Saturday, January 17, 2015

| 100 Games in 2015 - Yikes!

I think my plan will be to start logging whatever I actually do get to play and then seeing about midway where they are stacking up and where I have a chance to push through and meet some goals.  I don't have a captive player in the house (Les has had enough of games with pieces, but still plays TTR on her phone all the time), and Wy will play with me, but would rather play with the streetkids, which I get.

 I'm looking into a game group locally, but they often play over the hill at Game Kastle, which is a drag, but imma keep workin it, and I'm gonna start rolling some bones with the contractor that did the deck!  He's pretty nerdy (played through xCom like 10 times and loves the Shadowrun video game) and picked up Level 7: Omega Protocol having never really played a boardgame in his life.  His name is Ken and we'll see what happens.

 "Hey Ken, wanna come over and play Thunder Alley again?"
"We've played it like 8 times already"
"Yeah I know, but it's for this thing I gotta do.  Trust me!"