Friday, April 20, 2012

Yeah, let's just delete that entire post shall we?  It adds no intrinsic value except for a little humor.  

I was trying to make it as non-chalant as possible but I guess that still could be mis-interpreted these days.

So I was watching Breaking Bad for the first 11 minutes.  Yeah.  It's a pretty interesting show so far... but hard to watch.  Reminded me a little of American Beauty.

| I always knew Aeryk would lure Ja-El into a life of crime.

Aeryk, what's up with your Epic stuff? I cc'd you on that email and all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012



I thought they did make pot legal in modesto or some parts north of San Fran. In fact, they, the poeple of CNBC, did a documentary on it for a year or 2. At least it is legal for California, but not Federally. The federalis would bust you if you grew more than you were alotted, like 10 plants a year. But i'm sure you would be able to tell me more, Professor Pot! There's a university i found not too far in Oakland.

Edit: ok, (did some research) so prop 19 didn't pass. Anyways, it was fun in high school, and you probably would have done pretty well if prop 19 did pass. =D

But yes, don't sell those books by the pound at Kubla! I would be interested indeed.

In high school, I tried to grow some seed in a small pan, and tried to fertilize it with my piss. But all I got was a flooded pot filled with my urine, and pot that never grew! Perhaps, those books will show me more advanced techniques than that of a drunkard.

| Dude, I got some books

In a weird twist on my personal substance abuse choices in life, when pot was going to be legalized in CA, or was being voted on, I had a whole plan for capitalizing on the deal. Since basically the law was going to allow each person to grow a small plot on their property, I had a website all planned out to help teach, track, etc. your own pot plot. I had advertisers contacted, growers consulted, the whole nine yards.

I also had a plan for a grow-op, which was essentially a central location for people in apartments, condos, etc. that had no place to grow their own, could sign over their 'plot' to this grow-op where we could either grow it for them, for a fee, or they could rent space to grow themselves.

I had it all figured out.... Damn the conservative man and his damn conservative anti-legalizing ways!!!! :)

So if you want some books Johnny, I haz them.

PS I would have needed some personal smokers to test whatever I grew, because I still have not, and do not plan on, smokin' no blunts, yo.
Sounds like my kind of show. I wonder if it teaches you step by step on how to grow pot? The good kind!

| Compelling

It's compelling to watch a very good person turn very bad, but with the best of intentions. I'm not a fan of uncomfortable humor, and I am certainly not a fan of uncomfortable constant bad to worse scenarios for people, but since the main character is motivated by 'good', I still want to watch. You sort of ask yourself, given his situation, what would you do differently (maybe not cook meth for starters)? You can sort of empathize and relate on certain levels, which sinks the hooks in even deeper.

I've not been depressed by the show, but man, that poor guy has been through some shit.
That show was too depressing for me. I made it through about half of season one.

| Breaking Bad

"Did you bring your cell phone?"

"(slurred speech due to drugs) mmmwhich one?"

If you have watched this series, you know what I'm talking about. I immediately paused it at this point and don't think I can watch any more because it is about to get so, so, so freaking bad after that sentence.


| Edge

Edge, cool puzzley game that I see Enron always playing is free today:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

| I didn't mean in the sense of having an erection, rather in the sense of a tingling excitement

But now I'm kinda tired. Been playing around with Realm Speak (the java implementation of the game) and it's pretty cool. Aeryk: once you get moved into your new digs, we gotta try it out.

| Either I Am Physically Excited about Magic Realm, or I Had Too Much Coffee

Getting ready for the game this weekend, and reading the advanced rules on magic. They are crazy! I'm getting ready to try and take revenge on the demon that whupped my character in one attack last time. I think if we used the con as an opportunity to play a full game of MR, not only would that be a pretty good con experience, but that our actual ghosts will be more likely to rest easy. Thoughts? We could, like, use Friday to learn the rules, then actually start playing Saturday morning.

| What the fuck?

I guess Google "updated" blogger? It's really slow now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

| Survive! Mother Lode!

There's a free version out for the iOS game Mother Lode which I played a little today. It's pretty awesome! The game is 99.9% Survive! Escape from Atlantis but set in Spaaaaace... the .1% difference is that you can "mine" on the crumbling planet with your meeples to increase their point value. Free version costs you free, so it's worth checking out.

Also, don't remember if I already gave it proper daps, but I'm realling loving Avernum: Escape from the Pit. It's a not-free $10 game, but there is a whole lot of old school iso-metric RPGing there. Another one of the publishers games was recently in one of the Humble Bundles, so that was the first one I tried. I liked it so much, I had to buy Avernum once it came out. Touch controls are good and since it's all turn-based, none of it's too clunky , other than the inherent old school inspired clunk.

Played some more King of Dragon Pass since you brought it up Jon. It's got a gnarly learning curve which I haven't cracked yet, but I still enjoy going through it even if I feel pretty blind. You get these scenarios that have multiple choice answers for you to pick - then there's also screens where you allocate resources for your clan - it's just sort of weird and unique! Wish there was a demo, because I don't think it's easy to describe.

