Friday, May 03, 2013

| Iron Man 3

We went to see Iron Man Three this morning! I thought it was awesome! Much better than number 2 and kinda better than the first one. I don't remember the first one that much, but this smoked the 2nd for sure. It was directed and co-written by Shane Black, of Lethal Weapon fame. It's totally a Lethal Weapon movie in a rad 80s action flick way. I like these Marvel movies with The Avengers being the creme de la creme so far. They ran a Thor trailer which looked pretty rad. And of course, the new Superman trailer which was epic.

Ps: As I'm marathoning Buffy, it's funny to notice all the band stickers they've got on the school lockers in the background. This was from 97-98. I noticed Descendents, All, Cruz Records (was that the All people?), Black Flag, and Lit (think that was an alternative band?).

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Picked up a couple apps for the iThingy:

- Eclipse: Still working my way through the tutorial, but it seems like a very good translation of the game. Hoping to get this one on the table at Kubla, so I'm glad to have something to play to help me with the rules/practice strategy!

- Sorcery!: This kinda came out of nowhere, but wow, it's really cool. It's the first book from the old Steve "the other Steve Jackson" Jackson's series (The Shamutanti Hills), and it's super-impressive in its presentation. You're still basically reading the book, but there's a map that you move around on, your inventory and the combat are nicely handled, it's fun. I'm also pretty impressed by the writing. It's nothing fancy but it's evocative, and the art is really cool and weird.

You can also rewind the story if you fuck up or want to explore other paths, gotta like legitimized cheating!

If you liked these books or like the idea of playing something different I definitely recommend it.

Hopefully they make the other ones. I think for some reason I didn't have Book 2 (I borrowed it from Eric Toth maybe?) but Book 3 was crazy hard and Book 4 was REALLY long (900 entries or something). I don't think I beat that one without cheating.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

| Cry of Fear

Originally a HalfLife mod, now a free game on Steam.  Scary as shit.  Crude graphics, which might actually play into the creepiness, and goes for the cheap thrills, but I still HATE IT and turn it off regularly.  Been playing slowly at night before bed (smart, I know), and it is NOT OKAY.

Oh, and we're moving tomorrow!  Stressin' hard.

Reading Hemlock Grove after watching the first episode on Netflix.  It's not that great, but the book is certainly better than the TV show, and its a fun little modern take on gothic stuff, so I like it.  And if you haven't already done so, read Ready, Player One!  Its a totally geek/nerd homage book that has Acererak from Tomb of Horrors!  Any novel that has that guy in it NEEDS to be read.  It's a fun, sci-fi virtual reality dystopian future thing, but done with a healthy dose of nerd/gaming references for fun.  Do. Eet.

| WitF

That's awesome that he just wrote Jack Chick and was given permission to do it. Do you think JC's in on the joke!? Also, why didn't we think of this first? :/

This keynote speech Steven Sodarberg gave is REALLY good and interesting : SPEECH - On the state of movies n' shit. It's a great read about the arts and commerce.

I'm at 85% chance at Kubla attendance now, so there's still a chance to have pirate on van'n'tonic action!
(Edit: 95% now - the work part is covered, just have to think about flying/driving/time etc)

Do Enoto and Enron really talk about camera's a bunch? What did that entry even mean!? WHAT in the FUCK!?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There is a kickstarter to make DARK DUNGEONS into a movie!
That one looks cool, especially considering how well DB turned out. Price is backing that one fo' sho'. He's kicking himself for not backing Dreadball. As for me, I spent approximately one year's worth of Kickstarter funds on Dwarven
Forge (SO MANY TILES) so I'm sitting this one out.

Hilarious pics Rude. I hate you too big guy :)

| Deadzone

No, I don't mean my house in the month of June, I mean the new Kickstarter campaign from Mantic Games, the folks who brought you (me and Denis), Dreadball!

It looks like a combination of Necromunda, Warmachine, and PBI, so I'm fairly certain I will back that azz up.

You should too!  Looks fun!

| It is done.

That was amazing. You are crazy talented and I hate you for it.

