Saturday, February 05, 2011

Brewsakki and Allodin - on dalaran, look me up! I added all of the char names below including docnorvell and blorst but haven't seen a soul yet! U guys still playing?

Great idea on the name of the Beer!

Questing has been VANILLA - PIE, took me only a few hours to get a guy to 20. I joined a random dungeon group and it was really really ... really easy. Seems like they made the game into a can of tuna and then gave you the opener with it!
Ok, screwed around this morning a bit, made level 8 pretty quickly.

Night Elf Hunter: MyrthiiNaim

Still not 100% sure what the hell I'm doing other than running around killing shit, gathering shit for mini quests.

The armor / weapon system is a little confusing to me yet.. and I haven't quite figured out where / how I'm supposed to apply special abilities, etc, when I level up.


What time tonight? Eryk, send me a text with the time? I'll be out in the world today
Unfortunately there's a going away party for the member of my local game group today so I will miss out on the good times. I could probably plan ahead to do a dungeon run any night during the week except Wednesday or Friday, though.

| Dungeon Beer

HOPEFULLY tonight we can get a 5-man Action Team run going! My plan is to name the next beer I brew something that is related to the dungeon run. That means it will probably be TPK Pale Ale, or Ragefire Red, or even RageQuit Red. Either way, you KNOW you want to be a part of that naming process so let's all get in there tonight!

Arturo and Jael (and Rudy?): Post yer names so we can track you down!

PS Without looking, I think that since the Cataclysm update humans can be huntards too. I think.
The Alliance races Worgen (werewolf) and Draenei (huge blue Russians) you can only play if you've got the expansions. I think that leaves Dwarves or Night Elves as hunters, and both are fine -- every race is pretty balanced, really.

I suggest Hewlett-Packard Hatecraft.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Ha! You can play as a psuedo werewolf? That's pretty awesome.

Would that eff me up with interactions elsewhere in the lands? LOL.. don't mind our buddy over there, he's just a bit hairy.

Names: Teen Wolf, N. London, Team Jacob, dunno... trying to come up with something more witty than these.
Only 7.6 gigs to go.

So, scrolling through the classes, seems like Night Elf is the best choice for a Hunter? Any opinions on that?

Now, the most important part.. gotta pick a name.

Always partial to Batma N'theride... was also thinking Purple Lady.


Hmm.. dunno.
LOL, holy shit. Trial download... 30mb... now downloading game at 11GB..!

Welp, guess I'll be checking this out tomorrow.

* wanders off to build castle in Minecraft*

| MinecraftMinecraftMinecraft


Keep in mind, these are the stock textures. WAAAAAY better textures available through the mod community.

Also, have I plugged Minecraft enough?

Hunter's are awesome. I ran a hunter all the way up to whatever the level cap was when I quit (maybe around 65 or 70?) - they're a blast. I also loaded up the 10 day trial. Lost interest real quick but might try a new class combo and give it another try. Can run it all on "ultra" but it still crashed on me twice - don;t know why. Gonna lower the settings even though performance seemed perfectly fine.
After much deliberation and gnashing of teeth, I think I'm headed to Hunter-ville.

Seems my kinda dood.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sure, I'll give it a try. I have NO idea what I'm doing though.. will have to read up on strategy guides and WTFBBQ advice on how to get started quickly. I'm assuming I'll have to get whatever noob up to speed quickly if I'm going to tag along.

Admittedly, I've always been more drawn to the archer / ranger dood. But, I have literally zero knowledge of WOW other than people get sucked in super bad.

And, I still wish you all would play minecraft instead. We could have our own world, fight zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders.. and build something magnificent (or, in Aaron's case, a giant golden dildo?)

Someone hold me.
Hey Ja-el, either an extra healer or tank would be a good idea, so a shaman would be great. I wouldn't worry too much about maximum efficiency, just play what seems fun, 5-mans don't seem to require overthinking in my experience so far.

Anyway, we'll hit level 30 and get dual specs soon enough. Mike seems to be plugging away pretty consistently and you can get two levels per dungeon run easy in these longer low-level ones.

My "parity with Mike" character is Fashionista. That was a warrior I had levelled to 17 in the old days. How old? She had a piece of mail from Allodin in her inventory! It had turned blank however. Before Mike joined I had started Dorfman, a gnome warrior who's 39. Warriors are super fun now, capable of finishing fights way faster and just having much cooler abilities than they used to have.

If you start levelling Allodin again it will go really quick until you hit 70. I blazed through the Outlands. In fact I purposefully only saw half the zones so I'll have something to do with the other character. The Outlands are kind of sad actually, there's all this cool-looking PVP stuff that nobody actually does anymore.



