Saturday, October 08, 2011

Both well worth your spacebux!. Drive is pretty fuckin great... a really slow-build. It's very strange, moody and unique. Lots of long, still, almost creepy shots. But for that reason it's a movie a bad audience can fuck up. But, by this time the 2fast2furious crowd is probably done with it. (Yikes, elitist!)

Ides of March, we went into without knowing much about it. It's a really solid drama, well shot, enjoyable performances by The Goz and the rest of the bigname actors in it. It's kind of a B+ movie if you know what I mean. Really good, interesting, we came out of it totally satisfied, but doesn't kick you in the nuts or anything.

I've also been reading the new Neal Stephenson book, REAMDE. 350 pages in the last four days. Long way to go, but so far it is pretty awesome. Fast-paced. I'll type up a book report when I'm done.

Also picked up the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD remake for PS3 and currently replaying Ico before tackling the other one (I only got to the second Colossus on the PS2 version.) Sweet little game. The polygons aren't updated, but the lighting and HD textures look really nice. This game does things with light, sound and shadow that I'm still not sure anyone has really outdone.

I guess what I'm saying is, I'm a pretty happy media consumer right now.
I'm dying to see both those movies! Especially Drive. How were they?

| I Guess I Heart Ryan Gosling?

I've seen two movies in a month, both starring the guy! (Ides of March and Drive.) And he's really good! I just thought of him as the guy in The Notebook and I only knew about that because of the Lazy Sunday video.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

That's the extent of my Indie game investigations other than some Red Box style "hack n slash" games that could be fun. Lot of those indie games are pretty friggen intense, so I think I'd be into "less is more" types of systems, especially over the monsterweb. I'm totally down for some ToC though, so can't wait for that! And trading off sounds pretty rad. We could even do "this week is brought to you by" and just keep swapping every week so that we have 5 or 6 games running at once! That would be a total brain freakout but kinda rad too.
Yeah, that was fun! I'm looking forward to finishing up and doing more roleplaying in general. I think it'd be great to have a regular meetup. I could probably swing an evening weekly, or a longer weekend every other week.

Next I hope Aeryk will run Trail of Cthulhu! Those adventures are always fun.

I think it'd be fun to run a series of short campaigns and trade off GMs to lighten the load. I know I have plenty of cool stuff to run/play. Savage Worlds settings, Earthdawn, Shadowrun, the 40k games...

Any more cool Indie games Rude?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

| Fiasco - Lucky Strike

We just played our first game of Fiasco over Google Hangout and it went really well! Lot's of silly madness went down, but for being tired in the middle of a work week, we did a great job.

The story so far, so I don't forget:

Act 1

Scene 1 - Pvt Ricky Wilson (Rudy) - Ricky wakes up strapped into an operating table. Looking to his right he sees fellow soldier Dan Wayward (Eric) also strapped down, unconscious. Ricky frees himself, only to encounter a blood soaked scientist, Dr Tent, who proceeds to recapture him. Scene ends with the doctor drilling into Ricky's forehead.

Scene 2 - Dan Wayward (Eric) - Dan encounters Ricky (now a lunatic) and his handler (Frank) at the camp. Ricky freaks out thinking Dan stole his apple, but is able to win Ricky over and avoid getting cut.

Scene 3 - "Grease" Hawkins (Jon) - Grease, a Stars and Stripes reporter, is riding a motorcycle around with his Hell-raising ne’er-do-well pal Frank. They're both on the bike which has a sidecar attached that has a dog wearing aviator glasses and a press hat. Losing control, the motorcycle crashes into a bigwig's tent, that incidentally contains top secret info about the experiments that were done on Ricky and Dan. (The sidecar breaks loose, goes off on it's own. Fate of the dog? Unknown.) Grease gets busted and sent to the brig.

Scene 4 - Frank Synder (Peter) - Frank gets word that his French girlfriend, Marie, is off in a room above the bar that they're hanging out at (Le Prostis) with Dr Tent. Frank confronts them, but is outwitted by the Doctor who says he was only giving her an "examine".

Scene 5 - Ricky - Ricky's minder, Frank, convinces him to go play "asymmetrical poker" with some British soldiers inside a house near the base. Frank explains that in asymmetrical poker, you use your gun to take all the money from the table. Wanting to please his minder, Ricky complies. Luckily, the soldiers are both quite drunk and Ricky manages to walk out with the money. 52 cards.

Scene 6 - Dan - Quick flashback to when Frank was confronting Dr Tent and Marie at Le Prostis. Dan meets up with Grease to break into the doctor's tent in order to get the secret files regarding whatever experiments they were doing on Dan and his squad. Unfortunately, the file he finds is empty and Grease ends up publishing a story about Dan's ineptitude. (The actual files were up in the room with the doctor and Marie, oops)

Scene 7 - Grease - Dan, wanting to redeem himself, tips off Grease to something sinister going on at the Church of the Virgin in the nearby town. Grease and the gang head to the church which is guarded by a couple of MPs Dan knows. Dan buys them off with contraband cigarettes and they enter the church. While being hustled out, Grease catches a glimpse of Dr Tent's sinister operating room.

Scene 8 - Frank - Act 1 ends at a French farmhouse where a military band is playing for a dance that is going on. Frank gets word from Ricky that he spotted his girl Marie with Dr Tent again, so Frank goes to confront them. Frank calls the Dr out and gets into a fight, getting beat down by the doctor's guards. Having told Ricky to "play the ace on the doctor", Ricky shoots Dr Tent in the stomach and runs off into the night.

End Act 1.

I'm sure I left out some details, but that was the general flow of what happened. Pretty ridiculous and fun. After Act 1, Eric and Peter got to add some new elements to the story during "the tilt" and chose "Innocence - The wrong guy gets busted" and "Tragedy - Death, after an unpleasant struggle". How these will effect Act 2 and the aftermath, are yet to be seen.
You guys all played Survive. They sell the 5-6 player expansion for like $8 bucks (it's gives you all new plastic meeples for up to 6 players and some new tiles) but I can't really imagine that game with 6 people! 4 seems about right pacing wise, but I guess 6 would add a lot of chaotic fun. There's also that Squid expansion, but it sounds kinda bad. The rules as printed have the squid spawn/move on a whale's roll and they can pull dudes off the island and kill them. Sound crazy powerful. Neat looking SEAples though.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Cool, add me in your list -  Nadsmasher. 

I was just playing with the vampires last night.  Theyre really powerful but interesting with the thralls...  Kinda neat now with all the diff chars
Oh man, I never got a cool die :( I did pick BB up on Steam though yesterday, so I'm down to give it a try with anyone this week. I think I had my old computer back when I tried it before also, so maybe it'll be a better experience.
And if you guys still have your Black NAF edition dice, can sell it on ebay for about 100-150 dollars.
Potentially.   Only 2000 dice were ever made of that edition of the year we all joined. 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I think Eric bought it. I'm gonna prolly buy it too. I'm HOPING stuff got improved a little.

| BloodBowl Legendary edition 8 bucks on STEAM

Ok, it's not the greatest game in the world (1st edition).  But for 8 bucks I don't think there's anything to lose.  Offer ends on monday.

Just fyi.