Eclipse for iOS is out now, arrrgh matey.

| HP jr0ncraft's - The Recoffeenator


Monday, April 29, 2013

| Aeryk's Diary: 6/2013

6/1: enr0n and jr0n are here! We played a bunch of games and drank some beerz. I love friends!
6/3: Still here. Still playing games. Eh.
6/5: jr0n's voice really drones. And he's so short! Make your feet reach the ground, dude.
6/6: Walked into the room and caught those clowns talking about Warmachine. Again. Told them if I heard that talk anymore they'd regret it. I'd "butcher" them just like they "butchered" my warcaster, the "Butcher of Khardov" in 2005. Jokes, jokes are the best!
6/7: I would like them to leave, but it would be awkward to ask. I will kill them instead.
(Later): It is done.
6/8: It is getting harder to shuffle their limbs so that it appears that they have been making moves in between my wife and child's visits to the room, but I do what I must.
6/13: I am out of pods for the coffee maker. I would ask my wife to buy more, but how to explain 268 pots in just a few days? No, better to reuse them again and again. With each use the coffee is thinner and less colorful.
6/14: (written in sloppy, unsure handwriting, some letters backwards): This is jr0n's ghost. If Aeryk uses his left hand, he can channel our spirits, now that he has eaten part of our bodies. We forgive you for what you did! We were being very annoying. Although I do think that (this sentence and several more paragraphs of text are heavily crossed out)
6/15: They've started to smell terribly despite keeping the thermostat just the way I like it, 26 degrees at all times. I keep yelling jokes like, "GUYS! Time to take a shower, ha-ha-HA!" during my family's appearances (which are rarer).
6/16: I need a break, man. I took the guys with me to work and hid them in the server room. I told my family they are camping in the woods for laffz.
6/17: Bad news! A guard asked me about the bad smell coming from the server room. I drove out to work to "investigate". Now I have three corpses on my hands.
6/18: Coffee pods utterly unusable now, so I have taken to eating mushrooms and fungus from my cellar. Sometimes I am sick, sometimes my head is prismatic fire.
6/19: Too many questions are being asked. The solution is the dark art of necromancy.
6/21: They or something like them walk again, I will speak of it no more.
6/22: It is a relief to have them walking around again although my explanations that they are tired and sick and must be chained to the table meet with suspicion. I tried setting up a game of ASL but their hideous hands fumble the chits. Their dead eyes bore into mine, with camaraderie.
6/25: Fungus is growing from their bodies now. I explain it is game enr0n came up with where every time they lose a game they have to attach mold to their skin. Strangely, this explanation flies.
6/29: Tomorrow they leave!
6/31: June only has thirty days after all it seems. It is July. We got in one extra day of gaming! I am writing this plunging off a cliff with the reanimated corpses in the back seat. Soon, everything will be fine.

| Month of June

 - Yes, I expect the entire month of June will work for a gaming invasion.  But through a strange loophole in resource management, the Invasion can ONLY take place if the ENTIRE month of June is booked in advance.  Something about ROI or some such nonsense, so plan accordingly.

 - Two things - first, seeing iR00d as a swashbuckler nomming a turkey neck, er leg, was one of the greatest things ever.  Second, I demand that outfit make an appearance at Kublacon this year, if life doesn't interfere, and at the very least the next (TITLE)Con we all attend!Con we all attend.</p> <p> <br></p> <p> <br></p>

Sunday, April 28, 2013

| Seattlandia

Never been to Seattle but I bet it's a rad place. Been to Portland a bunch and that place rules. I bet their weather and vibe are pretty similar. Everything from San Francisco on up seems pretty cool.

Speaking of Kickstarter, that guy from Scrubs, Zach Braff, did a kickstarter asking for $2million for a followup to his movie Garden State. That dude is mad rich and I've also heard he's a dick. Tim Heidecker wrote a page for his script that's hilarious, here: via AV Club.

On Cinema
With the Tim & Eric stuff, it really seems like people love it or hate it (I mostly love), and these short movie review's Heidecker does with another anti-comedy guy Greg Turkington(aka Neil Hamburger) kill me every single time.  The fucking "On Cinema: On Location" segments are the best. Here's the first time they do it at the end of the segment. CLIP. Honestly, go back to the start and watch all of them. I don't know why I find them so funny but I just do.

Renaissance Faire - We went this weekend! It was swashbuckler themed, so we dressed as pirates. I haven't been to the ren faire since before high school I think. Most of it is exactly as I remember it which is funny. A cool thing is there's lots of booths for "weapon's training" where you can do shit like throw spears, ninja stars, knives, etc. The only one we did was shoot crossbows. Wifey killed me on that. Watched a big melee which was pretty corny but fun. There were a couple of really funny shows that we checked out. And of course, big ass turkey legs.