Monday, April 16, 2012

| That sounds less awesome

Hmm. That sucks ass. I could still swing Friday evening/night at the hotel if you guys are into it, but it sounds less worth it, unless we're going to play some games into the afternoon on Saturday. If it's going to be show up Friday night, drink game drink drink sell sleep leave, then I'll pass, in that case I'd rather show up for the night, and just record drink, game, trade and move phases. I might even clear a profit that way, if you don't count the original costs, plus the years of storage fees, cost of parking, badge, whatever shit I buy at the flea market (sunk costs).

Either way, early evening is probably the best I can do that night. I dunno, thoughts?

| Friday

Fleabag Market is Friday night at 11pm, not Saturday. Just adds a little bonus level of suck to the whole deal - leaving after work for a late night sell-fest in a hot, stinky and sweaty room sounds less than fabu.

I do have some games to sell, and I might be able to pick up some minor scrilla there, but I'm mostly looking to hit those poor consumers over the head with deals they can't say no to.

"You like that 3rd edition D&D book? $5.00 - or buy the WHOLE BOX OF BOOKS FOR $20!"

Is Matt still interested in Epic 40k stuff? Or howabout a literal TON (figuratively) of old Citadel minis in various stages of painting, basing, broken-ness, and awesomeness? I basically dumped 90% of the old Warhammer and 40k minis into one file box and all the Epic 40k stuff into another. How does one go about selling items like this? Weight? Flat cost? Per figure?

Make me an offer!

I'm also going to the Game Kastle flea-bag market on Sat, May 12th to try and hock my wares before Kubla (and possibly obsolete my need to attend Kubla to do anything more than wear a suit and drink). Anyone want to do that too?

| KublUpdate

Aeryk and I both want to sell crap this year, so I think we're going to do a one-night stay on Sat! Probably not worth it for the LA folks but maybe it is? Maybe people would like to sleep in Aeryk's van outside his place, or in Enron's living room the rest of the weekend? Like how I just offer that shit up?
I think it's pretty fun. I've filled my iDevices up with games, so I haven't got to spend a ton of time with KoDP, but what time I did spend there was very interesting. I hear it's got boo-koo depth. Yeah, don't regret buying it but haven't put a ton of time in yet.

To circle back to King of Dragon Pass, do you think it's worth it? It gets talked up a lot on the rpg boards I frequent, but then again, so does a lot of other bullshit.
Speaking of books, I got a few of the Game Adventure Books that are out on iOS. They're those cool CYOA-esque ones that have dice rolling combat n stuff. Super fun and take me back! There's usually one on sale for a buck, and then otherwise I think the regular price is a fiver.


| Misleading

Yes, 4 hours is misleading for the most part. I probably put in 1.5 - 2 hours with a lot of pause time to move boxes, etc. It's a fun, Eye of the Beholderesque, old school dungeon crawl with real-time combat and a bit of a tricky magic system. Each character has a lil' display in the corner that shows both their hands, you rclick the hand/item you want to attack with and then there is an un-published cooldown associated so you just wait until the item becomes ungrayed-out and click it again. The spells you rclick either the hand (or Staff of Power) and then it brings up a 'numpad' of magic runes. Each spell you need to click a binary pattern (the button is either on or off) then hit 'cast'. The problem is that the spell patterns are found on scrolls and then the only way to cast them is to be of the proper level in the proper magic, and then to memorize the spell pattern. I mostly use a one or two button pattern for my spells, and since it's rel-time, it feels a little limiting and kind of a bummer.

Overall, I have hit level 3 (of 12 dungeon levels I think?) and it is fun, but not fun-tastic. Some of the teleport puzzles have been interesting, and the old-school vibe is fun in and of itself, but it is certainly priced right at $14, though maybe $9.99 would be more appropriate. Definitely worth the price of admission given the amount of time it will no doubt take someone to finish the game, but it might become a lil too monotonous to actually finish at all.

Will Flower, Thrud, Robetta, and Clerica make it to the bottom of Grimrock? Read the book and find out!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I don't have it yet. Eric has like 4 hours played on Steam, unless he fell asleep with it on.!
Rude/Pump/Enron: Any thoughts yet on Legend of Grimrock? I'm not really ready for a new game yet (STILL working on Mass Effect 3, many others), but I want to pick it up at some point if it lives up to expectations.
I would be down to play via vassel anytime with any of youes, but in person with the actual game is much less clunkier. Like that sentence, weren't. Fucking vassel.

eLzar and I have played TS a couple of times. We never made it past the second phase. I think we didn't make it through the first couple of times due to VASSEL issues, and the other time we played at my place we ran out of time I think. Either way, the game is very cool. I really like the card mechanics. I would love to play it proper through.

Ja-El, do it. Model them slab of meat at the end of your arm. Them things are very nice.