Saturday, January 05, 2013

| Busty ManCon

Boo fArt! Well maybe you can make it down for KublaCon 2013. Hopefully we will be in full attendance this year. Guys? Memorial Day weekend. SFO. Games. Do it.

I am afraid to say I will not be adding much in the way of games for ManCon. I will be the game leach :/ unless Jon you know of anything I should bring. Although maybe I can bring some extra shoelaces for r00d.

jr0n, what kind of sound/music are you looking for? This is probably r00d's area of expertise, but maybe I can help a bit.

What is the game plan for transportation? jr0n, I think you mentioned you would be coming down Friday afternoon or eve. Correct? I will have to check on Motobyke as to what his plan is. I also think he was a Friday departure, so you two may be able to carpool, but I could be mistaken. eLzar, where you planning on leaving Thursday morn/afternoon? If so, maybe I can hitch with you via SJ Caltrain?

Are the LA dudes planning on getting up to Cayucos on Thursday eve like last time?


Friday, January 04, 2013

Sorry to hear it! ManCon 2014 or bust! :)

I'm kinda bummed! All the GenCon 2013 emails are starting to roll in. After going the last two years, I'm going to miss it! Maybe again in a couple-three years. By then the JW Marriott might have towel bars.

| Well shit.

Looks like, despite doing awesome at work the last few weeks, I'm not going to be able to make it. We've just gotten approved for loan mediation / modification and our representation has told us that all non-essential expenditures have to cease until we complete the mediation process. Meh. =(

| Request

Anyone feeling like throwing together a soundtrack for the DCC game, if we do play that?

| I like the cut of your jib

I'm glad that you got Space Cadets! I'm really looking forward to trying it. Also, looking forward to RULING at Dreadball again!

Here's what I'm planning to bring:

DCC RPG - I mean, of course. Finishing Sailors on the Starless Sea shouldn't take more than 2 hours. They say you should never GM drunk, but I intend to prove them wrong. Ja-el, you are going to have fun! Maybe this would be good to do Friday night?

Star Wars LCG and X-Wing - also got these, also think they look fun! Would love to be taught X-Wing since I haven't read the rules yet!

Eclipse - This is an epic space 4x game that is short for what it is (~45 min/player) which is supposed to be the bee's knees. If 2-3 other people feel like putting in the time, it would be great to have this hit the table.

Escape: Curse of the Temple! - 5-player board game that plays in real-time (10 minutes!) with a crazy soundtrack and lots of hectic dice rolling. Should get better with more players and more alcohol.

Plus random shit TBD.

Also, I might be alone here, but I'd personally like to break out Rude's copy of Risk Legacy and reveal some more crazy sekrits!
You guys are bringing the gaming heat this Mancon, can't wait! Dying to try Eclipse and Space Cadets, so I'm pumped. I'll bring shoelace-fucking-trains for you guys to make fun of me.

| Man Corn

I have a small grip of new titles to try out at this years ManCabinAPlanCon:

 - While we are likely too old for this because of the lasting damage and downtime it would cause us all, I kickstarted DrunkQuest and received the game on New Year's Eve!  It's a fantasy themed drinking game where one player reveals a monster card that takes x many sips to defeat, then it goes around the table with other players playing effects on the card to increase, share, split the amount of sips, then the last player is left to play a card then either defeat the monster by taking all the sips and gaining levels and treasure (which are played on other players) or running away like a baby.  There are boss cards where everyone plays together and has to each take the number of sips, too.   I think we could do it and have some fun if we kept the sip sizes small.

 - Space Cadets - like a boardgame version of SpaceTeam where each role has a different sort of mini-game   that contributes to the overall mission - Engineering, Weapons, Shields, Helm, Captain, etc.  Sounds fun!

 - Star Wars: LCG - Looks fun!

 - X-Wing - played a few turns against myself and definitely see some potential for beer and pretzels sort of fun, with a twist of tactics and maneuver.

 - The Hobbit Card Game - a lil trick taking game with characters and damage

 - Cthulhu dark - a SUPER simplified rule system for running Cthulhu games.  Super simple like no combat rules, but a Fiasco like twist where you can force a player to try and fail if you think it would be more interesting to the story.  The time it would take to get started would be about 10 minutes.  Did I mention there are no character sheets?

Dreadball - Got my custom BB-esque board ready, and three starting teams painted up (sure, they are just BB teams, reappropriated, but still).

Dominant Species: The Card game - NOT AT ALL like the boardgame.  Played it a few times with Leslie and it was fun!  I think with 3+ players it will get more interesting, and even with 2 it was a good time.

A man a plan a mancon panama awaits!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Well according to Wikipedia, Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish spelling for "old time's sake." How fucked up that we use that song for an AMERICAN HOLIDAY, what the fuck!

The wife is reading Storm of Swords, and I keep checking where she is in the book as she gets closer and closer to... THAT PART. (Hint: wedding.) She's like 30 pages away at this point. Yeah, I think she'll be reading late tonight.

A belated Happy New Year's everyone! Hope we all have a good one, Auld Lang Syne as they say.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

| What in the fuck is an Auld Lang Syne???

Happy New Year!

Wish all of you and your families an awesome 2013! One of my main goal for the new year is to be creative and do stuff that's fulfilling for my life. Music, games, movies, whatever's clever. Make stuff, basically. I hope you all have some great goals to work towards and look forward to seeing you all at Man-Con this month. Hope you're all being safe and sane.

And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp !
and surely I’ll be mine !
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

(Whatever the fuck that means - I'll put down a pint in the morning when I'm not at a police station celebrating the new year with murder, domestic violence, and methamphetamine reports!)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Limbo's really good. I never finished it - got to around the part when you're walking on the HOTEL sign, maybe. I just haven't fired it up in months, but it was totally worth whatever I paid. (Not $2 bucks but not full price either)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

| Yeah, the toy expansion battle never ends

I've resorted to taking matters into my own hands as of late. Neither the kids nor the wife will let go of old toys... on the premise that someday, maybe, they will want to play with them again. Strangely, I think I might have been able to get through to Haylee just before Christmas. I took her down into the spare bedroom and started picking out toys at random from bins, boxes, storage things and asking her... when was the last time you or Bennett played with this? And the answer was never "last week", but more along the lines of "I dunno, last summer? Last year?". That shit is going to be black-bagged in short order. As will about 1/2 of the shit-holding boxes in the garage. If we haven't donated / gifted / whatevered that shit by now, we're done hauling it around for all eternity. Being able to park the cars in the garage is more important to me than holding on to a bag full of onesies or middle-school papers from 25 years ago. RAWR! lol
Limbo rocks! Certainly can't beat $2 either. I see Mark of the Ninja's on sale too (albeit for a whopping $7.50). That's a really solid side-scrolling stealth game (I was ranting about a couple weeks ago). Man, I wish they'd make another Thief game, either a full 1st-person one or a side-scroller like this one. Probably my favorite game series since the world was so good.

We're back in the Bay Area, and looking at all the stuff I just unloaded from the car... 14-MONTH-OLDS DO NOT NEED THIS MANY TOYS! Holy crap. Next year I'm going to be a dick and ask people to contribute college tuition money.

I had a bout of "Merry Christmas to Me" and ordered the Star Wars LCG and Eclipse. Eclipse is a 4x that plays quickly and seems like it should work well for CabinCon.

| Limbo.. very good gaming value!

On sale on Steam for $2. Side scroller in a super gloomy afterlife theme... really great puzzles to solve. Highly recommended!