Are you in, Art?!?!

Play anything you want! Choose 'Dalaran' as your realm/server, and choose and Alliance character. Other than that, the game has a pretty good mini-tutorial built in to sort of walk you through the beginnings of the game. The rest is just experience and asking your Guild Mates wtf! I have been playing for 5+ years and they change things enough, and I haven't fully explored the game, that I am STILL learning.

Blog or text me your character name so we can look you up online!

I am pretty slammed this week with projects for school, but I will try my emm effing darndest to get on and hang with my new Action Team guildmates sooner rather than later. I tend to be on after 10pm on weeknights, FYI.

Welcome to Azeroth, jerk! I hope you have fun!
Can someone give me the short version on what the fuck I'm doing?

What character / class should I play?
Looks like theres a good amount of redundancies and gaps,

Tanks - Fashionista/warrior 22, Doppelbock/paladin 25
Healz - Clerica/priest 24, Mindgrapes/druid 26
DPS - Dismike/mage 23, Flanders/priest 14, Sybaris/druid 21, Rollyfingers/warlock 24
only 3 classes would be DPS/Heals, Priest, pally, and shaman, so i have a pally already, its between a Priest and Shaman then for my alt, and get ally the pally to 80+ so we can do some 2v2 arena. I heard Shamans really suck it up though with healing and dpsing in cata 4.06. Opinions? Flanders o flanders is only 14, so that's out of the group level range, and assume that's an alt alt.
edit: or maybe a rogue? for CC and dps.

| BAM! Shammy!

Welcome back to the fold Jaeollodin The Paleeadin!

Since we are all pre-level 30 and dual spec'd, here is my breakdown of the Mikes Level Dungeoning Toons:

Tanks - Fashionista/warrior, Doppelbock/paladin
Healz - Clerica/priest, Mindgrapes/druid
DPS - Dismike/mage, Flanders/priest, Sybaris/druid, Rollyfingers/warlock

Looks like a nice DPS Elemental Shammy, or healz, would fit right in, yo!

You can check this for a better overview of all our ridiculous alt-based guild!
you sir, are indeed correct, a toaster would run this game. Doesn't seem the graphics has changed much in the last 4 years. The 10GB looks like is all story content and new areas.

I'm on the 10 day free crack program, which is cool, because it's a good chance to take little snort doses before making the arm injection.

Allodin is still 58. I see you guys don't have a shaman in your group. So that'll be the new dude.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WoW will basically play on a toaster, so as long as your machine was reasonably decent sometime within the last four years, it should handle WoW just fine. Welcome back Ja-el!
Y'all should totally get in on Minecraft and we can go dungeon crawling and build random awesome stuff, setup scenarios...

Or do I need to see if my POS computer will run WOW? Never jumped down that rabbit hole before.

| Oh Schnapp!

Server: Dalaran
Hit up the following for some sweet /ginvites to The Action Team:


We are keeping characters hovering around Mike's level (22 last time I checked) so if you get a toon up there we can all random dungeon it up, yo!
It's allodin the palodin!

yeah, i'm gonna try it with the laptop that i have (new). it's a AMD p540 tur II x2 2.4 proc, radion HD4250 (256mb)

if that's not good enough, i'll try the Nvidia 8600 with Intel T5550 2.0ghz (HP laptop).

although I don't expect performance on a laptop to be too good regardless.

5v5 Arena anyone???

| Jael?

So... does this mean you are joining us in Azeroth for another go round?!?!?!

We have our 5 man random dungeon crew!!!!



| 10 gigabyest for WOW download? jezus.

yes. i am in for koob, noob.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm 90% in Enron. I just have to make SURE i got my days off. And I'll bring some of my special brewski's too. Might even get a new batch in before hand too.

| In

What, you thought I was messing around and wouldn't step up? Yeah, keep on going, 'cuz I'm the ultimate gangster.

Eric: Milk of Slaneesh?

Art: Hilarious!

| I'm in, jerks!

And if I can get my hands on some kegging equipment, I might have some delicious kegged beers for all to enjoy! They might taste like ass, they might smell worse, but if you are so inclined you could still 'enjoy' them! :)

(My bottled beers are just not carbonating enough right now, I noticed tiny baby bubbles in my first batch last night, so there is hope!)

Votes for what the special KublaBrew should be?

| Boobla Khan

fArt: Yes, I too am 15. The best part was, "Ughh.. and it was hairy" bookended with gagging.

Okay jokers. Who is in for Boobla Khan and what days? I need to get a feel for it so we can book our room(s) depending on who is attending. Do IT!

LOL! I guess I really am permanently 15 years old.

Ehh.. I guess a "NSFW" warning would be good due to bare ass.