off to work :(

| 1.5_0x & LB Realism

For those of you using mcpatcher, you will need to update to 2.0.0-beta4. The old one 1.1.12_02 is not entirely compatible with 1.5_01

NOTE: The old patcher (1.1.12_02) seems to crash with 1.5_01. The current beta 2.0.0-beta4 does work with 1.5_01 however. The grass block sides are a texture pack issue, not a patcher issue. When texture pack authors have updated for 1.5_01, the problem should go away.

More at the forum.

mcpatcher 2.0.0-beta4

BTW, rain is crazy wierd.

the client side updates are at 1.5_01. 1.5_02 is the server side update only. So when you play, you'll see 1.5_01 up in the corner. And remember, I think you need to get the first achievment in a single player game b4 its opened for getting in the multiplayer. (Hint, the 1st cheevo is super easy)

| 1.5

r00d, I see they updated quickly from 1.5 > 1.5_01 > 1.5_02. Is the server on 01 or 02? Just curious.

| ver 1.5 is a go, update and have at it!

I've got to sleep for work, but update is installed and seems to be working ok - prolly gonna be bugz, but it'll work itself out. goooo, team terminators

| Oh crap...

Art, I am very sorry to hear about your G'pa. That is really a bummer. I hope your mom is at least fairing well.


PS: In case any of you jokers forgot to build your bomb shelter already, I think you're probably screwed. Skynet will be initiating the apocalypse today.

EDIT: Also, the JP Wheaties box was awesome. I can not even remember who pulled that bad boy out of the closet that last time, causing JP to go apeshit and delete the box from existence. It surely was a high point of that gaming session.
That makes me want to see the infamous JP Wheaties box :( I never got to see it.

They've got a build for 1.5 out just now but I'm gonna wait till I'm home in the morning to put it on - they might have more builds by then.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saw this on the internets today, made me lol:

Yeah, had downloaded but didn't install. Unzipped and installed just now, so I guess we'll see if it makes a difference.
Did you try that fix from AMD I emailed you? Other people with dual cores were having similar issues and reported it being fixed by that optimizer. Try it, I don't think it's difficult or is going to ruin your computer or anything:
AMD Dual-Core Optimizer
Thanks Rood, I'll probably just wait it out. I'm playing single player right now and having some fun with it.

Tell you what though, the speed twitch bug I get in MP that makes me "fast"? In single player mode it makes the whole WORLD go fast, lol. Nearly impossible to play. The monsters run up to me at MACH 5 and start wailing on me, skeletons unleash a deadly hail of arrows in just a few seconds.. days and nights last a few minutes at most, ugh.

Hey Art, I tried this "minecraft patcher" which lets you revert to previous versions and it allowed me to revert back to version 1.4. It asks me if I want to upgrade to 1.5, but not sure why you never seem to get that option. Here it is just in case anyone wants to revert till the servers upgrade: minecraft patcher
Sorry your Grandpa passed, goodluck with telling your mom. :( That's tough, man.

They're working on the update for 1.5_01 now so hopefully this afternoon. I don't think just redownloading the client would let you downgrade. You either have to get a copy of the 1.4 client from someone else or get a program that downgrades you. I'd just rather wait it out. Hopefully your client doesnt auto-update from here on out. I really think you're running a bootleg copy Art, too many suspicious circumstances.
1.5.01 is out. Also, I completely deleted the .minecraft folder and redownloaded the client... and it still isn't asking me if I want to download updates, just auto-updated again today.


In other news, my Grandpa Ted passed this morning. Now I get to go see my Mom in the hospital and tell her. Ugh.
It's probably going to be a day or two until the server software is updated for version 1.5 because I guess there are some major new bugs. Notch is working on 1.5_01 which should fix some of the major crashing bugs, then they'll build off that. So again, don't update to 1.5 unless you're cool chilling with single player for a couple days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

| Version 1.5

Okay, a lot of the new changes are cool (some more changes beyond what Art outlined are on the Minecraft wiki version page); however, this change is just plain unruly, "Creepers can make noises of other mobs."


| Don't Update to 1.5 yet if you still wanna do Multiplayer

They're working on getting the server software updated to the new Minecraft patch, but it usually takes 4-6 hours minimum. So, if you don't mind a day or so of single player, do it! I'll probably update myself because Portal 2 just showed up so I'm gonna be messing with that anyways :) I'll update the server software as soon as they put out a release.

Bonus fun: Use "gargamel" as a seed in a new game - spawns you in a cave, when you exit, some pretty sweet scenery.

