Saturday, January 17, 2015

Still thinking over which games to put on my list. Here's what I've got so far:

- Shadows of Brimstone: The big Warhammer Quest-meets-Deadlands game I got from Kickstarter. I've only played it a couple of times, but it looks like the fun is about the campaign and building up your character. Gotta do it!
- Saga: I would extract to extract maximum juice out of this fun Viking wargame. 5 meetups, 2 games each time. We can do this, elzar!
- Role-playing Games: I would like to role playing game 10 times this year.
- Warmachine/Hordes: Still the best, and I don't think we played 10 times last year. (Note: enr0n and I probably started playing almost exactly 10 years ago. Numerology!)
- Agricola: Wife likes it (and has played it hundreds of times on the iPad), but we haven't had that much time for gaming in the last year. Let's change it!
- Galaxy Trucker: See above. I think the wife actually likes this one more than I do, so it shouldn't be too hard to get this one done!
- Deadzone: So fun, almost all of us have it and we've barely scratched the surface of it.
- Mage Knight: This one's going to be tricky. It is long and requires focus, has a bunch of rules that I'd need to remember, and absolutely can't be played around the young'uns because the mana tokens look exactly like candy and are super sharp. But it's very satisfying, I have a cool expansion I've never used, and I didn't play it once last year, so it's on the list!

Not sure what else. Doomtown? That's a fun one, and plays quick, so it seemingly should be easy to crank out that many games. Better put something simpler on the list.
You and "Ken" should go halfsies on the new XCom board game from FF that integrates with an iPad for... stuff. (I've never played an Xcom game, so I don't have much attachment any which way.)

| 100 Games in 2015 - Yikes!

I think my plan will be to start logging whatever I actually do get to play and then seeing about midway where they are stacking up and where I have a chance to push through and meet some goals.  I don't have a captive player in the house (Les has had enough of games with pieces, but still plays TTR on her phone all the time), and Wy will play with me, but would rather play with the streetkids, which I get.

 I'm looking into a game group locally, but they often play over the hill at Game Kastle, which is a drag, but imma keep workin it, and I'm gonna start rolling some bones with the contractor that did the deck!  He's pretty nerdy (played through xCom like 10 times and loves the Shadowrun video game) and picked up Level 7: Omega Protocol having never really played a boardgame in his life.  His name is Ken and we'll see what happens.

 "Hey Ken, wanna come over and play Thunder Alley again?"
"We've played it like 8 times already"
"Yeah I know, but it's for this thing I gotta do.  Trust me!"

Love it! In! I'm starting to get my spreadsheet and list together. I'll post a link and talk about my choices later on.

Friday, January 16, 2015

| The cure

Got in our first game of Pandemic: The Cure tonight and it was pretty cool. It's the dice version of Pandemic, and it captures the feel of the original pretty well, while streamlining the whole experience into a tighter and quicker game. We did some stuff wrong but still ended up losing in a nail biter ending. It'll be fun once we get a few more plays in under our belts.

| 10x10 2015 Board Game Challenge

I saw this on Board Game Geek and wanted to try it myself. Let's all give it a go!

By the end of 2015, you will try to play 10 games 10 times. Make a list now, and then just check off your plays as the year goes on. It doesn't sound like a ton of games, but that's ONE HUNDRED games! That's kind of a lot. You're not tied into the list you make today and can switch games off or on the list. Just have your 10 plays of 10 different games by the end of the year.

Maybe someone with better excel skills can whip up a google-spreadsheet that we can link from here to track everyone's progress. Between Mancon, Kubla, and Gen Con, there's plenty of time to get a bunch of plays in.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Welsh! You should go for it. Based on my ~2 minute reading of their faction rules, they're a lightly armored skirmishing force that likes to hit and run with javelins. They can also ride ponies!

I got interested in Saga from one of my forums as well. Sounded interesting so I picked up the rules and a couple boxes of plastic Viking-era dudes. Reasonably cheap minis (as far as these things go). Aeryk and I are trying to fit in another game day before ManCon, hopefully we'll have something to report.

FYI, there is a pretty baller sale on RPGs at drivethrurpg (pdfs) ending today. The star of the show is probably The One Ring bundle, which has the corebook plus two other books for $15. That's a good deal for the core alone and it's a rad game! Of course, the pdfs might also be available at the library... I'm also tempted by the Firefly bundle. Linky 1 (bundles), Linky 2 (moar bundles), Linky 3 (individual books).