Game of Thrones was awesome! Glad you have a group to watch it with Jon. I watched it 3 times that night (HBO kept showing it back to back to back) and it was fantastic. I'm stoked! Reviews were even saying episode 1 is the weakest of the 6 episodes that reviews have seen so that's even better.
Also, crap. Thought I had the new client that allows you to update or not but I guess I screwed that up. Dammit. Now I'm out until Bukkit updates.

Weather will be interesting. Zombie Pigmen outside of nether scares me. Ack.
Version Title/Number Date of Addition Additions Summary
1.5 April 19, 2011

* Added Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
* Added Statistics and Achievements
* New Items (Detector rail, Power Rail, Birch and Spruce Saplings)
* Holding SHIFT+Click on something in a chest will immediately drag the selected item(s) into your inventory and vice-versa.
* Birch and Spruce trees now drop Birch and Spruce saplings, respectively
* Performance improvements
* Crafting a ladder now produces 2 ladders
* If a lightning hits a pig, it becomes a Zombie Pigman
* A pig set on fire will drop cooked porkchops.
* New settings in options:
o Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto)
o Advanced OpenGL (For higher-end graphics cards)

Bug Fixes:

* Climbing a ladder with gaps will not work anymore, but moving downwards is still possible.
* On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
* You can now move through flowing water at previous speed.
* Wolfs have a better understanding of doors

New Bugs:

* Achievements only work in SMP if you have already completed first achievement in Single Player
* Crash when Detector Rails are placed beside normal rails.
* Blocks can't be placed on snow.
* If you change Advanced OpenGL to on and then back again, giant holes will appear that you can see through.
* Jumping off a fence in SMP triggers an anti-flight kick.
* Rain will fall through glass, acting as if there is no block there.
* When hitting a grass block the destroying animation is darker on the side than the animation on top of the grass block, though only on fancy graphics.

Monday, April 18, 2011

- Game of Thrones was really good! We had a potluck and watched it at a friend's house. The spirit of the books came across really well and I thought all the casting was pretty perfect. The sets were all really cool -- Winterfell looked really interesting, different than I pictured it.

We're going to keep getting together every other weekend or so and watch a couple episodes at a time. I haven't had a show I've been excited about in years!

- Still digging out the Petersen Lode. It's funny, I've been digging all this time and yet I've only brought back about 8-10 diamonds! Oh well.

- Glad to hear about your mom Art -- scary stuff.

- Portal 2 tomorrow!
That is great to hear about your Mom. Hopefully you have more luck getting her off the cancer sticks. That can be quite a challenge for someone at her point in life. Hopefully the ugly visit to the hospital will motivate her to stop.

I wanted a nice clean flat courtyard. It does look a bit void glitch like. Took me hours to clear out the trees and a couple hills, but generally it was a pretty flat area. Once I get the perimeter up, I'll probably go back and more gracefully terraform the hillcut. I have already started reforming the beach. Trying to add a little sandy beach front, but I have to go nab more sand. Between the glass and the little beach work I have already done, I am starting to run out.
Can't wait to see it.

The halved mountains/islands screw with me as I'm running along because I keep thinking it's a terrain glitch, lol.

In other news, mom is out of ICU and into a regular hospital room on low oxygen. Huge improvement. Man, I really thought we might lose her. :-(. If she gets out and goes right back to smoking, she probably only has a few months at most to live. If she stops with the retarded cigs, then probably many years.
Yes, that would be me. I spent more than a few hours terraforming this weekend just east of Castle Slaytanic, laying the groundwork for my new unnamed facility. I also dropped in a spur from the Slaytanic/industrial Strip Mine highway that connects the new compound, but I haven't thrown in signs yet.

I moved most of my kilns over from the Industrial Strip Mine, so I could continue to cook down cobble and sand to stone and glass. I have the cobblestone retaining wall in place around the base of the compound and have laid out a couple of the elements along the north edge. I am sure this project is going to take a while to finish, but it should be fun. Certainly more significant than the crane.

It's fun to be working on something other than my civil works programs and mining. Although I am sure I will get the spelunking itch in a few days.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Also, someone's been BUSY in our little minecraft world, lol.

Aaron, is that you carving islands into square blocks and installing 10 furnaces on the top of them? heh.
More good news, she's down to a flow of 5 liters and still holding her oxygen saturation. If she keeps up this rapid recovery, she'll be out of ICU by tomorrow.
Glad she's improving Art! Hang in there man!

My "weekend" is here. 2 nights off. Game of Thrones tonight, woo. The thing that sucks about getting so hyped for a show is that it's 1 hour long, then kaput. Plus, I know what's gonna happen! But I'm still pumped.